Privatized prison in Ohio gets 2nd chance at audit

State prison officials in Ohio began a two-day inspection Wednesday of the lakeshore prison that became the nation's first privately owned state prison last year, checking on whether dozens of safety, health and security issues uncovered in a recent audit have been fixed.
Associated Press
Nov 8, 2012


Nashville, Tenn.-based Corrections Corporation of America was rebuked by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction for conditions identified in a September audit of Lake Erie Correctional Facility, in Conneaut in northern Ohio.

The audit report said cells were dirty, inmates lacked clean laundry and blankets and sometimes beds and pots and pans weren't clean. It said doors were standing open and some keys can't be found.

Auditors also found black spots and mildew in showers, an unmarked urine specimen on a desk and backed-up or inoperable water fountains. The report said inmates operated a meat slicer with no safety guards and feeding lines took several hours.

General conditions at times made both staff and inmates feel unsafe.

The Ohio Civil Service Employees Association sued over the privatization in July and sought restoration of union prison jobs at the facility.

Prisons department spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said state officials were conducting a follow-up inspection Wednesday and Thursday, in hopes of bringing the facility into compliance with certification guidelines before a visit by officials with the American Correctional Association.

Corrections Corporation of America took over the prison on New Year's Eve in a deal worth $73 million. Company spokesman Steve Owen said the company takes seriously the deficiencies and was working diligently to correct them.

"We are confident consistent progress is being made on correcting the audit items," he said in an email. "In this effort, CCA has a team of subject matter experts at the facility assisting in implementing those corrective actions. We look forward to the state's re-audit."

Smith said the national inspection is expected in early December.




Just another of the crown jewels in John Kasich's long list of accomplishments.

Here's the complete list:


Privatizing prisons is the worst idea possible. How could he think that it is a good idea? Private companies are in the business of making money and growing their profits. This company has a vested interest in higher crime rates. They literally are hoping for an increase in crime because it is the only way to increase their profits. Well there is an other way it has been proven for prisons to increase profits is by selling out their slave labor and undercutting actual business that employ upstanding citizens. Foolish, foolish Kasich.


This is evidence of another bad idea by Gov. John Kasich.

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Is this prison or The Ritz???


This is the whole idea behind the Republicans........let the private sector do it....can do it cheaper.....better......etc etc etc. This is what Rush and Sean talk on the radio that is the matter with America...let free enterprise run it.

Well....this is what you get