Gas prices in Ohio up over last week

Ohio drivers heading back to work after the long holiday weekend are seeing higher gas prices.
Associated Press
Nov 26, 2012


The average price for a gallon of regular gas was $3.52 in Monday's survey from auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express. That's 7 cents higher than a week ago and is the third week in a row that prices at the pump are up.

Ohio pump prices are up 27 cents from this time last month. Last year at this time, drivers were paying $3.14 a gallon.

Nationally, the average cost was about $3.42 per gallon on Monday.

Experts say instability in the Middle East is leading to higher oil prices.




Really? When has the Mid-East ever been stable?

here in ohio

Must be a slow news day LOL

Good 2 B Me

THat is BS! Oil is almost exactly the same price that it has been for over a month. It has fluctuated within a $3.00 range. The Middle East is no excuse for gouging us. Right before Thanksgiving, it went up almost $.30 per gallon. Oil NEVER changed in that period.


WE can go back a few thousand years B.C. and KNOW the Mid-East is NOT capable of being stable. Nice try to shine one on...don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.


'Satellites show Iran moving quickly to rearm Hamas'...

TV Airs 'Death to Israel!' Music Video...

Islamic Terrorists Bomb Egyptian-Gaza Border Base...
Hamas Babies Named After Rockets, Assassinated Terrorists...

YEP we have peace in the middle east AP so many maroons working and writing for them


YEP, we have a settled down mideast

Clashes reignite between protesters, security forces in Egypt...

Egypt's Mursi to meet judges over power grab...

'I won't be another dictator'...


@ goofus:

Speakin' of war in the Mid East.

How's your gold stash?

Two great articles:

Basel III says that gold is money.


Until peace breaks out in the Mid East, oil will be a good bet.

My choice: (VDE). I've owned it since Katrina and have never looked back.

The majority of the European countries get their oil from the Mid East.

Why in the the h*ll do you think that we bombed Libya? For our NATO allies' oil needs.

Oil is fungible. Prices are affected worldwide.