Huntington bank plans to add 250 jobs in Ohio

Regional bank Huntington Bancshares Inc. plans to add 250 jobs to its Ohio operations over the next four years to help build its credit card business.
Associated Press
Oct 24, 2012


Huntington CEO Stephen Steinour said Wednesday a bipartisan bill passed by the state Legislature helped clear the way for the bank to create the jobs.

Huntington is developing its own line of business and consumer credit cards. Since some states allow financial institutions to charge higher interest rates and other fees than Ohio, the bill allows Ohio-chartered financial institutions to charge rates and fees above the state's current maximums under law.

Steinour said the positions would be in customer service and marketing, among other areas.

Columbus-based Huntington operates almost 700 bank branch offices in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.




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I'm stunned libs like you aren't crying about how the jobs are being created because the bill allows FI's to charge rates and fees above state maximums.


A job is a job!


The '08 financial crisis WAS a credit crisis. So the American consumer needs more credit in order to spend, spend, spend?

Good luck to HBAN with this new endeavor.

Why don't you libs buy some stock and ride the profit wave if you're so enthused?