Opinion: Law firms lose, taxpayers win

Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Sunday Register: The Ohio Supreme Court's decision last week to make it more difficult to hide taxpayer expense behind attorney-client privilege exemptions should be enough to put private law firms on notice: If you're going to do business with government be ready to provide detailed invoices for your work.
Nov 25, 2012


The High Court struck down a lower court ruling that barred release of billing information that a law firm provided the city of Vermilion. Former Vermilion Mayor Jean Anderson sought the invoices after she was defeated for re-election but the new administration refused to release the details.

Anderson filed a lawsuit to obtain the documents and lost at both the local and appeal courts. We're glad Anderson prevailed with the Supreme Court and believe the ruling will serve the cause of good government and fiscal accountability.

Click here to read the Ohio Supreme Court decision. 


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Julie R.

It's not only the Lorain County law firm that lost, so did the Erie County Common Pleas Court, who dismissed Anderson's lawsuit, and so did that joke Toledo 6th District Court of Appeals, who sure are good at upholding a good majority of the unlawful rulings in Erie County. One would think by now, after the MetroParks/Huron River Greenway case and now this one, that the Ohio Supreme Court would be on to what's going on in Erie County. Could be they are.


Stand on notice, Erie Court System....the OSC is on to you, they don't like the decision you made.

I bet you didn't like that one. They said she was RIGHT. You said she wasn't. Take THAT Erie County Court system, take that.

Watch out, the OSC has their eye on you now. They wonder why something so simple as this was voted NO by YOU GUYS in Erie County. Why did you tell her she couldn't have them? What or who were you protecting?

Watch out Erie County Courts....you now have a precedence.....and the highest court in the State just set it. You blew it an they gave it to her. OUCH, says the lawyers. Now what do we do?

Now you give them up....and they better match the billing....they really better match the billing. I hope you kept track of that. Did you?


the headlines should read lawyers are losers and maybe a few other choice words


This was a no brainer. How did the lower judge miss this one?

Julie R.

How did the lower judge miss this one?

I believe it's called feigning ignorance.