VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines: the Bellevue State Football Edition

Bellevue football head coach Ed Nasonti, quarterback Jalen Santoro and Bellevue mayor Don Berkey joined us to talk about the team's state run.
Jason Werling
Nov 28, 2012


Watch the program in the player below

Use the timebar in the player to move to different parts of the interviews. (The interview with the mayor starts at the 3:00 minute mark and the interview with Santoro and Nasonti starts at the 19:20 mark)

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called out

Geez, do your homework before you interview people. You sound like an idiot!


Hahaha!! Thought the same thing. "'re trying to make me French." Ed Nasonti
Laughed so hard!

called out

LOL Love Coach NasonTi. Westerhold is a Dbag, he was probably on the chess team in school so he has no clue about football.


I'm sure moderators (westerhold) will remove that comment.
Anyhow.... "So did Coach Nasonti play football in school?" Lmao!! a reporter...wouldn't you know that? Horrible at reporting, even worse at interviewing!! Thank you for the comical relief

called out

Ha ha, happy to know I'm not the only one that needed a good laugh this morning. you want to take bets at how long it takes him to take down our comments or not allow comment on this..


Nooooo.....he wouldn't do that!!

Woody Hayes

You people should'nt make fun of a journalistic giant like the editor and his awatd winning reporters like Rufus and the 5th street dog,


You are


Good job, Ed. I know that you are a calm and collected individual. Also, good on you, Jalen. What stopped you guys from getting up and punching Matt? I know. Calm and collected in a hostile environment. Good on ya both.

Somebody in real charge of that newspaper has to have someone else other than Matt do the interviews. He does not have the subject studied and can drag out one sentence or question so long, that I have to shut the video down and move on.

Side note to Matt: When one comes unprepared, one loses. What is your strategy? Also, if your intention was to be comedic, you've failed.