Honda announces $200M investment, 200 jobs in Ohio

Honda said Thursday it will make more than $200 million in new investments at two plants in western Ohio, creating at least 200 new manufacturing jobs.
Associated Press
Nov 1, 2012

The automaker says the expansions for the Anna engine plant and Russells Point transmission plant were announced to mark Honda's 30th anniversary of auto production in the United States.

Honda spokesman Ron Lietzke said the upgrades will continue the company's effort to localize the manufacturing of its products in North America.

Honda will spend about $170 million to add a fourth engine assembly line and make other upgrades at the plant in Anna, adding about 200 new jobs. Construction will begin in the next few months at the plant about 50 miles north of Dayton.

Another $50 million investment at the transmission plant at Russells Point, about 60 miles northeast of Dayton, is in addition to a round of previously announced new spending at the facility. The projects will "increase flexibility to produce advanced transmissions and powertrain components," the company said.

The Russells Point upgrade will result in some new jobs, but the company said it will announce details later.

Honda said it has invested about $475 million at those plants within the past two years.

The Anna facility is Honda's largest engine plant. It employs about 2,600 people and produces four-cylinder and V6 engines and drivetrain components. The roughly 1,100 employees at the Russells Point facility make automatic transmissions and four-wheel-drive systems.

Honda's new Accord sedan being built at the company's Marysville plant in central Ohio has led to investments and more jobs in the Anna and Russells Point plants, with companies that supply Honda with products and services also getting a boost.

Overall, Honda has about 13,500 Ohio employees in manufacturing, support, research and development and other operations.

Honda has nine automobile assembly lines at seven plant sites in North America, with an annual capacity of 1.63 million Honda and Acura cars.



The Big Dog's back

32 months of private sector job growth without Repub help. Our economy can run without them so why vote for a Repub?

John Harville

"Republicans say 'government is too large'. Well, if they'd get out, it would be a lot smaller." -- Ohio Senator Nina Turner 102812


What a dunce you are. Monthly job growth is half what it was under Bush and is caused more by retirements and attrition opposed to anything Obozo has done. USA -the land of moochers and lemmings! I am glad all these Honda jobs are NON UNION!!!!


FBI arrest women in Las Vegas that tried to vote twice.....
Romney voter.


I wouldn't count either of her votes for that. It's funny the largest voter fraud in this election has been the GOP.


@ sanduskysteve:

So what make of car do you own?

John Harville



@ John Harville:

See topic of article.


Deertracker; understand 1 oldster labeled me un-hinged. He imo is bitter about his past. He might have even spat on Vietnam vets...who knows? Don't worry though we both have done & experienced many things with our lives. We have done good.


Niemals aufgeben!


OMG. LOL. Immer..wie der Werwolf. Hartnackigkeit.


was ist das ?

John Harville

Hmmm. I thought this was an English-only nation....


Fakten und Wahrheit.


vo ist der bahnhof?


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good job governor john. Making our state look good to outside jobs

John Harville

Romney profited big time with the sale and move of Delphi..."as a new report shows that he and his wife made at least $15.3 million courtesy of Obama’s auto bailout. According to a Greg Palast, who followed the paper trail for the Nation, Romney and his wife made the money via an investment in a hedge fund that saw astronomical returns on its investments in an auto parts maker that would have gone under absent the president’s rescue operation."
So Delphi managers should be picketing Romney instead of Obama for the loss of their pensions. hmmmm?


The auto bailout was actually initiated under the Bush administration and was a mistake. Had GM gone through bankruptcy, the salary retires would not have been screwed, the bond holders would have recovered more (but would not have been made whole), legacy costs would have been much reduced making the hurdle rate to sustained profitability much lower. Why did GM need an influx of credit last week, $20 billion? Because they cannot make enough money (profits) to pay their cash needs. They will be back to the govt. feeding trough within three years. The Volt costs more than the selling price. What a joke!


The Romneys have broken no laws, they are living by the rules laid out by our democratic senate and presadent. It just so happens they ate alot smarter than eather. I'd be willingto bet that there is not a person replying here that wouldn't do the same if they only knew how !!


Please speak only for yourself gooddriver. Standards, ethics, principles, those never go out of fashion. Few have them though.