New Hayes exhibit shows presidential travel before Air Force One

Whoever wins the presidential election will be able to go anywhere he wants in the U.S. by stepping aboard Air Force One, the president's personal jetliner.
Tom Jackson
Oct 28, 2012


But presidential travel was a little bit different in the days of Rutherford B. Hayes, America's 19th president (1877-1881).

Fremont’s Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center has opened a new exhibit, “Tales of Travel from the President’s Attic,” which runs through Jan. 27. It chronicles two trips made by Hayes while he served a president, and journeys by his son and nephew.

Hayes was the first president to travel to the West Coast while in office.

Transportation officials naturally did their best to please the president — the exhibit includes a letter to Hayes from a railroad company vice president, putting a private car at Hayes’ service — but travel in Hayes’ time was slow and onerous.

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bump, bump, bump along on the railroad for five days one way. Go to California for a day or two and come back again.

No thanks. I bet it was awful traveling like that.


Sometimes it's not the destination that defines us ; it's the journey.