Daughter hopes moms will be able to marry

All 9-year-old Mercedes wants for Christmas is to one day witness her two loving parents marry each other
Andy Ouriel
Nov 24, 2012

All 9-year-old Mercedes wants for Christmas is to one day witness her two loving parents marry each other.
It's really a simple, selfless wish, considering most children her age desire electronics or toys this holiday season.
The request also seems reasonable — she lives with both her mothers, who provide ample love to Mercedes, her sister, Mandela, 8, and the four dogs and five cats inside their quaint Anita Drive home.
In fact, Mercedes has already envisioned the wedding between mothers Beca Dickerson and Lindsay Roth-Carson.
She planned the entire ceremony, from sketching vibrant floral arrangements to measuring the length of her mothers' veils.
She has even decided what to wear on the glorious day: An elegant, floor-length, white and pink dress she frequently throws on anytime someone discusses marriage in front of her.
"They should get married because they are beautiful and meant for each other," Mercedes said.
Like many romance novels, however — outlining the perils of star-crossed lovers — Dickerson and Roth-Carson experience real adversity from those who ridicule their love.
"I can't carry pictures of my family in the car," Dickerson said. "When my children become teenagers, I wonder, 'Wll she get beat up because they has two mothers?' We shouldn't have to worry."
Marriage is basically defined as a sacred union between two people who want to make their partnership exclusive and recognized for legal purposes.
By that definition, any union of two people — two men, two women, or a man and a women — should qualify for marriage.
But in 41 of 50 states, the government prohibits a union between same-sex couples.
"Getting married is a human right," Roth-Carson said. "It's not a straight right. It's not a gay right. We're not expecting people to bow down on the streets to us, but we want to be like everyone else and have the same rights as everyone else."


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Thats just dumb


Couldn't a "domestic partnership" refer to a person and a pet? Then my vet bills would be covered by my health insurance?


Bingo Armymom7. You have it exactly correct.


Exactly, what about people and their pets or people who are single by choice, or by fate or by circumstance... Not everyone is able to find someone for them. Why shouldn't they have the same rights as gay people.

I mean if it goes for one group it should go for EVERYBODY.

Most Wanted

Armymom7...no, it does not, although you can get insurance for your pet insome workplaces at a reduced rate! "A domestic partnership is a legal or interpersonal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life but are neither joined by marriage nor a civil union. In some jurisdictions, such as Australia, New Zealand, the American states of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and California, a domestic partnership is almost equivalent to marriage, or to other legally recognized same-sex or different-sex unions, while in other jurisdictions such as the American states of Wisconsin and Maine, domestic partnerships may confer lesser relationship rights than other jurisdictions' civil unions and more than de facto cohabitation. The terminology for such unions is still evolving, and the exact level of rights and responsibilities conferred by a domestic partnership varies widely from place to place." Not sure of the date or accuracy of this statement concerning states listed.


Most wanted: thanks for the info, but I guess you missed the implied sarcasm. But I have a real question, how is a domestic partnership dissolved when the parties split up?


I got it, but ya should of used a smiley face.

Most Wanted

Sarcasm? I was hoping you were just ignorant to the subject. Comparing a person to a dog is not funny, it's twisted and sick. The answer to your "real" question would be divorce, just like marriage...by the way, how is marriage working out these days for men and women? How is that going for the kids when over 50% end in divorce?


You people sound like the American version of the Taliban.


Rhetorical nonsense. By the way, comments like this are highly irresponsible..and reckless.
Surely you would be aware that there are glaring differences between hardcore Islam and merely vocal Christians..before making such judgements, wouldn't you?
One might argue that you are the extremist for painting someone with a label that might, one day, instigate violence against them.

As for myself, I should probably be stunned that some people would choose to amp up the hatemongering instead of advancing a real solution (like the very one in my very first comment)..but lately, I am not.


How do they do father - daughter dances? I mean really. How?


I would guess the same way that a single mother with girls would- grandfather, uncle?


our binding document of self governance is the Constitution, not the Bible, not the Torah, not the Koran. the rights of the people to seek life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is imbedded in our cultural origin. the books of our religions are there so we can have a guide star to our life decisions, not to impose our beliefs on those who believe differently. Gay marriage is no different than the other rights that people have fought for. When we Christian's can point at our flawless record of marriage, then maybe we can be morally superior enough to dictate to the rest of this country


Like it or not, the MAJORITY of Americans disagree with gay marriage. beepx22 if you're a Christian, I assume you believe in God. HE condemns it. As a Christian, since you used the term " When we Christian's", you're going against Him.


The Almighty isn't fond of Adultery either, he disliked it enough to give it a spot in the Ten Commandments, and yet, the laws of the people are written and passed by people who commit adultery without care. How about divorce? Seems God wasn't really happy about it either, I think Divorce gets about 30 to 40 mentions in the Good Book, I bet you know more Divorced Christians than you realize. Don't get me started on the book of Leviticus. The Lord may not like the act of homosexuality, but All of Mankind, are God's Children. And our laws should have nothing to do with Our Religions.

Second Opinion

Then I suggest you move elsewhere, beepx22 because our country WAS based upon Scriptures. This is what makes our country different.

EVERY SINGLE FOUNDER OF OUR NATION STATED THAT WE ARE A NATION UNDER AND RULED BY GOD'S LAW, So please, either retract your statement or correct it with the facts of what the Bible actually states.

