Boys found mother dead; suspect held without bond

Police arrested a Sandusky man Wednesday just hours after they found his live-in girlfriend dead in a Follett Street house. (Updated with video.)
Emil Whitis
Oct 18, 2012

Theodis Keys Jr., 33, was charged with the murder of Lorie Miller, also 33, of Sandusky.

School let out at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday so Miller’s two boys got home earlier than usual. Dispatchers got a call at about 2 p.m.
“My mom’s ... I think she’s dead. There’s blood all over the bathroom,” one of the boys told 911 dispatchers in a recording of the call. “There’s blood everywhere in the bathroom.”
Police looked for Keys for about two hours before he walked into the Erie County Sheriff's department and turned himself in.
Officers sat him down for questioning, but Keys asked for a lawyer. He is held at the Erie County jail on no bond.
For more on this story, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register and watch the video to the left.



Me too!


Just did a little research.

Cleveland has approximately 3 million people. The have 81 murders.
That's 1 murder for ever 37,000 people.

Sandusky has 25,000 people. I remember 6 murders this year. That's 1 murder for every 4000 people approximately.

What city is safer?




Just a couple of notes here.

What happened to the article, it was gone this morning?

Why did the 911 operator ask a child to feel for a pulse on their obviously dead mother, not good please adjust policy, just get LE there now!

Don’t blame Baxter; these people most likely do not follow prosecution statistics and these things are just violence coming to the top.

The morals of this country are in the sh— hole, vote Romney!

Para & CCW. I don’t leave home without them!

Only on the beach

When 911 gets a call their plan is to save a life and helping the person at the scene do what ever they can to save that persons life no matter who it is.


I blame the prosecutor for his continual "deal making".

Let the felons know that there are no deals in Erie County. Take your crime elsewhere.


Unfortunately, her kids found her. Unfortunately, one had to call 911 and be put in that awful position. If no one was in the house, unfortunately the boy had to do what the dispatcher said to try and save her life if still possible. To put any of this on her as her fault is outrageous. Whether it be a bad relationship or him scum does NOT make it any of her fault for him to do this. Some things are unpredictable and very tragic, as in this case. Prayers to her boys, family, and friends.


this may be inappropriate and you can flag me if you must. However, I feel that may people are not afraid of the police or the penal system. The police seem to be so afraid to get caught doing anything potentially wrong by their cameras that they get no respect. Turn off the cameras... get your billyclubs out and start putting the fear of god in these criminals. And as for the penal system.... what happened to HARD LABOR? These criminals get to play games, go on the computer, have outside time, get the best healthcare and get visitors..... REALLY! How about making prisioners attend school for 6 hours a day and the other 6 hours of labor.... growing and cooking their own food, raising animals to eat, building their own buildings. Prision is not a big deal to these criminals anymore..... lets make it a big deal!


I was in Fremont a cpl weeks ago and Sandusky County sheriff's office had inmates with black and white jail clothing on cutting the grass, trimming, picking up trash on the grounds with an officer there with a rifle. Wonder why they don't try that in Erie County, instead of making their experience in jail like a holiday in a motel?


The ECJ does assign work to inmates.


We need more LE and a harsher justice system. Our LE are forced to be reactive because the numbers arent high enough to handle the crime rate


Don't need more LE. You need a court system that doesn't let the criminals out after the LE has done their job.


Thats excatly what I am talking about! I remember when I was a teenager I finished washing the dishes and I said to my stepmother... "we really need a dishwasher" She replied right away... "why? I already have one." We should never pay anyone to do any job a prisioner can!


I agree with you RNR. It's just to easy on them none of them care about going to prison because it's like a five star resort. And our LE constantly has to watch their backs or they will get attacked by the Sandusky Register. Let them do their job they are already undermanned. Also maybe there is a way to get the community involved because the crime rates are out of control.


This sounds like another relationship that should have never happened. Amazes me how gullible and easily consumed women are these days.
When you live by way of the Sword ...then you will probably die by way of the Sword.

That is reality.


R.I.P Lorie :(

There's no one to blame except the person that committed the crime.


Seriously some of you on here are blaming her??!! Lorie was a wonderful person, a great friend and an even better mother. She was a hard worker. What she wasn't was someone who chose to be a victim of this mans rage and anger. She had two wonderful sons that she would do anything for. My heart goes out to her sons, parents, her brother and everyone who loves her and was fortunate enough to have gotten to know her. May you R.I.P. Lorie and watch over your babies now. We will miss you dearly!


You had better refrain from saying anything bad about Sandusky. There are a few posters that will run you right out of here and attack you personally.


As well, you have to be careful that if you are murdered in Sandusky people will also run right out and attack you.


Condolences to the family. R.I.P.


@ Perkins 2060: When you lump the entire population of the City of Sandusky into your narrow minded view of reality; it does offend those of us who do live here, and choose not to leave. Your smug and condescending comments about Sandusky are insensitive and tiresome. Thankfully most of us don't judge the residents of Perkins by your same standards.


You are correct. Sandusky is a great safe place to live. My apologies.


I would rather live in Sandusky - under a bridge for that matter, than live next to you. I feel sorry for your neighbors.


And here we are with the personal attacks! That didn't take long!


No personal attacks. Just stating a fact. I would hate to live next to you. Fact.


Feelings mutual. Fact.


I'm done on here for a while, but please answer me one question and be honest. Would you rather have your wife or daughter walk down a neighborhood street at night in Sandusky or Perkins Township? I will not respond and am signing off this site. Stay safe everyone.

Perkins Resident

@2060 Are you serious? You think Sandusky is a safe place to live?


Note: domestic violence is not unique to interracial relationships...he did not kill her because she was white and he was black...not everything is about the color of one's many white women are killed by their white husbands/boyfriends??? What do we blame it on then?


Here we go again with individuals making comments about "stupid women" being desperate. No one knows who a person really is until things like this happen. Let Lorie's family mourn and keep your ridiculous comments to yourselves. My thoughts and prayer go out to the Golliver family and her boys.