Diabetes rates rocket in Oklahoma, South

The nation's diabetes problem is getting worse, and the biggest jump over 15 years was in Oklahoma, according to a new federal report issued Thursday.
Associated Press
Nov 16, 2012


The diabetes rate in Oklahoma more than tripled, and Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama also saw dramatic increases since 1995, the study showed.

The South's growing weight problem is the main explanation, said Linda Geiss, lead author of the report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study.

"The rise in diabetes has really gone hand in hand with the rise in obesity," she said.

Bolstering the numbers is the fact that more people with diabetes are living longer because better treatments are available.

The disease exploded in the United States in the last 50 years, with the vast majority from obesity-related Type 2 diabetes. In 1958, fewer than 1 in 100 Americans had been diagnosed with diabetes. In 2010, it was about 1 in 14.

Most of the increase has happened since 1990.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body has trouble processing sugar; it's the nation's seventh leading cause of death. Complications include poor circulation, heart and kidney problems and nerve damage.

The new study is the CDC's first in more than a decade to look at how the nationwide boom has played out in different states.

It's based on telephone surveys of at least 1,000 adults in each state in 1995 and 2010. Participants were asked if a doctor had ever told them they have diabetes.

Not surprisingly, Mississippi — the state with the largest proportion of residents who are obese — has the highest diabetes rate. Nearly 12 percent of Mississippians say they have diabetes, compared to the national average of 7 percent.

But the most dramatic increases in diabetes occurred largely elsewhere in the South and in the Southwest, where rates tripled or more than doubled. Oklahoma's rate rose to about 10 percent, Kentucky went to more than 9 percent, Georgia to 10 percent and Alabama surpassed 11 percent.

An official with Oklahoma State Department of Health said the solution is healthier eating, more exercise and no smoking.

"And that's it in a nutshell," said Rita Reeves, diabetes prevention coordinator.

Several Northern states saw rates more than double, too, including Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Maine.

The study was published in CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.




Thin may be in.... but fat where it at........


It's all Mikey D's fault because of all that sweet tea you get down south!!!!




Let's evaluate this situation as it would be evaluated in education today. The doctors and other public and private health officials (the "teachers") have obviously done a poor job of teaching the students (the overweight populace) the dangers of not following a healthier lifestyle, therefore burdening our health care system with costly expenses which raise the costs for the rest of us. In other words, the "teachers" have failed, so we must label the doctors and other health experts (the teachers) as failures and close their practices and offices. A couple of major differences with rating teachers and districts on test results taken by young , not fully mature students are (1) teachers and students are evaluated and measured on a one day only test to show the public if they have failed or progressed (2) schools are dealing with youngsters and young adolescents-many of whom don't understand the seriousness of the test to schools and have no accountability as the test taker (so, like the example above-the doctor would be held accountable for the actions of the patient, even though the doctor cannot control the actions or environment of the patient). So, if we wouldn't evaluate doctors like this when they are working with much more mature adults, why are we evaluating our teachers and schools on a one, two hour test when they are dealing with kids who aren't mature emotionally and who have no accountability for the results?


Well shoving all the "Artificial sweetners" at people isn't helping a bit.

What part of... it's all chemical don't they get. I firmly believe that's a big part of it. The price of fresh produce is high especially in the smaller stores ( not everyone can travel to a Wally world or a Meijer ) ... in that case I guess frozen or canned is a good option.


I heard the Pres. of the Cleveland Clinic once say on TV that the three causes of 70% of the health problems in this country are:

Lack of Exercise

I've also read that 5% of the population is responsible for 50% of medical costs due to acute illnesses.

How can our nanny state force people to get healthy?


Well, they've tried shoving it up our backsides for years with incessant ads and whatnot. It's not working. Big Pharm is causing more problems than it's helping, and it's very easy to see.


I run 3X a week, don't smoke, eat out maybe about once a mo. and cook healthy.

We Americans are spoiled whiners, blaming someone else is easy.

Our political leaders feed our sense of victimization and it shows.

The richest country in the world is killing itself due to its excesses. Other countries will pick up the pieces. Then we can whine some more about how it's not fair!


