Unity helps SMCC Class of 2009 succeed

SANDUSKY There is much to be learned in high school. There are the academics -- math,
May 24, 2010



There is much to be learned in high school.

There are the academics -- math, reading comprehension, science, history and more.

But there's also personal growth and practical lessons, as St. Mary Central Catholic High School valedictorian Eric McLaughlin noted in his class address.

"We have learned that texting and driving do not always mix," he said. "We have learned that priests can take awhile to follow through on a bet. ... And of course, we learned that, with our class, there will never be a dull moment."

St. Mary's Class of 2009, dressed uniformly in their blue robes Sunday, had their similarities. All of them graduated, and all of them will attend college this fall.

Co-salutatorian Peter Dorski said the class had unity to thank for the success of the senior class trip and a bit of end-of-the-year mischief.

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"The week before senior projects began, the class was able to, through a sense of togetherness, unite enough to all leave the cafeteria during lunch and step onto the roof above the den," he said. "It was a small attempt to skip one or two classes."

They were only up there for a few minutes, however, before principal Kenneth Schmiesing saw them through a window in an adjoining building and athletic director Denny Faber convinced them all to get down.

Despite the similarities among the graduates, there was time for recognition for their individual interests and strengths.

There were standing ovations for the members of the boys 4x100 relay team, who placed fourth at the state championship Saturday, and for the school's newest state champion, pole vaulter Alex Slattery.

Kaitlin Kessler and Jacob Schwerer won the Bishop's Crosses, which superintendent Judy Monaghan described as "the highest honor a Catholic high school can bestow," for characteristics including strong moral character and excellence in religious studies.

Monaghan wished the new graduates well as they move on and become "a part of our future."

"You will leave Sandusky Central Catholic knowing your God, using your gifts and following your dreams," she said.