Bond set at $1M for Follett St. murder suspect

A man accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend appeared briefly by video in municipal court Thursday.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 18, 2012


Theodis Keys, 33, charged with a single count of murder, was dressed in dark blue jail garb as he appeared on the video feed.

Four of his family members approached Sandusky Municipal Court Judge Erich O'Brien's bench as he read the single charge and explained to Keys that he needed to obtain an attorney and set Keys bond at $1 million

Keys is accused of killing 33-year-old Lorie Miller on Wednesday sometime before 1:20 p.m., when her sons got home from school and found her body lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom.

A neighbor had heard Keys and Miller arguing at about 11 a.m. Wednesday, police said.

A few hours after the discovery of Miller's body, Keys turned himself in at the Erie County Sheriff's Office and asked for an attorney.

Because Keys did not have an attorney, O'Brien scheduled another hearing for next Thursday, when Keys will likely enter a not guilty plea to the charge.

Police said Miller suffered multiple stab wounds. Her body was taken for an autopsy by Lucas County coroners.

Pick up a copy of Friday's Sandusky Register for more on this story.



BLANK (for you Sarah) should have at the VERY LEAST notified police and turned himself in BEFORE the kids got home from school and FOUND THEIR MOTHER!!!!!

Sarah Weber

@Czechurself Another moderator took it down because we have a policy against name calling and because what you wrote is pretty much a cuss word abbreviated. I put it back up so you can have one more try to remove the problematic language. Thanks again.

Taxed Enough Already

I agree


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Wow. He does have ears after all. Not that it matters.


God bless her poor children. Scars from finding their dead mom will never go away.


I hope there is someone who can take care of her children. Her one child is autistic I feel sorry for the 12 year old who found his mother. This will never leave his mind. I hope there is someone that can comfort both him and his brother in a time of need


Oh, I was being insensitive by name calling the murderer who turned himself in for committing a murder after leaving the body of their deceased mother in a pool of blood for the boys to find when they came home from school? Hmph...bless your heart.


I think that is some of what is wrong with America today. Prisoners have more rights and need to be handled more gently than the VICTIMS. They need to be handled a certain way (and heaven forbid they have a "disability" or condition), they can demand certain meals, complain about the cable tv stations they do not have, and the list goes on. But GOD FORBID if John Q. Public call them a "bad name" or point out OBVIOUS features. HE is a murderer, we should be able to call him anything we can come up with. Never mind the fact he left her for the children to find. THAT takes a certain kind of S.O.B


I personally believe that they should bring back public hanging and it would solve this


Lorie was a friend of mine. An this s.o.b needs to be punished to the full amount! I have words I could say about him but ull surly take it down. Everyone please pray for the boys that they can find peace in this awful sistuation. They are gonna need our love an support. We love u lorie rip

Sit n Spin

Why didn't the neighbor call authorities at 11 am ? Oh I know, not their problem....they didn't want to get involved....pffft.


It is very possible that this was an everyday occurance at this home. And if it was, and the neighbors called the police, then it is a sure bet that someone would say that it was misuse of a policeman's time.

Sit n Spin

Really ? If it was my neighbor I would be calling everyday until something was done about it ! Misuse my a$$ ! If the "neighbor" had called the police maybe this young lady would be alive ! If said "neighbor" has a conscience this is gonna eat them up ! Your post is pathetic !


It is a sad day when the only right answer is YOUR answer. I am sorry that you don't agree with my post, however, I have seen to many comments on this site that say it is a waste of LE's time to go to some of the things they are called for. Maybe this woman would still be alive if the neighbor had called. Maybe she would still be alive if she had made a different choice in her life. No matter. The outcome is still the same. The children have my sympathy.

Sit n Spin

Yet another pathetic post, people like you are what is wrong with society today. Worried about one thing & one thing only, yourself ! If it's posted on the Sandumpy Ragister blogs it must be so ! LE assistance for domestic violence is hardly a waste of time. Go to grandmas house & keep drinking the kool-aid ! I don't know how some you morons sleep at night !


I feel sorry for you. I hope that your neighbors watch you as close as you must watch your neighbors. You might think that I am pathetic, but I think you are a poor excuse for a person. I am sure that you will post how pathetic I am, but just to show you that I am smarter than you, I will let you have the last say. BTW, I WILL be watching for future posts of yours, just to see what intelligent advice you DON'T have. We all make choices. I hope that none of yours have ever had an effect on any other people, but I am sure that somewhere along the way, they have.

Sit n Spin

If you want to feel sorry just go to the nearest mirror, sorry will be lookin right back at ya sweetheart !


Bond? REALLY??

Rationally Speaking

When are the reporters going to learn: When charged with a felony, the accused can only enter a NOT GUILTY plea in any Municipal court in the State of Ohio. A preliminary trial is held only to determine if the accused understands his/her constitutional rights, the charges brought against him/her, and whether or not the accused has an attorney, can afford one, or have one appointed. Enough on the plea of not guilty or is expected to be not guilty. No sensational headlines of the suspect enters a not guilty plea in municipal court.