The sad part of it is that food is an addiction. I have always said that you don't have to try that first "drug of choice", but you do have to eat. I wonder how many sober people we would have if at every AA meeting, they served a beer. Restricting your food intake is harder than getting off drugs, because it is always there in front of you. I know some of you will say to just limit yourself. Oh, how I wish it were that easy. Also, genetics play a part in diabetes.


Not as big a part as big beer guts & belly fat and sitting on the couch. The problem is we are too sendentary of a nation. We don't MOVE like we used to. We don't do physical stuff like we used to.




Not sure I can call it an addiction because you have to eat. However, you do have to do all things in moderation. We are a fat nation by choice. Alot of what pooh said is absolutely true. I have to say though there really are no guarantees you won't become diabetic even after doing all the so called right things. I do not like to consume ingredients that I can't even pronounce but it is unavoidable. I really don't know if anyone has given a good reason as to why the pancreas fails in this instance!


No guarantees? It's the difference in the number of cases and the causes between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes bambie.

Grilled turkey burgers tonight. Yum.



Still no guarantees. I know people that are not obese and generally healthy but are still diabetic. What EXACTLY is a turkey burger? Let me clue you in........garbage!


Almost 90% of those with Type 2 are due primarily to obesity and overweight. Work the odds, bambie, the odds.

Not-to-worry, health care is one of the largest and is the fastest growing segment of govt. spending.

Work hard; the oldsters, the poor and the unhealthy need your money.

Last night: Jambalaya Pasta with Penne, Chicken, Shrimp and Andouille. Double Yum!



That garbage does not even sound good. HOW do people get overweight? Is it What they are consuming or How much of it? Obesity alone is not the cause. If you do no physical activity chances are you are going to gain weight regardless of what you eat. Logic pooh logic! We are not gambling!


Opinion ain't "logic" bambie. LOL.

Get the "facts."

Calculating risk ain't gamblin'. No wonder you lost money in the Mrkt.

Barbequed ribs tomorrow with my own homemade sauce. Triple Yum!

Great leftovers during the wk!!!!!


You are right but logic is logic. Unlike you pooh, I just don't necessarily believe it just because it is written. I and millions of others lost money in the market because of thiefs and crooks. Well educated ones might I add. That's their version of redistribution of wealth. Ribs sound tasty! I think I am going out to dinner! Give the oven a break and please 'ol wifey!


What, you don't believe that health care spending is one of the fastest growing areas of govt. expenditure?

After they're through taxin' the rich, they're coming for you bambie.

So why is it that almost 90% of stock trades are performed and the majority of equities are owned by institutional investors like mutual funds, pension trusts, banks, insurance cos., et al?

What do they know that you apparently don't?


no surprise. 40+ million on food stamps and they can eat whatever they want and most probably eat crap food. but, hey, who cares when you get free medical on top of it.

people no longer take responsibility for themselves and why should they when prezo has pledged to take care of them.


So foodstamps happen to be the cause of diabetes? That's a new one!


@ mikel:

Interesting metric:

"The number of people receiving food stamps increased in just that one month by over 420,000, while only 96,000 new jobs were created in August.”


Vote for them "cash and prizes" baby; and let the "rich" pay for 'em! LMAO!!!

James Turk was on Max Keiser:



Earth to pooh: It's November! Geritol not working? You always bark about "cash and prizes" so please enlighten us all as to what the donors that donated millions to the GOP campaign wanted! You guessed it...."cash and prizes". Good job pooh!


You did know that through your tax dollars that you helped to give the GOP campaign money didn't ya bambie?

Bet you're one of those who think that campaigns should be publicly funded. Then you can help give the GOP even more money!!! LMAO.

Ain't it great how the DC elites got it all figured out? The "joke" 'as usual' is on you. :)

BTW: There are now 30 GOP governors, they picked up a couple more.


Answer the question pooh. Nevermind, you never do when you have NO answer. If Wall St. is not the topic you are just clueless. What do you think happens to your tax dollars? Nevermind, you probably don't pay any. Obama!! Obama!! You okay? You seem to laugh at YOURSELF alot. I know a great therapist if you decide to partake in some help.


I did answer. Per usual bambie, you didn't understand. Which party do you think makes up the Washington elites?


Hit the fatties. Just like Scott Company in Ohio does. Or make them work a bit. Lazy *******.


"Je pense donc je suis"