Heart in jar belonged to pig

A jarred heart someone dropped off last month at the Erie County landfill had, once upon a time, belonged to a pig.
Emil Whitis
Nov 7, 2012


So says a Lucas County coroner's employee, who examined the heart at the request of local authorities, who'd been worried the heart came from a human.

The organ was dropped off at the county landfill during a hazardous waste collection. Landfill employees still have no idea who dropped it off. It was preserved in liquid in a large jar.      



This was in the Norwalk paper last weekend.

Taxed Enough Already

lol was probably a 4-H project for some kid at the fair!


I thought it looked like Karl Rove!


I was close..said COW...down on the farm


I bet Lucas County gets SICK and tired of doing all the work!


probably not since they have been doing it FOREVER


and they get paid for it.


Lucas County Coroner's Office has a very well equipped forensic laboratory. That is why many cities send things/bodies to them. I'm sure Erie County could have the same thing if the taxpayers would like to support it. Don't see that happening anytime soon.

Swamp Fox

Correction, its Joe Biden with his foot in his mouth as usual..


Still waiting for an explanation from the landfill as to why the cannot track down the person/people who dropped it off. Why was the proper paperwork not completed? The fact that it belonged to a pig is beside the point. What if it hadn't??


Hey Rush Limbag- we found it!!!