Author chronicles Huron's football legacy

The most comprehensive guide to Huron High’s first era of football has touched down in local bookstores.
Andy Ouriel
Sep 29, 2012


Author Dave Brown reviewed 40 years worth of Huron football games and turned the mountain of information and images into 250 pages of nothing less than a hometown sports fan’s dream.

“Huron Football: Vol. 1, A History of Huron, Ohio’s Football Program 1939-1979,” provides first- and second-hand accounts of games and pertinent moments in the city’s high school football history.

It remembers players and anyone passionately involved with Huron football, and it has plenty of vintage pictures and more.

“It explains the foundation,” Brown said. “There’s a mindset and mentality to have a strong football team and to win.”

Brown, a 1967 Huron High School graduate who played football for a few years, is also working on a second book, in which he’ll capture similar data from 1980 through 2012.

Until then, here are five great reasons to pick up Brown’s book on Huron football from 1939-1979:    

• Complete rosters of each team, including coaches, cheerleaders and homecoming royalty. There are also sections listing school board members, hall of fame members, team managers, band directors and media who covered the games.
• Interviews with past players and former coaches about integral moments and games.
• Milestones, records and other achievements, such as longest successful field goal and first touchdown pass.
• Annual recaps and records against specific opponents, showing how Huron fared against each team. The most wins came against Margaretta, with 20. A section also outlines championship game results.
• Vintage team and game photos of players and coaches.

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To purchase Brown’s new book, “Huron Football: Vol. 1, A History of Huron, Ohio’s Football Program 1939-1979”:
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Nice job Dave Brown.


When will volume 2 be in print?


Anyone know who won the Perkins/Huron game?