Obama wins

President Barack Obama has won Ohio again, capturing the swing state after a hard-fought battle with Republican Mitt Romney.
Associated Press
Nov 6, 2012

Obama, who also won Ohio in 2008, claims the swing state's 18 electoral votes.

Both sides poured major time and resources into the battleground state that has been among the nation's most contested in recent presidential elections. It was considered pivotal for both.

No Republican has won the White House without Ohio. The last president elected despite losing Ohio was Democrat John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Ohio has been site of much of the advertising spending by the campaigns and outside supporters. It also was among the most-visited states by the campaigns.

In addition to Ohio, Obama captured battleground states Iowa and Colorado on his way to the 270 electoral votes he needed.

Obama will again be dealing with a divided Congress. Democrats maintained control of the Senate and Republicans likely will again control the House. Among the most pressing matters is the so-called fiscal cliff of tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to hit in January. Economists have warned that if they aren't averted, the nation could face another recession.



Say "goodnight", Karl Rove. Sorry that you could not keep up with the times, buddy.


What do you call an organization that is viewed by many as wealthy, old, out of touch with everyday people? The GOP. That's the real reason Mittens lost.



These clowns dont get it.


That is true, kURTje.

John Harville

Kurt... you forgot 'white'. The Republicans - and especially the Teapublicans - are unable to accept that the United States is a multi-gender, multi-race, multi-ethnic, multi-language, multi-theistic society. As you see here, they are fearful because they don't understand.


HA! Always the race thing, Get ready guys its your ball. Can't blame anyone anymore. Have fun.


@ John Harville:

Go for as much centralized planning as you want, just don't ask or force me to pay for it.

Capital votes with it's feet - see France for one.

At least in France they have the guts to call socialism what it is and don't hide behind euphemisms like "Progressive."


@ John
Thank you for taking on those who hold forth on this site. My background is in science/math and not political history. I am always at a disadvantage when the rhetoric takes on spin, name calling and personal attack. I find these discussions to be irrational.


@ eriemom Math and Science, you say?
Check out http://physicsmyths.org.uk
A thorough debunking of most of the mainstream assumptions.
Then, check out the sister site http://plasmaphysics.org.uk


OK, so.....
Most mainstream assumptions? No. A few areas where this author has found textbook errors.

Do you understand that science is never finished questioning or trying to disprove a theory? This author is using social media instead of peer reviewed publication to gain notoriety.


@ John Harville Your hypocrisy:
You just falsely labeled the Republican Party as "white" and you have the nerve to say that they are unable to accept that America is Multi-race?
Most Dems are anti-Theism and you have the nerve to say that the Repubs are unable to accept a multi-Theist America? Last time I checked, it was Dems who are against th freedom of religion, not the Repubs.
Most Dems that I meet online berate anyone who does not spell the english language properly, let alone speak it properly. The "L2 SPEAK ENGLISH!" "grammar police" are Democrats 9 times out of 10.

Did I miss anything? Oh, yah..the multi-gender thing. Pure demagoguery and not even clever. Still trying to push the "War on Women" rhetoric? Derp.
Quote the Lily Ledbetter Act and explain to us how it does anything AT ALL to change existing laws that we already have which prohibit gender-based discrimination. Explain to us how it is anything more than the "Lawyers Live Better Act," courtesy of our Lawyer-in-Chief.

There you go again

Obama phones for everyone!!!


What exactly is an Obama phone? Why do you continue to make this odd remark?


@ eriemom:

For your edification:


The face of the Democrat Party?

Also: More details about the program -



Ok, so according to Forbes, the Obama phone is bull. Thought it was.


typical dem trying to believe that the gov't does not provide freebies. read real slow because of your comprehension problems and you will see the words "government benefit program".

"Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program brought to you by Virgin Mobile. Lifeline is a government benefit program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. Enrollment is available to individuals who qualify based on federal or state-specific eligibility criteria. The Lifeline Assistance program is available for only one wireless or wireline account per household."

您美國人是很愚笨的。 我們非常很快叫讓我們的金錢回到。


the assurant phone is a gov't provided phone to those who can't "afford" a cell phone. every person that actually pays for a cell phone is taxed for this specific purpose. i think it is somewhere in the constitution that everone is entitled to a free cell phone.


Forget the “Obamaphone,” there is so much more that we can do.

How about a national 1% tax on all airline, bus and rail tickets to help the poor take vacations?

How about a national 1% tax on all hotel rooms to help the poor have a place to stay while on vacation?

How about a national 1% tax on all vehicle sales to help the poor get a car?

How about a national 1% tax on gasoline sales to help the poor afford gas for their car?

How about a national 1% tax on gym memberships to help the poor get in shape?

Heck, let’s just pass FDR’s Second Bill of Rights and guarantee cradle-to-grave benefits to each and every citizen.


If the fruits of life are guaranteed, why would any fool wanna work?



A novel published in 1893 entitled:

“Pictures of The Socialist Future”

(Copy and paste the title into Google as the spam filters will not allow a link.)

