High court sets execution dates for 2 Ohio men

The Ohio Supreme Court has set execution dates for the man who killed two south Toledo women in 1986 and for another man who murdered a Cleveland vegetable dealer in 1983.
Associated Press
Sep 29, 2012


The dates were announced Friday.

The state's highest court set an Aug. 6, 2014, execution date for 46-year-old William T. Montgomery, who shot 20-year-old Debra Ogle and her 19-year-old roommate Cynthia Tincher on or around March 8, 1986.

The court also set a May 28, 2014, execution date for 52-year-old Arthur Tyler, who killed Sander Leach as he was selling vegetables from his van on Cleveland's east side on March 12, 1983.

The court now has 11 executions scheduled through August 2014.



Taxed Enough Already

wow...swift justice? These guys should have been dead long ago.


Destroy trash!


It takes thirty years before we fry these animals!!!! What the hxll is wrong with this system.


I went to school with these two girls. I am too happy to see this is finally going to give their families closure.


Ever heard the saying "twenty and out"? That is what we should have in the way of death row. Why keeps these guys in there. They surely should have exhausted all appeals by then. Why keep them around that long?

Don S

Just take them out into the street and put a bullit in their head !!! It will cost a lot less.