NASA chart removes Stringer as Plum Brook chief

There's a proposed seismic shakeup to NASA’s hierarchy and a revamped organizational chart cuts out Plum Brook Station director Gen. David Stringer completely.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 30, 2012


Stringer has spearheaded station promotions, including providing dozens of tours for hundreds of community members and elected officials, during his five-year tenure as director. The exposure helped NASA executives approve some of the roughly $567 million invested in the station during the past decade.

But his goodwill could abruptly end. The Register obtained the chart through an independent source and later verified the document with NASA spokeswoman Katherine Martin.

Meanwhile, local station advocates detest the move and believe negative ramifications will result from Stringer’s forcible departure.

“While the stated goal of this new organizational structure is to become more efficient, it greatly de-emphasizes the importance of (the) Plum Brook Station,” according to a statement from the Friends of NASA Plum Brook, a local group marketing and supporting the station. “Given Plum Brook’s rapidly growing visibility inside and outside of NASA, director Lugo’s plan, if implemented, would run exactly counter to the needs and expectations of Plum Brook’s testing customers.”

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Sorry, but the Food Stamp President needs that money for redistribution purposes. Besides, buying votes is WAY more important than investing in the future anyway! And just think: Those purchase are long term! The more dependent on government we can get people to be, the more they'll vote for those who will continue to offer the free handouts! Of course, I say "long term" only as a figure of speech meaning longer than one more term or two... After all, unlike investments in science, THAT kind of investment is utterly, completely, and devastatingly unsustainable. THANKS, Obama and et al for yet another smokin' great idea!


Yes, because heaven knows we couldn't survive not knowing what is (isn't) on Mars.


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Hey boss look the plane, as it flies over Perkins Township.

car 54

Hey boss look the plane, as it flies over Perkins Township.

Keep Focused

This is truly sad news. Gen. Stringer is a very dedicated and outstanding person who supported our area. I am sure he was increasing the capabilities of Plum Brook beyond the level the people in Cleveland felt comfortable with.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to General Dave.


As a recently former employee of the NASA station I am surprised that this did not happen sooner. I do not really want to say more at the moment... Just remember that not all that glitters is gold, and just because someone is a good salesman does not mean that...well lets just leave it at that.


MrSandusky: It's true that there can be problems if there's a 'cult of personality'....

doppleganger: and yet the machine you provided your comment with would have been a lot longer in coming without the same kinds of programs as the one you seem to be dismissing...

...and to Sam....: Beggars are easier to please.

Free Man

Wait for it... wait ..aannnd.. boom goes the dynamite !! Plum Brook is a waste of tax payer money..Close it down. There are no tests, no current technology, and well the work force is somewhat troublesome.!!! The land would be a great place to build, mall, houses , businesses , farm .. etc, etc, etc...


Have you ever been to an open house to see what is being done at the Space Chamber ?

Free Man

Been there seen it not impressed ,, Ever been to Houston ?? Ames ?
That's impressive. That's why pb is being closed ..


And now the movie, folks