And your an expert on who God loves? Where does it say in Scripture that God loves everyone? Gesh, people say things and provide NO FACTS. Until a person turns from self gratification and to Jesus for forgiveness they are NOT the children of God. Jesus himself said in John 3, "unless a man be BORN AGAIN he CAN NOT enter the Kingdom of God" You have a great deal of learning to do, too bad the modern Church's never taught you the truth instead of how to get healed or prosper financially.


Do you mean Gods ( PLURAL) or God's ( showing ownership ) ? Please , either retract your statement , or correct it ; ))))


We could start with old Mainstay of John 3:16, For God So Loved the World, He gave his only begotten son. Maybe Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Or the Old Testament book of laws Leviticus 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the Lord.

Every Single Founder of our Nation also set us up for freedom from Religious and Personal Persecution. Shall we all stone the Sinners? Will you be first in line?

Second Opinion

I understand your zeal beepx, however your unquestioned acceptance of the Arminian Dispensational doctrines shines though with your use of the word "World' in Jn 3:16. I suggest you perform a Greek study on the text, especially the world 'world' and see there are different meanings with different words. A deep study on Romans 9 will also rock your boat. These are not new doctrines I present but those held by such esteemed men as Luther, Calvin, Hodges, Spurgeon and many others, those who diligently studied instead of getting their spiritual fix for the day from Hinn, TBS or CBN.

Leviticus 19, great chapter which must be tied in with chapters 17 though 20 or you isolate the context. This verse speaks about how the Jews and those living within their midst are to treat one another "against THY people', This chapter deals with Israel and those living within their community, not how they deal with those outside their midst or faith. Even the Talmud gets this correct. This verse MUST be examined by chapter 20 or its usage as you applied it is distorted. Abraham traded with those in Sodom, he didn't go down there and destroy them, he knew those people but it was God who did the destruction. However, if they would have practiced these acts of rebellion in Abraham's camp then that would be a different story.

Your stoning remark bewilders me, I'm not sure why you brought into the discussion. However, all Christians know we deserve it and it was NOT condemned by Christ but FULFILLED by Christ. He took the responsibility to eternally do the stone casting, HOWEVER, the government is still sanctioned by God to provide JUSTICE when the States laws are mandated (of course, as long as they are just). Jesus stopped the well known stoning of Mary for several reasons. 1st it was illegal, this was a mob, no judges were utilized for her condemnation of sin, thus Jesus WAS the Judge and they knew this being that he was a Rabbi. 2nd, Jesus condemned the crowds arrogance and pride and revealed that they are just as guilt spirituality as Mary. However, this never stopped judicial law and its enforcement of punishment for breaking it. God says He changes not, and Paul explains about the law and its applications very deeply in Romans.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Very true


What the majority thinks about ANY issue is immaterial to the ultimate in sovereignty: The individual. I'd note that even the Founders were well aware of what John Adams called "the tyranny of the majority." That's why the Bill of Rights was crafted in the first place.

Consider for a moment that the majority felt the OTHER way. While I don't take issue with the legal RECOGNITION of gay marriage, I'd be more than a little incensed if, thanks to majority votes, all religions had to recognize — perhaps even perform — those ceremonies! I'll bet you would, too.

It's this exact issue, by the way, that's behind the Catholic fight against "Obamacare." Nobody has suggested that contraceptives be made illegal simply because Catholic doctrine considers them to be sinful. The Catholic Church merely says that, because they DO believe contraceptives are sinful, they shouldn't have to facilitate that "sin."

I have no issue with gay marriage. I have no issue with contraceptives, either. But when you start talking about forcing religions to do things that are expressly against the basic tenets of their faith, well, NOW I've got a problem. Bet you would, too. Think about THAT before you start telling churches they're not ALLOWED to recognize gay marriage...!


Really? The majority of Amerucans disagree with it? In May, 2012, 50% of Americans were in favor of and 48% opposed gay marriage.


In November 2012, 51% favor gay marriage. Find a new argument.


As far as your insistence that god condemns it, that's your god. How dare you assume that what you believe is what I or anyone else believes? If you choose to live your life based on a book, that's your choice. Keep your choice out of my life and the lives of anyone who thinks differently. And please stop cherry-picking what the bible says just to support your bigoted views. The bible says a lot of other things that I'm sure you merrily disregard every day of your life.

Super Judge

Slowly America is catching up with the rest of the world.

Second Opinion

I think the slowness has increased exponentially over the last 10 years.


Awe I hope she gets her wish



When I went to Catholic school unbaptized babies that died were sent to Purgatory. Parents did not live by the rules so the kid got punished.

Whointhehell came up with that gem?


@ Kimo,

Actually it is/was a place called limbo.


What dora said........


Mrcedes is sweet. does she know her Dad? Im sure her moms have male friends around as positive men in her life. Remember that first attraction to the oposite sex, someone so cute,they took your breath away. Mercedes will likely have that experience also, nomatter 2 moms, a single parent, 2 dads, that day will come, the big crush. I hope dedicated couples gay or straight find a way to stay committed to each other, devorce rate is very high, odds are tough. Goodluck Moms.I hope you get that opportunity.


What is the big deal? I personally do not care with the separation of church and state that most believe give the gays the same rights and what will be the problem? It is a tax break people. Who cares.