Squirrel dinner prep maybe sparked Michigan fire

Authorities say a blaze that displaced dozens of people from a southwest Michigan apartment complex may have been sparked by a resident trying to cook a squirrel with a propane torch.
Associated Press
Oct 12, 2012


Fire Chief Jim Kohsel tells MLive.com that the resident apparently planned to eat the animal and was burning off its fur on a third-floor deck at the building in Ottawa County's Holland Township when the fire broke out Wednesday. Flames spread to the roof. Kohsel says eight apartments are destroyed and others damaged.

The resident's name wasn't immediately released.

Kohsel says a firefighter broke a toe. No residents were injured.

Resident Tiffany Camburn told The Holland Sentinel that she and her neighbors had to evacuate their apartments.

The American Red Cross arranged temporary shelter and clothing for displaced residents.



Phil Packer

And you can stoke up a bowl of crack at the same time.


What a dumb @&&!


This is what happends when city folk that do not know how to clean animals tries to emulate bear grylls. Please just stick to using the deoderant and smelling like a outdoorsman instead of trying to use your survival skills inside your 3 story apt building.
Who the heck burns fur off a animal before cleaning it? That would stink so bad you would need to burn down the building to get rid of the stench.

danny r.

What really worries me is that this novis hunter is carrying a loaded gun.


I thought all the mouth breathers lived in Huron county, I was wrong.

The tt's picture
The tt

Thank goodness we have this vital and pertinent piece of information on our daily newspaper's website. After all, it's not anything happens in places like Milan or Port Clinton that people in Milan and Port Clinton who get the Regsiter want to know about.


Can you picture this guy torching a squirrel on a folk. Then launching the fireball over the rail into another apartment. I'm sure that that his neighbors didn't think it was very funny, but the visual does have a certain comic strip quality.


Eating a squirrel?! Always thought they were a little screwy up in Michigan....

Sitting In The ...

You might be a redneck if you catch your apartment complex on fire when using a blowtorch to cook a rodent.