GOP's Ryan visits Ohio; first lady also in state

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told hundreds of supporters in southwestern Ohio on Monday that they're in "the battleground state of battleground states" and that they must vote for growth over stagnation in three weeks.
Associated Press
Oct 15, 2012

Ryan spoke to about 500 supporters at a Cincinnati airport on a chilly, breezy afternoon before serving them barbecue and asking, "Would you like pork?" as reporters elbowed each other to get images of the exchanges.

Ryan's airport rally means that the Republican ticket has been in swing state six of the last eight days, after he and Mitt Romney campaigned in different Ohio cities Saturday.

"Ohioans, you know you have a big say-so. You know you're the battleground state of battleground states," Ryan told the crowd. "That means you have within your control, your ability, to go find those people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, who just aren't as impressed these days, who heard the hope and the change ... but see this is nothing but a failed agenda of broken promises."

He said "the window of opportunity to fix this mess is beginning to close on us," and urged supporters to vote early so they can focus on getting other people to the polls on Nov. 6.

"Thank you for what you are about to do, because right here in the Buckeye State you can make the difference that can shape this election," he said.

Lisa Woods, of Cincinnati, wore red suede boots and a leather American flag jacket to Ryan's rally. She said she thinks he and Romney will be better for small business-owners like herself.

"I am taxed like crazy," said the 48-year-old married mother of an 8-year-old. "Between gas and groceries, I'm spending $6,000 more since 2008. I'm the first one who's willing to pay my fair share, but I'm also tired of sharing with everyone else who doesn't think there's a work ethic in this country."

Ryan visited Ohio following a stop in Wisconsin and left the state soon after lunch to head for New York.

First lady Michelle Obama also will be in the state Monday as the race for November gets into its final weeks.

President Obama returns to the state Wednesday with an appearance at Ohio University in Athens, while former President Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen will campaign Thursday for Obama in Parma.

The Obama campaign also is running a new state TV ad featuring space hero and former Ohio Sen. John Glenn, who did a radio spot for Obama last month.




Bush pushed to regulate Fannie and Freddy but Democrats Dodd and Frank blocked him! Even Dodd now admits that he had "ideological blinders" on when he blocked Bush. He now admits that he was wrong and Bush was right, and notes that he only did it because he thought Bush was just trying to hurt minorities.

Do we voters also have those same blinders on and are about to block a recovery again because we think they "just want to hurt the middle class?" We will know shortly.

John Harville

To save time, could you put up a source for the comments you attribute to Dodd?


It would probably be better for Democrat supporters if I do not. What if my source was wrong? This would mean that, not only did a Democrat do these things but, he did not have the credibility required to own up to it.

However, it was the "Bush versus Obama" article I have linked in two seperate places which I have gotten no rebuttal thus far.


Romney claims that his plan for eliminating deductions is to not eliminate any specific deduction but, it seems, to cap the total amount of dollars that can be deducted at a flat amount, and let people use whatever deductions they can to meet that amount.

One of the talking heads on ABC News, after the debate, said "Obama clearly won. Romney did not understand his own positions. Obama understood his own positions and Romney's previous positions."

Strange, of the notes I took on this debate was that Obama ignored what Romney just explained about his plan on deductions. Obama repeated his claim that Romney is not being specific..right after Romney just explained it (above). Romney then, speaking again, starts to repeat what he JUST said about his specific plan on deductions, and Obama leaves his seat and approaches the moderator and starts interrupting.

That is just one small example of Obama's deceptive actions tonight.


Romney has given some info about his plans but I think that Obamas plan is "we need more time".

John Harville

So Rmoney wants to expand the $10,000 charitable 'standard deduction' to another 'deduction pool' where taxpayers can cherrypick which deduction they'll use to meet the $25,000 figure he suggested? Then people with a $1,00 here and $10,000 there only get $11,000 while someone with mortgage interest, school expenses, etc. can 'bundle' to get $25,000 but someone with a million dollar mortgage still only gets $25,000? How do you build a national budget on that? And what about people who just move more money to the Cayman Islands? Of course with the standard charitable, everyone gets $10,000 but Rmoney gets to choose whether to take $2 or $4 million.

John Harville

Cap at $25,000? Rmoney gonna have to send A LOT more to Switzerland. WHICH of his deductions is presently $25,000 or less? The dancing horse was $77,000 fergodzsake!
No wonder OBM and CBO say his plan is bogus.

John Harville

For @goofus and @risktaker:

"In the 110th Congress of 2007-2008, with Republicans in the minority, there were a record 112 cloture votes." For the unenlightened, a cloture vote ends debate/filibuster.

