Culinary Vegetable Institute to host Thanksgiving dinner for soldiers

One local business counts its blessings on Thanksgiving by giving back to local military families.
Melissa Topey
Nov 10, 2012


The Chef's Garden and the owners, the Jones family, have cooked up dozens of turkeys the past six years to serve as part of a Thanksgiving feast at the Culinary Vegetable Institute for active duty military personnel and their guests.  

"We have friends who have sons in the military," said Barb Jones, of the Chef's Garden. "We felt like the rest of us cannot do enough to pay them back. They risk their lives, they leave their family. This is the least we can do."

Families of active-duty military personnel are invited again this year to attend the Thanksgiving dinner.

Reservations must be made by Nov. 20.

Want to go?
Where: The Culinary Vegetable Institute
Where: 12304 Ohio 13, Milan
When: Noon on Thanksgiving Day
For: Active military and their families
Reservations: Call 419-499-7500 by Nov. 20


Dont Worry Be Happy

What an awesome thing to do. Thank you to all our military men and women.


Thats a very nice thing to do. Glad it was made public so the community knows this company is being very respectful of our military.


active military enjoy this feast and thankyou for your service.