Sandusky police rescue starving dogs, puppies from home

Three cold, hungry puppies and their two parent dogs are recovering are being rescued from a Sandusky household.
Tom Jackson
Oct 27, 2012


A Sandusky police officer, Natalie Lambert, said in a report she and another officer were dispatched to the 600 block of East Lambert Street about 11 a.m. Tuesday on an anonymous call of starving dogs. Officers found the dogs, which were thin and lacked shelter. No food bowls were seen in the area.

Erie County’s dog warden, Barb Knapp, was called to the scene and took the dogs to the dog pound.

Court records show that Brinaldo Buford, 40, 600 block of East Market St., has pleaded not guilty to a charge of cruelty to animals. A Feb. 28 hearing date has been set.

Knapp said that Ma, a white pit bull-boxer mix, and Black, a pit bull who is the puppies’ father, and the three puppies were warmed up in the shelter, which has heated floors, and given blankets in their cages. They’ve also been fed and taken to the vet.

“They’ve very, very thin,” Knapp said. “The mother has no milk to feed the puppies, so the puppies were pretty much starving.”

When the dogs were taken to the vet, “the puppies ate like they were little piranhas,” Knapp said.

“One little pup is not doing as well as the other two,” Knapp reported. “We called the vet. We took a stool sample out to the vet. I’m wating to hear back.”


Westend Homeown

if someone would be this mean to poor defenseless puppies make you wonder what they would do to othe people!


Thank you SPD and Barb for caring!

The rest of us can do the same by getting involved in making sure that Nitro's Law (HB 108) gets passed.

Left Sandtown

Can you buy dog food with EBT?God Bless us all!!!!!!


If you're not going to take care of your animals, you have NO right getting them. Some people disgust me.


There seems to be a common disbelief in the area (PC and Sandtown and other places) that cats can fend for themselves or live off the land. I have lived next to or near several people that have cats but don't feed them. It's not because they don't have the money. They think they don't have to; that the cat will get its own food. This mindset needs to be changed and I wish some of the humane societies would get the word out. Many cats are going hungry. And some people should just not have pets/animals at all as evidenced by this story.


i went down to the pound these puppies and mommy need high caloie food they are heart breaking wellness puppy food mixed with puppy nursing esbilac formula will fatten them all up fast pet supplies plus has it i groom and was a dog breeder and this is a great high cal meal i am taking them some food monday anybody else? they could use more blankets and ANY DONATIONS!!!


calorie oooppss


the reason i was there is one of my tenants turned thier dog in and if verefied it wasnt a stray like they said it could be adopted that day happy days for that dog it already got a new family


And he pled not guilty, must make sure he is not denied his rights, wouldn't want him to get cold or hungry, now would we? What a SCUMBAG

he said she said

If he has kids, does he treat them this badly??

Put his a#$ on a chain and starve him...


two of the puppies are currently in my care. They are being fed a special diet and using the restroom regularly. They are on medication that I am administering to them everyday. They have had baths and are curled up in blanket sleeping right now. I am hoping for a great turn around for these little guys because the two that I have are much sicker than the other puppy which is still with his mom.
There was no reason for all 5 of these dogs to be treated in a manner that they could possibly not make it. We are all doing everything the veterinarian advised us to do with meds and food. I believe they will make a great recovery it will just take time


do you need anything? if you need ANYTHING please call me i will help you any way i can if you need me


Thank you for fostering, Dria!


god bless you dria


the other dogs still need any donations that they can get PLUS the human society needs supplies too!! i will do what i can i hope we can all try to make up for what that scumbag( and every other jerk in this town that hurts thier animals) did to them

bored reader

this may be a dumb ??, but where should donations be taken?


I HATE people who do these kind of things to helpless animals~the real animal here is BUFORD~throw the book at that CREEP!
GOD bless to all involved in saving these poor
dogs~including the anonymous caller~I wish more people would get involved like this and do the same~
DRIADRIA~you are a GODSEND and will get a well deserved reward one way or another~keep up the good work! ; )


@REPOTER~you need to report those people that are not caring for their cats~please get involved and help them~the cats not the "human" neighbor~please consider reporting them~as you can see you can be anonymous


If I find out~I will report them with no problem!


Dria (or anyone else), please contact me if you would like to continue to foster through my rescue group once these pups find homes. Our family has a gorgeous blue nose pitbull we are fostering now. Having brought him back from near death, I can assure you that the care you are giving is invaluable and WILL save the lives of these innocent creatures. Now that our pittie is feeling like a million bucks (he was so bad we had to actually give him IV fluids AT HOME for three days), he can't give enough love and kisses. He is submissive, off leash in the yard, has learned basic commands, and is so full of love and joy it never ceases to amaze and entertain us. No dogs leave our rescue until they are neutered/spayed, and he is going in this coming Wed. for neuter, shots, and micro-chip. Shortly after, I have no doubt he will be snatched up by a loving family and be in his forever home. Then we get the pleasure of bringing in a new foster to help him/her find THEIR forever home, and so on. There is no way to put into words the feelings of this rewarding adventure.


Bless each and every one of those people who treat animals as they deserve to be treated (with extra to those who foster these animals — it's not easy, but I speak from personal experience when I say it's truly rewarding).

And may those who DON'T care for pets as they deserve be treated as THEY deserve! Yeah, I'm talking about YOU, Mr. Buford...


This is to all, before you go to a pet shop or a puppy mill to get your dog check your local shelters first. I have three dogs and three kitters. They were all rescued from the shelter or from being caught running stray. They love the attention a new forever home gives them. You will have a friend for life.


My pets are all rescues, too, and I've only one thing to add to what you already said: They KNOW. They know that they were rescued, and they don't seem to forget. "Friend for life" is entirely true, but doesn't adequately describe the devotion you'll end up receiving. What a relatively small thing to do for such a gigantic reward!


Not every place is a mill or a store.....and some of us don't want mutts or do want papers with our animals (for our own reasons). To each their own, I understand what you re saying but you can't say TO EVERYONE! Growning up we always had female mutts and they are the SMARTER of them all!!!!! J/S


Thanks go to the anonymous caller who was concerned enough to notify the police and hopefully, for all five of the animals, a happy ending is in their future. I agree with passing Nitro's law and I hope the ex-owner is dealt with severely for his irresponsible neglect.


pleding innocent? dont you have empathy and compassion for these desperate dogs. Can you imagine the hunger they felt and the mamas reaction to her starving pups sad