Erie County Court will grow right where it is

MILAN Erie County Municipal Court Judge Paul Lux plans to stay put. The judge, who co
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Erie County Municipal Court Judge Paul Lux plans to stay put.

The judge, who considered constructing a court building in a new location, says he now plans to expand and improve his existing court building at 150 W. Mason Road in Milan, a short distance west of U.S. 250.

Lux told the Erie County Commissioners this week that a feasibility study showed he could save $1.5 million, or about half the cost, by expanding his current location rather than constructing a new building.

Lux said he has saved up about $1.7 million for the construction project.

But he said he can't move forward for a few more months, because he needs time to complete two other projects: Installing a new computer system and obtaining a new system to record court hearings.

Commissioners agreed to give Lux more time to develop his plans for a renovated court building, although commissioner Bill Monaghan advised Lux to hurry.

After Lux said the building would be delayed "months, not years," Monaghan said, "I like the months." Right now, the commissioner said, it's a good time to take bids for construction projects.

Lux said he takes Monaghan's point.

"Now's the time when nobody's building," Lux said.

Lux said he plans to have a drive-through window to allow people to quickly deliver legal papers or make payments.

When his court's new computer system is up and running, it will have a Web site, provide for electronic filing and allow electronic payments by the public. The computer system, which costs $200,000, will be paid for using money Lux said he's been saving for years in two accounts.