REPORTERS NOTEBOOK: Joe the Plumber will not challenge Marcy Kaptur

SANDUSKY Remember Joe the Plumber, also known as Joe Wurzelbacher, the Toledo-area conservative who
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Remember Joe the Plumber, also known as Joe Wurzelbacher, the Toledo-area conservative who became famous last year when he confronted Barack Obama on the campaign trail?

Back in October, Wurzelbacher said he might consider running against U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo.

But in a June 30 interview with WorldNetDaily, a conservative Web site, Wurzelbacher said he had been divinely inspired not to run for office.

"I hope not. You know, I talked to God about that and he was like, 'No.'"

-- Tom Jackson

Michael Jackson rates a shout-out

I guess I was only vaguely aware of just how popular Michael Jackson was until he died.

I always viewed him in the same light as all of the other tabloid celebrities I saw on my way through the grocery checkout.

I was in kindergarten during the twilight of the great artist's heyday, and by the time I was really aware of him, he had become a mere punch line.

Imagine my surprise at the outpouring inspired by his untimely death. I was walking my dog down Columbus Avenue that day when someone in a mini-van slowed down to shout at me, "Michael Jackson kicked the bucket!"

I guess you're not truly legendary until you inspire ordinary people to drive around Sandusky announcing your passing.

-- Sarah Weber

Not condemned ... yet

We decided it was time to replace the crumbling front steps to our home this summer, and as part of the project we were mixing and spreading concrete to create a base for the new wooden steps. A young girl who passed us on the sidewalk stopped to ask us if the house was condemned.

I gave a little laugh and said no, but I couldn't help wondering what led her to ask that question? Does our house look THAT bad?

She then answered my unasked question: "It's just that you have that condemned tape," she said, pointing to the yellow caution tape that surrounded the work area.

Her question made me pause to think about the state of the city and the economy. When I was her age I had never seen nor heard of a condemned house.

-- Karen Mork