Ohio lawmakers pass bill to create arson registry

Convicted arsonists in Ohio would be required to register with local sheriffs under a bill headed to the governor's desk.
Associated Press
Nov 29, 2012


The Ohio House voted 89-2 on Wednesday to send the measure to Gov. John Kasich.

The legislation would create a statewide registry of arsonists and would require them to register annually with the sheriff in the county where they live. That would apply to people convicted of arson in Ohio or elsewhere.

Republican state Rep. Danny Bubp of West Union says the measure could help deter repeat arsons, reduce damage and save lives.

Registration fees would fund the registry. Convicted arsonists would pay $50 initially and then $25 each year to register again.



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Sarah Weber

You comment was fine DEEPsix, but we'd prefer if it didn't contain profanity (Misspelled swearwords and those containing characters like $ and * count). Please feel free to repost eliminating the cussing.

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Will there be a list of police officers found drunk while off duty and driving, so they can be kept track of as well?

About as absurd as Deepsix says!


What a way for the State of Ohio to make more money. This will just go up in smoke like eveything else.


This will be about as effective as the sex offender registry. Which hasn't prevented one crime yet and is a waste of tax payers money just to maintain it as it is now.

Simple Enough II

I agree with all of your comments on this, what a crock. Might as well just make our detectives divisions of local and county law enforcemnt agencies a call center out of India.


Make work.....