Willard girl, 6, attacked by squirrel

A wounded squirrel attacked a 6-year-old girl Tuesday in a Clark Street, Willard, backyard
Emil Whitis
Oct 12, 2012


The rodent bit the girl once in the hand.  

Huron County deputies got the call at about 7:30 p.m. and scrambled Ohio Department of Natural Resources wildlife Officer Josh Zientek.

After brief investigation, Zientek pinned the blame on the family dog which attacked the squirrel in first place.

“The family dog had gotten ahold of the squirrel,” he said. “She was in close proximity and (the squirrel) latched onto her hand.”

“Basically, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

In the end a licensed pest control trapper shot the squirrel and took its body to the Huron County Health Department for testing.   

Zientek said squirrels don’t commonly carry rabies. The testing was just to save the girl from several rounds precautionary of rabies shots. 


Taxed Enough Already

did anyone shoot the dog?


Squirrels are our friends, but they won't pick you up at the Air Port.


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LMAO 44846! That's got to be one of the squirreliest responses I've ever read!!


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Really are you ...

The squirrel thought she was nuts.

Taxed Enough Already

and the dog was acting squirrelie.


Ok .. Hilarious comments but I am bummed that the squirrel had to die. I would have opted for the shots :( .. Yes I am aware she was 6 and who the heck wants shots.


Now if only they would handle sexual predators like they handled the squirrel...a brief check of the facts...no trial...shot dead with bodies delivered to morgue for testing just to make sure the creatures are not carrying some disease that requires the victims to get further medical treatment.