Don’t worry, it can’t happen here. :)


Personally I'd like to thank the people of Ohio my home state for their part in re-electing the President. We all thank you. Even though you put him over the top, he still has Florida which would still have done it for him. Now. On the Hatin issue..Let it go..Work it out and band aid your cuts. You dont know how the next 4 years will pan out. Some of you wont even be around to see what5 happens.(not wishing anything bad on anyone but its a fact of life so don't twist it around). Last but not least Yes I agree the Register should let you all express your feelings, just as a woman down here in Ga. did. Post your hateful remarks and racial slurs out there in public so that way everyone can really know who you are and what your true beliefs are. Hopefully you'll get the same response and treatment she did from the community in which you live in.

http://gossiponthis.com/2012/11/... please read http://gossiponthis.com/2012/11/...


@ digifotogph:

50-48% ain't a mandate - it's a chasm.

Hopefully in the next four years, Mr. Obama will learn to be a leader of all Americans and not just of his supporters.


He is a leader for all people..It's not his fault you didn't support him..and who said anything about a mandate..My post mentioned nothing about a mandate..It was based on the slurs posted from a female..Did you not click on the link and read the nasty story??/Who talking mandate an48-50???See that's the problem..People won't read, understand, and comprehend the talked about issue...How does my post and the accompanied story even begin to start a discussion about a mandate...wow..


@ digifotogph:

The Admin. views it as a mandate. Remember "I won." in the first election?


Even the POTUS played low-ball with many of his gutteral remarks regarding Mr. Romney. "Romnesia"? How childish.


oh and since you brought it up contango..Romney wasnt for everyone either...remember the 47%? Oh we forgot about that now didn't we..Pot calling the kettle ....


@ digifotogph:

"47%"? Campaign rhetoric. Regardless, soon it will be 50% and climbing.

I was part of the 2% that didn't vote for Mr. Romney.


The biggest of many lessons some can take from the election is that the Republican Party has become irrelevant to a majority of Americans. The demographics of America have changed, and the things that the GOP stands for don't resonate with a majority of younger people and women.

Among 18-29-year-olds, Obama won by 34 (34!) points. He carried women by 14 points, and tellingly, single women by a much greater amount. Won more than 70% of Latino vote and more than 90% of the African-American vote. Conservative politicians insist that they aren't anti-minority or anti-women, yet their policies certainly come across that way, when compared with the Democratic platform. Throw in stupid 1950's comments like Romney's self-deportation and binders full of women, add Neanderthal comments from Akin and Mourdock, and you have a party that looks horribly out-of-touch with America circa 2012.


@ coasterfan:

All well and good until they figure out who "really" has to pay for all the cash and prizes that Mr. Obama and the socialists are promising.


@coasterfan Obama won 50% of the vote. How does that make the other 50% of people irrelevant? I understand that a Left Wing demagogue would like to spin it that way, but..in the real world, how do the other 50% of people become irrelevant?
And OH YEAH, I thought you were digusted by Romney's "47%" comment??? Then, you turn around and imply that 50% of Americans are irrelevant?? Hypocrite!

Your party is full of anti-Capitalist, anti-"Zionist" demagogues who were bent on flooding the airwaves with a smear campaign to make people forget how your party is almost as anti-American as the extremist wing of Islam is (as that topic kept popping up everywhere online in the aftermath of 9/11). And even WITH your flooding of the airwaves, you STILL only got 50% of the vote! Heh.

See my reply to meowmix's "Here's the deal, GOP" line (currently somewhere between page 10-12 of this article) for further enlightenment. Seriously.


I keep triggering the spam filter. I wish that the Sandusky Register would fix the problem.

The elections are over and many members of the two party system are still fighting with each other here. Perhaps the two party system or any party for that matter is really the problem of what is really wrong with our government and our country. It is time to get rid of political parties and all candidates running for office should all be independent and fix what is broken. I view political parties as nothing more than factions. These two factions make it be known that "you are either for us or against us" to any candidate considering running for office. The Republican convention is a good example by excluding those candidates who refuse to go along with the wishes of the rich and powerful.

Eisenhower warned about us about the Military Industrial Complex who just love wars and military bases scattered all over the world. Wars that are based on lies like Vietnam and Iraq means lots of profits to those who own or invest in companies that supply the wars.


If you remember your history, you will recall George Washington's Farewell address over 200 years ago warning about factions who care only about themselves and their agendas and not the citizens.

http://tinyurl.com/bqq4p4d "The most important thing we can do as a people is to protect the checks and balances of our country. 1) The Declaration of Independence, 2) The Bill of Rights 3) The Constitution, 4) the rules and regulations of the Three Branches of Government, are the documents that provide us the freedoms, liberties, country and the power to govern ourselves. These documents are protected by the checks and balances. These checks and balances are protected by the citizens of the United States with the use of the “Independent Status”"

"They [political parties] serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community;"

A small but artful and enterprising minority have taken over this country. The corporations who own the various news media control what information (lies) the citizens get or don't get (truth). Imagine that. The 1% now control the other 99%. Both factions are responsible for this mess.


How funny - George Washington's address directly describes the republicans in this country.