WANTED: Huron County sex offender

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is asking residents to help locate a convicted sexual predator who may be living in Huron County
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 9, 2012


Jesus Villarreal was convicted of two counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance in 2000 for crimes against a juvenile girl. Villarreal was sentenced to five years in prison and required to register his address every 90 days for the rest of his life.

Villarreal, however, stopped registering his address more than a year ago, and authorities are looking for him. The last address time Villarreal registered his address in April 2011, he was living on Jefferson Street in Norwalk.

A description of Villarreal is below.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Villarreal should contact the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 855-BCI-OHIO (855-224-6446), the U.S. Marshals Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force at 866-4-WANTED (866-492-6833), or use their text tipline, TIP411, using the keyword WANTED.

Offender Name:
Jesus Villarreal



Date of Birth:
November 5, 1957





Left Bicep
Bend in left Elbow

Right Calf - "Nightmare Demon"

Warrant Issued:
Huron County Sheriff's Office

Date of Warrant:
September 08, 2011

Failure to Provide a Change of Address



Julie R.

What good does registering do, anyway? Curtis Clinton was registered, wasn't he?


Your correct Julie, he even had an underage party and the police were called. Think that should of been a parole violation? Then for SPD to do nothing and just a little while later a mother and her children are murdered.. The entire justice system needs a major overhaul


Why does it take a YEAR to notify people that his location is UNknown?


someone knows him, why hide him? turn him in ,do the right thing. you owe it to any possible future victems , to stop him by making him accountable, to respect society by doing the right thing.


wow! hasn't registered in over a year? and they just now want to post this!! He has family in Florida as well

Sal Dali

They need to deeply implant microchips with gps in newly released sexual deviants, it's pretty obvious they can't be "trusted" to register.

Darwin's choice

Myself and Smith and Wesson will help with those implants.


Why don't we keep track of drug dealers and violent offenders after they serve their time? Would you like Sirhan Sirhan or John Hinkley living next to you?