Should courts wait for inmates to be competent?

The Supreme Court is questioning whether federal judges can delay appeals from death row inmates while determining whether an inmate is competent enough to assist in his or her own defense.
Associated Press
Oct 9, 2012


Inmates appealing state death sentences have a right to a lawyer in their federal appeal. But the courts have never said whether inmates have to be competent enough to help their lawyer.

Lawyers for Arizona death row inmate Ernest Gonzales and Ohio death row inmate Sean Carter say yes, and federal judges should have discretion to hold up proceedings until they're ready.

But the federal government and some states argue there should be no delays in cases when the necessary information can be found state trial records, and say there should be a time limit in all other instances.




This should be judged on an individual basis to separate the legitimate claims .


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I am waiting for the incompetent judges to get real.

Julie R.

"Should courts wait for inmates to be competent?"

I had to laugh when I read that. It should read: Should inmates wait for the COURTS to be competent?"



Julie R.

Pretty pathetic when people actually have to fight the COURTS that the LAW has to be followed and the COURTS flaunt right in your face that they don't have to follow it.

The Erie County courts are a JOKE.