Huron schools anticipate major budget shortfall

Administrators at Huron Schools said they could be face a $2 million shortfall by the end of the school year.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 1, 2012

And while the district could plug the hole by dipping into its $7.7 million rainy day fund, that certainly wouldn’t be ideal.  

When treasurer Mike Weis presented the budget forecast at a meeting Tuesday, he laid out the bottom line: income simply can’t keep up with expenses, as state dollars, property taxes and grant funding continue to decline.

Weis said the gap could be closer to just $1.6 million, rather than $2 million, if income and expenses end up as he hopes.

“There are a lot of unknowns right now that I can’t guarantee,” he said.

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Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

And then there's the legal fees incurred..


Moderators have removed this comment because it was hilariously funny and awesome.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

hahaha... good one !



You didn't read this. If Tsu's comment about your head up Fred's butt peaved you, you would have been fuming over this one.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Rarely am I peaved by anything anyone on here says except for not having anything to add to the thread. Like your comment above. What exactly have you added ?

Because of posts like yours I continually repeat the REAL issue so that this isn't just a 'Sold You're Nuts' chat room.

Here we go again: Huron School's shortfall but.. There's a 7 million dollar rainy day fund. The answer behind door #3 is: There is no shortfall.

I'm sure whatever Ricketc said was very funny. So keep laughing and posting nothing.


It was hilarious. It was something about Fox's junk blocking your ability to speak.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

That's some funny stuff. Once again proving that most of you have nothing to say that is relevant to anything. Why are you wasting your talents here ?


Sold....just read the editorial page in today's paper. I guess that report this school board paid for isn't worth the paper it was written on. People's reputations and lives were ruined for NOTHING? Why would anyone want to do that? It turned out the treasurer was the point man on the Kalahari deal all along, and NOT your super? Why would this board do that to Fox and to this owner of Kalahari? They killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. WOW, how dumb can you be? I said that from the beginning.
I doubt the State is going to take this too seriously now. In fact, will they take ANY of it seriously after this mess?
If I was on this board, I would get down on my knees and start praying for lightening to strike me. Or find a way to apologize in spades. This just blew up in their faces. That lawsuit may take their rainyday fund and a whole bunch more. Bad, bad, bad. Someone didn't think this through, did they?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Funny that all that you just reported is exactly what I have been saying all along.

'Why would anyone want to do that ?'

Mama.. Obviously the 'anyone' in this case is covering their own trail. Never once have I accused the current Huron Board of Education of intelligence.

The Markling Report did nothing but accuse a good man of doing everything but the good things he has done.

As I said before: Someone is going to pay for this.. And it's not going to be Fred Fox.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

I would say you had better be dipping into those funds, Mike.

What would be your other options ?
Cuts in staff ? Like a deputy superintendent ?
A levy ?

Good luck.

PS - There's quite a difference between 1.6 and 2 million.. (Well maybe not in your world ?)..


It's funny how these people can balance their own personal budget at home but give them someone else's money to be responsible for and they are off by 2 million dollars. Sure makes you wonder doesn't it? I hope the fine tooth comb comes out here because someone needs to lose their job over this one!

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Possibly 'these people' don't do so great with their budgets at home or in their businesses ?

This report is just another 'red herring' or smokescreen to lay the blame for a shortcoming on Fred Fox. Funny.. He doesn't have a vote when the board of education does.

Usually when a school district has a 'rainy day fund' this is just such a rainy day where they quietly just use some. Why is it even there if it's just something to talk about and guard like a state secret ?


So are you for or against the rainy day fund? Your comment is hard to follow, surprise surprise.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Apparently my 'ramblings' are hard to follow when skimmed ?

For the record: I am not so against A 'rainy day fund' as I am against making it sound like there is a shortfall when there is a 'rainy day fund'.

Like the Markling Report the issuance of the 'Rainy Day' report was done for a reason and the reason is just like when a magician shows you one hand while fooling you with the other. The hand is quicker than the eye, but in this case the Board is hoping you will listen to their rhetoric instead of seeing the truth.

**(Hope this was easy enough for you to follow and thanks for at least asking for a clarification)**


Well, Cowboy, it's kind of hard to predict the future.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Here's a prediction: Huron City Schools will not need a 'new' money levy for years to come.. Even with the legal fees that TDN thinks are being so handily covered.

Sandusky Register ! Try to let us know when the liability reaches 10 million !


Gee, Sold, I thought old Freddy did such a great job as superintendent that the schools were sound financially. These problems didn't just suddenly develop the few months Fox has been on leave. Guess he wasn't so great after all, huh?

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Three words: Rainy Day Fund..

Check into that one and really be Informed.


Amen, Informed !


Amen, Informed !


@rickross2: priceless, probably one of the best comments ever!


I thought so too. I guess the moderator had a different opinion on it though. Thanks for the support!


Darn, I missed it. :(


I thought Fox was so great and here Huron finds out they are in the hole for 2 million?


Didn't you get the memo? It's never Fox's fault.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Once again for the uninformed: 7 Million Rainy Day Fund.

Truly.. For once be informed and look into this account. It is there for a reason and didn't just appear.

I am truly amazed at how uninformed people can be even after alledgidly reading the article ?

UgtaBkdnMe're the spelling and grammar police and I'm your deputy HAHAHA

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

One more time and then no more wasted time on you: I don't care how people spell or use their words and especially when they have something to say.

You have obviously not read much that I have posted. It's your other cohorts on here that can only finding spelling and grammatic errors to talk about instead of what is really being talked about. If you have nothing better to do I will send you my postings first so you can correct them ?


Amen, Huron !


The "sacred one" Mr. Fox is not so perfect. Sounds like no one was tending to the school while he was at play. Same goes for the 5 board members and the treasurer.