Ohio girl injured by power line downed by storm

Authorities say a 12-year-old Cleveland girl remains in critical condition after she touched a power line brought down by the storm earlier this week.
Associated Press
Nov 3, 2012


A doctor at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital said the girl was found unresponsive Thursday afternoon but was resuscitated. The power company, FirstEnergy, says it is investigating.

Meanwhile, the utility reports that about 61,000 homes and businesses in northeastern Ohio were still without power Friday afternoon. The company says most of it should be restored by the end of the weekend.

Most of the outages are in Cleveland and its western suburbs. Schools are closed in some districts for a fourth straight day.

High winds from superstorm Sandy's outer bands uprooted trees and brought down power lines in Ohio early Tuesday. The storm devastated the northeast.




Oh my gosh this poor girl!


I wonder whether she had ever been warned about this.


She is 12!