Decision day here in pricey, nasty Ohio Senate race

Ohio residents are deciding Tuesday whether to re-elect a U.S. senator labeled a career politician by his opponent or send to Washington a U.S. Marine veteran labeled untrustworthy by his rival.
Associated Press
Nov 6, 2012


In one of the nastier election contests in recent memory, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is defending his seat against Republican challenger Josh Mandel, the current state treasurer.

Outside groups have spent more than $30 million in the state in efforts to defeat Brown, whose liberal record and surprise victory over then-incumbent Mike DeWine in 2006 made him a prime national target. Brown allies, primarily labor unions, have also spent about $4 million against Mandel.

Brown, 59, has made the federal auto industry bailout and his support of the middle-class key campaign issues, highlighting Mandel's opposition to the auto rescue that affected about 800,000 Ohio jobs. Mandel, 35, has emphasized his commitments to job creation and fiscal responsibility and the need for change in Washington.

Job experience was a central theme in the race. Brown accused Mandel of ignoring duties at the state treasury, including missing almost all the meetings of a powerful deposit board he chairs, while Mandel said Brown was too entrenched and represented "everything that's wrong with Washington."

Brown was 22 when he began his political career as the youngest state representative in Ohio history in 1974. He went on to serve two terms as secretary of state and was elected to Congress in 1992.

His adherence to President Barack Obama's big-ticket policies — the federal stimulus, auto rescue and health care overhaul among them — have been used against him in an onslaught of ads by outside groups. Those include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and political strategist Karl Rove's American Crossroads and its affiliated Crossroads GPS.

Mandel was elected to statewide office in 2010 after stints as a northeast Ohio city councilman and state legislator. He served two tours with the Marines in Iraq, a factor in garnering the endorsement of 2008 presidential nominee John McCain.




Maybe after today, Mandel can start to actually do the Treasurer's job he was elected to do. He has yet to attend a single one of the budget committee meetings he is supposed to head...

Yeah, I think I'll stick with Sherrod. He's done good things for Ohio. Josh has mostly just done good things for Josh...

nosey rosey

Mandel makes my skin crawl.

dont get it

you are not alone....creepy..

dont get it

you are not alone....creepy..


He sure likes trotting out that uniform at every opportunity.


Like obama has been president for the last year. He hasnt done his job. BEMGAZI.... enough said. bam

dont get it

like bush destroyed the wrong country, iraq...killed thousands husseim, was a horrible man.....but we should have been going after binladin...sp?......

football princess

ummm, where is BEMGAZI??


I think Obama has done the best he can with what he inherited. This country needs alot of work done to fix the problems. I don't think Romney is the answer. He proved how he is behind closed doors. I have to go with Brown also. Mandel is a showboat that thinks changing the people in Washington will change Washington. Unfortunately, it won't.


unassumer. the difference is mitt wont blame obama for all his very wrong decisions he will just fix them. george bush was a long time ago get over the bad excuses

dont get it

yeah, right......he is gonna blame obama......more than any other president......wait....mitts gonna lose that is for sure, unless mitts voting machines.....really work...Please Jesus. Mitt will destroy everything we have fixed..


What, exactly, do you mean by "everything we have fixed?" Unless your definition of "fixed" is the polar opposite of the REAL meaning of the word, you couldn't be more wrong. Income has gone down. Unemployment has gone up. Insurance costs have gone WAY up. Taxes are about to skyrocket. Utility bills, gasoline, food costs — all up. Quality of education is down. The economy remains stagnant.

Blame whoever you like for the problems, but answer me this: How can you say "everything we have fixed" since so much is so clearly still broken?


"Fixed" Means free phones and welfare. They no longer have to work and they can call people in a word "Fixed"


George Bush may have been long ago but unfortunately the country is still being affected by his policies.




His policys are still around. Whats to miss?


cant believe there are people that just will never get it. wasting my time


mandel's religion was a factor.....ohio is a christian state...not a jewish state.


Re: "where is BEMGAZI??".

just off Hancock St.....


Not a valid answer. Answers must consist of a haiku with no rules.


Re: "george bush was a long time ago get over the bad excuses".

The kids born today will be paying the bill for that mistake........