Perkins police search for serial burglar

Perkins police have released a surveillance video of a burglary at a Milan Road Subway in the hopes of hunting down the culprit.
Emil Whitis
Oct 10, 2012


The restaurant, burglarized sometime early Monday morning, is believed to be the fourth business hit by the same criminal.

In a string of burglaries this past summer, a thief broke into stores after hours and used a grinder to tear his way through safes containing cash.      

“He used the same method of entry,” Klamar said. “We think it’s the same guy.”

The burglaries started July 18, when the suspect broke into a Subway shop in Huron Township.

The suspect was described as a skinny, 6-foot-2 man.

Anyone with information can call Perkins police at 419-627-0824.



obama do something

Sit n Spin

For sure it's Casper the 5 finger discount ghost !

Second Opinion

Personally, Im surprised its told how he broke into safes :-(

And what company now days actually keep much cash inside a safe? I know many businesses that make night deposits and all thats in the safe is about $50 for opening.

2cents's picture

It is not surprising this happens. These simple safes only give the owners of these stores a false sense of security. A basic floor safe has conical pins attached to the door or frame that engage into holes on the opposite side of the door or frame. If the crook simply cuts off the hinge with a die grinder then they can spring the door open with a pry bar. In theory the pins engaged into the frame are strong and this system probably worked fine when safes were made well but we all know this junk is being made offshore so the quality is most likely junk!

I do not understand why an owner would invest so much in security cameras but fail to put in a simple monitored security system. The chances are the burglar would go to another location if they knew the police would be there within seconds of an alarm!

Just saying!