Deputies: '16 and Pregnant' star charged with underage drinking

A former MTV star celebrated her 19th birthday at Kalahari Resorts with an amateur cage-fighter, an extremely intoxicated best friend and a few Erie County deputies.
Emil Whitis
Oct 2, 2012

Michigan resident Nikkole Paulun, 19 — a former reality TV star featured in past episodes of the MTV show “16 and Pregnant” — was charged Sunday morning with underage consumption.  

Thomas Fudoli, 21, of Carleton, Mich., was charged with providing alcohol to persons under 21.

Samantha Diggs, 18, of South Rockwood, Mich., was charged with underage consumption, menacing and persistent disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Erie County deputies headed to Kalahari Resort at about 12:30 a.m. after receiving a report of an underage drinking party. When they arrived, a security guard told them the problem was a group of intoxicated television stars.  

“We were further advised that the guests were from the television show ‘16 and Pregnant,’” a deputy’s report said.  

Paulun was featured in the show’s second season, while her friend, Diggs, was featured in a few episodes.  

Following Sunday’s run-in with Erie County deputies, Paulun turned to her Twitter page to tweet about the charges.

“So far worst birthday of my entire life,” she wrote. “Like dude Sam is in jail.”

And: “Well, we got in trouble for being loud and she went psycho and hit a cop.”

And: “Goodbye life.”

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Phil Packer



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Hmm.... teens arrested in Perkins Township for underage consumption... Is anyone in this town surprised by this?


It's Huron this time but still no surprise!

Swamp Fox

Her parents must be so pround, knocked up at 16 ,unruly and drinking at 19, what a future.....


We as a society have exchanged what is right for what is wrong, we apologize for doing the "right" thing and allow attorneys and judges to make us think the victim is guilty and the criminal is the good guy. We have exchanged the morals of yesterday for being old fashioned and made immoral behavior as being "cool" and "trendy" and as it was said earlier in these posts, calling those who make wrong choices in life "stars", yes a wrong choice, we don't teach abstinance, we teach abortion and contraception. United States as a country has taken GOD out of the picture and put government in it and expect a better outcome. Our kids look up to the antics of sports stars as being cool and now the word "sick" means good and when these stars do something wrong we are first to say they were harassed by the cops and the police were wrong. Lets get back to the basics of our country "IN GOD WE TRUST", everyone else has screwed it up, more government doesn't help it just makes a bigger welfare state. I pray that the decisions this November will be based on morals and Godly values and so far in this administration we haven't had it.


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This post is well written. It stayed on the topic and makes a lot of sense.

Phil Packer

We? Speak for yourself. Anyway, what's any different than when the prohibition mobsters were our heroes, or Billy the Kid?
Nobody says you don't have to believe in God, but don't sit there and assume that you're the only one who does. THAT is what's wrong with this country.


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Tell that to Ms.Psych101. She considers stuff like this "entertainment". Watching lives fall apart and dismantle. "such fun".


luvblues2, do not use me, while attempting to make your point! YES, I do consider the types of reality television shows that I watch to be entertaining, and that is MY right to do so. Who cares what YOU think, the point is what I or anyone else chooses to watch does not determine our IQ level, it just means that we find entertainment in what we choose to watch. Oh my goodness, get over it! You are not me, and I am not you, I choose to watch what I choose to watch, and so do you, that is called FREE WILL, as humans, we all have that, IF you did not know.


luvblues2, oh yea and by the way IF you were referring to the other comment about Honey Boo Boo, sorry sir/madam but I do not watch that show, because I do not believe in parents doing any type of show, where they put their children on there and exploit them, and make money from it, I DO NOT find it funny at all! I watch reality television that only involves adults, who made the adult decision/choice to allow cameras into their lives, and follow them around.

Swamp Fox

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There were music videos on MTV? Tell us more, grandpa!


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