Ohioans reject chance to convene on constitution

For the fifth time in 100 years, Ohioans have rejected the chance to revisit Ohio's Constitution.
Associated Press
Nov 6, 2012


Such a forum would have allowed debate on issues such as redistricting, term limits, casino gambling and gay marriage. Instead, voters rejected Issue 1 in Tuesday's election by strong margins in every county.

Under state law, the question of calling a constitutional convention must be presented to voters every 20 years. Voters in an era of renewed interest in constitutional issues were thought to perhaps have more interest in a gathering to revise the founding document.

The state's governing document emerged from the state's first constitutional convention in Chillicothe in 1802. It was revisited at conventions in 1851 and 1912.

Four previous ballot issues calling for a convention were rejected.




After hearing that Colorado and Washington BOTH introduced legalization of marajuana (Washington even TAXED it) today during the elections, I guess this was a mistake to vote the convening down. Perhaps hind sight is 20/20. OOPS!

Licorice Schtick

This is not news.


I voted for it... I believe it was T. Jefferson that said that the gov't. must be "overhauled" every 20 years... I think he was a bit more harsh in his terms, but I totally agree with the concept...