Sandusky gardener finds gun under tomato plant

A Sandusky man watering his garden Sunday found a fully loaded, .22-caliber pistol stuffed under one of his tomato plants.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 2, 2012


The pistol, wrapped in a polo shirt, had seven rounds in the clip and one in the chamber, a Sandusky police report said.

Officers went to the man’s West Adams Street home and unloaded the gun, then questioned the gardener, who told them he had no idea how the weapon got there.   

“We come across these every once in a while,” Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said. “Usually it’s someone who panicked after seeing police, and dumped the gun while running.”

Officers ran the pistol’s serial number through a database, which showed the weapon has not been reported stolen.

The gun will sit in evidence for a while before being destroyed.


Sit n Spin

Daaaang...Dude is using some wicked fertilizer to produce polo shirts and pistols !


Guns sprouting in Erie county. Shotgun in Perkins and pistol in Sandusky.


And nobody thinks its strange that two gardeners in two days find guns while gardening? Yeah, ok!

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swiss cheese kat



Man those Monsanto seeds are somthing!


I would buy some if they were sprouting more than 22's and Mossbergs

Randy_Marsh Their websites down but the guy i talked to on the phone said "No they do not have any BT99 12 gauge seeds in stock nor should i call back anymore to ask about them" He was rude so i do not recommend them for future planting purposes. HA!


Shoot, all I got in my garden was some geraniums. No guns.
And I planted pumpkins.


Those tomato worms are fierce this year...... Back slowly away from the tomatoes and out of the garden !


Hard to believe someone hasnt made a joke about the ATF selling guns to gardeners yet.


I'm going to nit-pick; it's a personal gripe of mine. I really wish they would learn the difference between a "clip" and a "magazine". Magazines are used to feed the ammunition into the firearm and are required for the firearm to work properly. Clips are used to store ammunition in groups and facilitate loading of the magazine.

Wikipedia entry for Magazine (firearms)


Gee whiz ERN-- Clip/magazine tomato/tomahto ....


I planted some Winter 45ACP rounds in my garden.

Hoping to grow another Kimber for spring.


There's a wanna-be gang of punks in the McDonough/Adams St. area.................Check with them.

Mr. D

All I got was a lot of weeds. . .