REPORTERS NOTEBOOK: Reader crazy about Lococo story

SANDUSKY A loyal reader, Ted from Clyde, called me Wednesday to discuss Chuck Lococo.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



A loyal reader, Ted from Clyde, called me Wednesday to discuss Chuck Lococo.

That morning my story about Lococo, the longtime junior high athletic director at St. Mary Central Catholic School, was printed in the Register.

Ted didn't believe he was a real person.

"Why would anyone have the last name 'crazy?'" Ted asked. "You do know Lococo means crazy in Spanish, right? I think you've been duped."

I thanked him for his concern, but told him "loco" meant crazy in Spanish, not Lococo. I assured him Chuck Lococo was a real person.

"Boy, I know what the Spanish word for 'crazy' is!" he said angrily. "I've got a Spanish dictionary on the computer. I'm going to look it up right now. Just hold on a sec."

We stopped talking and I could hear him typing on his keyboard. After about 20 seconds, he broke the silence.

"Oh," he said. "Looks like you're right. But I still think you've been duped. Who would work for 50 years for free? What is he, some kind of loon?"

I laughed and said I didn't know.

"Well, I guess you were right about the word for crazy though," Ted said. "Guess I'm getting old. Probably going a little Lococo myself."

-- Jason Singer

On the run

Acting Sandusky police chief Charlie Sams and Sgt. John Orzech spend their days running down crooks.

Today they'll spend the day just running. The crime-fighting duo is running in the 113th edition of the Boston Marathon.

The two have been training for the race since winter and have run other marathons together.

-- Mike Fitzpatrick

So close, yet...

It's kind of cool the Lake Erie Islands are part of my coverage turf.

I've enjoyed visiting some of Ohio's most prized vacation spots to cover fun summer events and colorful feature stories. But this week, I ran into the first real drawback of covering an area separated from the mainland by miles of Lake Erie.

I can't just drop by.

A simple records request I made to the Village of Kelleys Island, one that might have taken hours on the mainland, has turned into a week-long process. Apparently a long-gone Register reporter failed to pay the village for some copies she requested years ago, so the village staff wouldn't drop the papers in the mail and send me a bill.

"We have a one strike policy," a village staff member told me.

The staff person was very helpful, but she required me to send a check via snail mail to the island before she would send out my copies. They are expected to arrive next week.

Perhaps I should convince my editors that the Register could really use a boat.

-- Sarah Weber

Plaques honor election board figures

Two Democrats who served on the Erie County Election Board are being remembered with memorial plaques.

The plaques honor Clarence W. Seavers, who served on the board from March 1980 to April 2008, and Darlene "Sis" Harris, who was director from March 1991 to March 1992.

The plaques, presented to the election board by the board's two Democratic members, Amy Grubbe and Kevin Zeiher, will be hung on the wall soon.

Zeiher said Seavers was a great mentor and role model for someone interested in politics.

"He showed me the ropes," Zeiher said.

Harris was the mother-in-law of Joanne Harris, a local Democrat who works at the election board.

-- Tom Jackson