Redmen football team on their way to Canton

Hundreds of fans, family and students lined the parking lot of Bellevue High School to send their beloved football team to Canton this morning.
Jason Werling
Nov 30, 2012


Head football coach Ed Nasonti led the team from their field house to two buses through hundreds of cheers, high-fives and the school's fight song played by the marching band.

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Good Luck Bellevue Redmen. Congratulations on an outstanding season!!!


Proud to be apart of this community and so happy for my son to be able to experience this once and life time opportunity! <3 #52


and right now he is doing go, redmen, you go.


Congrats Bellevue, you make the NOL look good,

Darwin's choice

Good Luck Bellevue!! Go Al #9 !!!


Bring it home boys. We are so proud of all of you. You have worked so hard and it shows. For my own son, we are very proud of you #22. Good Luck, Have fun, and Play Hard. Red Machine Dream Team!


If you don't tear up; you're not a redman


I know I shed many this morning...A very PROUD moment!

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Isnt that Special

Good luck Redmen!!! Make our Sandusky, Huron, Seneca and Erie county area proud.


Good luck!


Bellevue Redmen will bring home the Victory!!!!So proud of you all!


{{thumbs up}}
Congratulations and good luck.