From US SENATE: Cloture resolutions/cloture (filibuster) invoked:
2011-12 1009/37; 2009-2010 137/63; 2007-2008 139/61; 2005/2006 68/34; 2003-2005 62/12.... you can go check the rest.

"Callout' answered. But cloture/fililbuster only keeps the issue from coming to debate and up/down vote - where Dems still did not have veto-proof Congress.


Callout is not answered. You haven't explained why you seem to think that the Republican plan to gain power..was to lose power in such a way that the public would likely never trust them again. It is senseless.

It seems far more likely that the Dems capitalized on the Anti-War sentiment and, taking control of Congress in the 2006 elections, then saw a perfect chance for an economic coup..and then engaged in the most outlandish campaign of demagoguery ever seen in history (to drown out any attempts by people to point out how the Dems are far more to blame).

Clotures? Should that be a shocker? I would invoke every cloture I could to stop the Dems from trying to "transform" us by way of their Cloward-Piven strategy.
I don't want our businessmen and women leaving to a Capitalist country (like Russia, or China) to escape us.

John Harville

No government, no employer, no one should tell a woman she cannot use contraception. Every woman should have the right to access to contraception.

HUH??? That splashing sound you heard was a bunch of Catholic Bishops jumping off the Romney ship. What he said is an ENDORSEMENT of the element of Obamacare about which "preserve religious freedom" squawkers are so upset.


Obamacare does not preserve religious freedom I think that is why there are 42 law suits currently pending, This weekend Americans will gather in 140 cities across the country to protest, The bishops are incensed as they will be placing letters in the church bullitons bulletins prior to the election


More spin from the Obama supporters. Now they pretend that Romney supports Obama's position that all churches should provide access to contraception coverage.
If you look at the way he worded it, he does not, at all, say that he supports Obama's position. He is merely reassuring women that he does not view contraception as "a sin" (since so many Obama supporters keep spreading a false message about Republicans, claiming that they may go as far as to ban contraception).
People already have access to contraception. He is merely saying that this should never change.
The sad part about it is that he even needed to clarify this for some people, at all, in the first place.


I agree that the people should have access but why does Obama feel they should be provided free of charge. I checked and a woman can get "the pill" for $9-$12 per month so they can have sex. If they are really wanting sex I would think they could pay the $10 themselves. Well at least at this point he is not saying that they should get their motel room free.

If they get that free why could I not get my plavix free? I did pay $3,000 for my hearing aids why not make that free.


hopefully, anthras, people believe that hearing is more important but not democraps. personally, i am for birth control as that might be the only way to slow down the entitlement movement! actually, i am surprised that the dems are in favor for it as they are the biggest beneficiary of entitlements and prezo would have millions less to vote for him!!!!


Risk and Anthras,
Threat to banning contraception is not related to Obamacare or its is related to the Personhood/Human Life Amendment that is in the Republican Party Platform. This is important because it is an extreme anti-abortion movement among the Pro-Life Republicans that are seeking #1 to overturn Roe V. Wade and # 2 making a fertilized egg a citizen of this country with all the rights of any other citizen. This position, in effect, makes the use of many popular forms of birth control a form of abortion and a criminal act, subject to criminal consequences.

In Romney's carefully worded response to the access to contraception question, he said he believed that women should have access to birth control. This access doesn't necessarily mean that he believes that it should be affordable for all, or that insurance companies should be required to pay for it. Depends on what he meant by access, which was not clear.


Personhood amendment states that the health of the fetus does NOT trump the health of the mother. So, wrong there.

The Heartbeat Bill allows abortion up to 8 weeks. And the Personhood amendment sets a principle, not a policy. They can co-exist.
I dunno why I even say this..because we knoow they are not actually gonna do anything with it after they get elected.

Anyway, Ryan already made clear that they both support Abortion in the cases of rape, incest, and health of the mother.


Thanks for stopping by the soup kitchen (Ohio) Ryan. You are so fake.


Ryan is a big phoney.


cloture vote will either stop a filibuster or used by republicans and democrats to prevent a filibuster! All cloture votes were done for Dream Act, Cap and Trade, Card Check and the other myriad of Obozo's socialistic agenda. If we stopped a vile and evil agenda, then good for us.


Thank you sir.
I was a bit late in replying to his "Callout answered" (got caught up in alot of other stuff). I finally came back and got him, as well : P
(see my reply, a ways back, that starts out "Callout is not answered")
Again tho, thnx.