LETTER: Editorial ignores what SHS offers

Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


The Register's editorial supporting open enrollment did nothing but hurt the image of Sandusky City Schools. You state, that "when open-enrollment is widely available ... and districts have to compete for students and subsequent state funding ... education is improved across the board."

Does your editorial board even know everything that SCS has to offer? I had just returned from a phenomenal SCS All-city Orchestra Concert when I read your editorial. What a treat to hear such beautiful music and see the pride in all the students' faces during the performance! SCS offers an amazing symphony orchestra program, a program not offered in Perkins! I wish those on the editorial board would have attended that outstanding concert last Wednesday night.

Sit in on one of the many AP courses SHS offers. Talk to the students in the vocational/tech prep programs earning college credit in our high school and -- and who have the opportunity to be involved in the AP and honor classes, the extraordinary music programs, the five foreign language classes (Mandarin Chinese next year, along with French, Latin, German and Spanish), the art programs, clubs, sports and many other extra-curricular activities. Can you tell me of another school district in this area that offers all of these educational opportunities in one building?

SCS offers an excellent education to all students, no matter their background or IQ. There's more to educating a student than just receiving as much state money as possible. I proudly teach at Sandusky High School and live in the district. Furthermore, my husband and I would not send our high-school son anywhere but SHS because we know he is receiving the absolute best all-around education in area. The newspaper should realize exactly what it takes to give all students a quality education because what you're doing now is just stirring up more animosity between the two school districts.

Elizabeth Poggiali