Sunken HMS Bounty a familiar sight; sad loss for area boaters

Coast Guard helicopters on Monday rescued 14 of 16 crew members from a replica 18th-century tall ship in the path of Hurricane Sandy, about 90 miles off the coast of North Carolina.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 31, 2012


One crew member is dead and still missing is the captain of the 180-foot three-master HMS Bounty, which sunk in the turbulent ocean about 160 miles from the hurricane's eye.

The ship issued a distress signal Sunday night after it began taking on water, the Coast Guard said.

Officials said all 16 sailors eventually abandoned the sinking ship, donning cold-water survival suits and life jackets. They also launched two 25-man lifeboats with canopies.

Winds of 50 mph and 18-foot waves hindered the rescue mission.

The HMS Bounty was built for the 1962 version of "Mutiny on the Bounty," starring Marlon Brando. It was also used in other films, including one of Johnny Depp's "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

The ship has toured many ports and locations over the years, including in Cleveland and Sandusky.

Pat Chrysler, a former charter boat captain who is retired from the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority, remembers the ship well — he was aboard it when it visited this area as part of the Parade of Tall Ships in 2004.

"That's when ships were made of wood, and men were made of steel," Chrysler said. "It was a step back in time."

It's a shame the ship and its crew have become part of a long, tragic history, he said.

"For the big ship to go down, you realize how strong that storm is," Chrysler said. "She was built to weather storms — she came across oceans all the time."




Why were they at sea and not in port?

Did they not have enough ample warning or did the captain think it could weather it?


my exact thoughts!


Should have been a 2nd mutiny on the Bounty when the captain decided to take it out to sea knowing how intense Hurricane Sandy was devistating all in it's path. A miracle ANYONE was saved from death.


Stupid. Endangered others because of rescue too. The Coast Guard needs to be paid by rescued crew members.


Opinions profound
Second guesses abound
There's no need for facts


Yep, ignorance is alive and well. Monday morning quarterbacks should at least learn about the complete story before making worthless comments especially when there's a tragedy involved.


Storm trackers have predicted the path of this storm a week ago, plenty of time for this ship to seek safe harbor. I'm thinking with a mistake in judgement so blatant, the captain went down with the ship at his own will. As he should have with total disrespect for other lives.


The cure for "ignorance" is questions.

She was not 'just' a sailing ship:

"Mechanical propulsion is by two John Deere 375hp diesels."


It is the practice of large ships...military or otherwise, to go out to sea during a hurricane. It has been well established that is safer for the ships to be out at sea versus in port. For example, the fleet at Norfolk, VA went out to sea during Hurricane Sandy. It is very sad that this tragedy happened, but it was the right thing to do.


The Bounty was a completely different situation as opposed to larger modern vessels. Your thinking suggests the Bounty was more valuable than the crew aboard. This was not your average hurricane. Your "right" thing to do could have cost ALL lives on trying to save a replica movie ship. How would you feel if you had sent them out and they all perished? Think about that ErieSailor.


From the interviews I saw and heard on tv from the SAILORS on the ship they all were in agreement and all had had lengthy discussion on what to do and how to do it. I am pretty sure those that were on the ship were there of their own free will. It was/is a horrible tragedy don't get me wrong, but they all knew the risks and they all went anyway. They were in contact and talking with the Coast Guard when they made the group decision to abandon ship. And yes out to sea is safer than in port.

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Lady, if you have never sailed or raced you will never know. Sailors are a different breed. I lost two friends over the side during my years of racing. It is a tradgity, my thoughts go out to the families.

Take a look, it is a rush and if invited at my age I would do this tomorrow.

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You will not see in Sandusky Bay, there are all levels!


As far as the safety of the ship is concerned, it is better to be out to sea than dockside. As far as the deckhands? That would be their call, unless they were military or otherwise conscripted.

Look where boats and docks ended up in New Jersey and New York while they "used to be" dockside. Somebody's driveway or backyard four to five blocks inland.....


It was a great experience to walk on the deck of that ship.
Too bad she went down to Davy Jones' Locker.