Ohio sewer workers find 2-foot alligator

Workers in Cleveland have rescued a 2-foot alligator before it froze to death in the city sewer system.
Associated Press
Nov 9, 2012


The Plain Dealer (http://bit.ly/RI5VXi ) reports that the workers found the reptile near a sewer outfall behind a pump station Thursday. They think it was probably dying from the cold.

The men put the alligator in a garbage can filled with warm water to revive it. The animal is recovering and will be kept until a permanent home can be found — with the help of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

They said that despite the popular urban legend about alligators living in sewer, they've never heard of one being found.

They think somebody probably dumped it in response to the new state law that requires owners to register exotic animals.




Poor gator. Whoever dumped him just proved they have no business owning any animal, let alone an exotic.


Many (people) think animals are toys, something for their kids to play with; then when they are tired of playing with it and find out it's a responsibility, that it has to be fed, taken to the vet and treated more humanely, they dump it somewhere or worse. These types of 'people' should be shot.


I just clicked the Like button Unassumer


I am so sick of irresponsible pet "owners". Thank GOODNESS for people who are willing to step up and rescue!