Execution is not a deterrent for the commission of violent crimes. Eye for an eye is only meant to make the survivors feel like justice has been served.

That said, personally I'd like to feel that justice has been served, capital punishment is called for here and the rape/murderer trial.


Another murder in Sandusky. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Lorie. For this cruel, vicious, animal to do this to her is bad enough. But to leave her body there for her two young sons to find her? He knew they would find her, no doubt in my mind. So not only have you murdered their Mother, you have also inflicted on them the trauma of dealing with it for the rest of their lives. And I'm sure prior to this they were already traumitized. Can our law enforcement agencies PLEAD to the government for more public funding for control of our streets? I know all of our agencies are doing the best they can, but we as citizens have to help them to. They are a team of men and women trying to battle a large army of gangs, thieves, drug addicts, and drug smugglers. I know you would one of them to be there to help you if you needed it. We need to, in turn, help them by doing what is only common sense....looking out for each other, being the L.E. eyes, and alerting them when necessary. No, we don't need to "take matters into our own hands," we just need to help the L.E. in stopping these people in anyway we can!


For more funding, you need to pass levies and taxes to pay for it. Too many vote down these IMPORTANT services and then cry when there are no police to come to the rescue. So many towns, villages and cities have the same problem. If you want more protection you need to be willing to pay for it.


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Home Town

I don't want to sound like a Hater , but what is up with all the crime in Sandusky. It looks like I might have to purchase a Firearm to protect my Family and myself !!!


Sooo, these guys think they can get away with murder ?? WHO do they think they are....OJ Simpson ??


Let's wait for the facts to come out. All of them!


Did anyone check this murderer out for drugs and alcohol when they took him in? Alcohol and drugs are behind a lot of this behavior.


I agree that alot of violence can happen from drugs and alcohol...BUT there are millions of people who will drink and NEVER hurt a fly. And yes even many that will smoke a joint and never punch a woman. All it is, is an excuse for bad behavior.

Second Opinion

Strange that other news sources are reporting more details and even have the 911 call, etc.

When you listen to the 911 call your heart just sinks, I can't imagine the child walking in and finding this.

Really are you ...

I believe that people who commit acts of violence, that without a doubt committed those acts, should be expedited to the front of the line. No waiting for them to plead not guilty, so they can vacation for a year. Enforce the same punishment they dealt onto their victims. Eye for an eye. These criminals walk into the courtroom with guilt written all over their face, and tell the judge "not guilty." What! A blind man could see guilt written all over their face. Eye for an eye, stab for stab, bullet for bullet... Violent crimes will drop.


I removed the offending name and i left it as BLANK because it really doesnt matter what name I call him. It doesnt help me feel any better to call him names, or refer to him at all really.
I am reduced to tears every single time I think of that poor baby coming home, probably full of excitement after an early release day from school, only to have it immediately wiped out and replaced by terror.
No word or phrase gives context to the amount of contempt I feel for the murderer.
The amount of pain I feel for these babies that I dont even know is indescribable. All I seem to do is cry for them and PRAY for their solace.


We don't need more levies. The police, no matter how many of them there are, can't be everywhere all the time. Police will almost certainly help you if they ARE there, but it's a simple fact that police MOSTLY deal with the bad things after they've already happened.

What we DO need are more kids who aren't raised to treat others as disposable. We need men and women who DON'T think they're the center of the universe (again, usually because they're raised to think they're owed). And we need punishment for those who don't learn those lessons to be swift, sure, and severe. One good preventive measure is to ensure that young kids don't get away with bad behavior in school, on the bus, in parks, or wherever else. The "slap-on-the-wrist," or worse, the "it's not his fault" mentality are only making the lack of responsibility being taught in the home that much worse.

Home Town, I don't insist those who don't like guns, or who are afraid of them, get one. But if you want one (and in my opinion, most of us should), learn how to use it and then be WILLING to use it. Once you've done that, you're in a much better position to avoid either you or a loved one becoming a victim. Good luck!


This sounds like a domestic issue that got WAY out of hand. So sad that young kid had to find his mom like that. That is just awful. I hope someone is looking out for him (especially).


If the cops had been called there before, there's not much they can do if she let him back into the house or didn't press charges. That's the pattern most of the time.

The neighbors have NO control over it.

I mean, how many of these couples hook or shack up without knowing each other very long. More times than not, it's a recipe for disaster. These single/divorced mothers. need to know who they are inviting into the home around their kids. This is twice in a 6 weeks. Sandusky is Roller coast Murder capital, now. not the quaint little lakeside town is used to be.

Pattern is obvious if not pc.


My heart breaks for these boys and her family. RIP