Ventra evacuated; hazmat called

(UPDATED) Ventra, formerly Ford/ACH, on Ohio 101 has been evacuated.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 1, 2012


Erie County Sheriff's deputies and hazmat officials responded to the plant, which shut down just before 3 p.m. for a caustic spill.

Initial reports indicated no one was injured.

The on duty shift was sent home.

Firefighters who entered the facility to investigate detected high levels of nitric acid in the air. The substance is used in the company's manufacturing process.

Firefighters ventalated the area and turned it back over to company personnel at about 6 p.m.

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Good 2 B Me

Update?? This could be a serious issue. Let's hear more...

my oh my

So far at least one person has been transported for being in and out of consciousness.....

Good 2 B Me

How do you know that? It said that the employees were sent home.


more details please


I am an employee there. Supervisor came up yelling "Get Out! Now!" We stood outside watching a yellow-orange gas coming out of the roof. No time to get our coats,phones..nothing.


it's ventilated. don't reporters have dictionaries? I hope all employees are okay.


As of 2 am this morning everything was back to normal and the night shift had been back to work for some time. It didn't seem to be any the worse for wear at 2 am.

They called it a "chemical fire" from what I was told, and had been "ventilated" and cleaned up quickly by the fire departments. It appears that 11 to 7 shift had gone to work as their cars where there at 2 am.


My husband works the 10:30 p.m.-6:30 a.m. shift and everything was fine when he went to work last night.


It is amazing that even before Ventra took over the plant, I spoke to a Register Reporter and brought to their attention that I didn't think this company would be good for either the personnel or the community based on their practices at other plants - explosion, hexovalient chromium leaching and other issues. I stated that I believe two things, 1) that Ventra was looking to do away with the security of the union for the employees and, 2) that based on past practices by the Ventra Companies, that it was likely that it would continue if they were allowed to come into the sandusky plant which would put the employees and community at risk. I WAS IGNORED - I understand that people NEED jobs and BIG Business knows this and can scare employees by threatening to fire them - isn't that what a union is about - but they brought in people that were so desperate that they agreed to a very weak contract just to get a pittance of a bonus while the UNION knows that these AUTO COMPANIES are reaping huge benefits from us making concession (basically give up all rights) and the UNION Reps and International are letting this happen while they are benefitting themselves. Maybe if the paper had printed what I stated many of us were concerned about before this chemical incident happened, not only would the employees have been more alert to the possibility but it would have put the supervisors and company in a position to be more cautious in the first place. Queenjhb stated, "more details please." Well what do you think about a total lack of concern and investigation in advance by our so called newspaper? I for one have lost faith in a newspaper that doesn't want to INFORM or INVESTIGATE! I hope that all those I worked with are doing well (I worked their until Sept), I hope you all become more safety conscious because NOW YOU KNOW that safety is not a top priority of this company. And, I hope you keep in mind what you expect for your future union contract. BE SAFE you all I think of each and every one of you and pray you all remain safe.

Good 2 B Me

THe Union is still quite strong. A company cannot simply get rid of a Union.

This appears to have nothing to do with Ventra, as it seems to be involving some issues that could have occurred while ACH held the company. It simply did not occur. You sound like sour grapes!


The union is not strong. If it was they would not have made so many concessions to the company nor would they have allowed the company to threaten the employees with losing their jobs. I am 100% for the unions but they simply do not have the clout they once did.


Good 2 B Me - A company can simply get rid of a union. Ask those in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. And, it has a great deal to do with Ventra. Use your search engine and type in Flex-n-gate (which is a Ventra Company)or type in Ventra... you will find that I AM talking about Ventra and AM aware of the issues they are having at many of their locations. I AM NOT SOUR GRAPES other than that there are people at the Sandusky plant that I do not want to see hurt. I left the company in good standing and am a firm believer that with the RIGHT Union representatives, the Union could be strong again. But as the saying goes - a team is only as strong as its weakest links (right now those are the ones that think quick money is more important than long term safety and security). And thank you tk, you are absolutely right. G2BMe needs to read more national news and look up all that the unions have lost for their members over the past 5 years.

Good 2 B Me

See, you are a FORMER employee. It comes off as Sour Grapes. The Union Won't just 'Go away.'

I am very well versed in Unions having been a part of or around them my entire life. Times have changed, that is true, but Unions are not like cigarette butts that people throw out the window. This will take more than simply asking them to leave!


I may be a former employee, however, I am fully involved with the automotive industry and still have many family members and friends in the union. In order to be a person that comes off as "sour grapes" as you say, I must have an issue with them. If that is the case, then yes I do... read any of the news articles appearing and YOU will see that I am not ALONE in my "Sour Grapes" attitude... way too many companies are sacrificing employee benefits, pay and health and safety issues to increase their profit margin and their bonuses at the expense of employees... DAH !!! That was what the union was founded upon ... stopping that from happening. So DO THE MATH -- if union members are having to make concessions and gov't gives bail out money to keep automotive companies in business then the money goes for executive bonuses and pleasure trips (also in the paper), what does that say about our current representation... DAH again... try very very hard to remember (if you really have anything to do with a union) to research how they started and why then what they are beginning to allow to happen and Maybe, just maybe, you might realize that unions are throwing their peoples reasons for having a union into the so-called cigarette butt can... They are no longer looking out for the workers and ensuring that we have safe, secure and healthy work places AND they are slowly but surely giving in to corporate bullying... Oh and by the way - your comments are beginning to sound like you really have NEVER been in a union but one of those that has been on the other side of the union. ALL I ASK IS EDUCATE YOURSELF TO WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU BEFORE YOU GO SPOUTING OFF THAT SOMETHING CAN NOT HAPPEN!!!