Big night for area high school football

They get no bigger than this in Week 6 of the high school football season.
Mark Hazelwood
Sep 28, 2012


While all eyes in Erie County tonight will be on the Perkins-Huron matchup, two traditional titans and longtime rivals will collide in Seneca County when Bellevue visits Tiffin Columbian.

Both teams enter the game with perfect 5-0 records. There will be more than 350 games played statewide this weekend, but Bellevue-Columbian is one of just four games in the entire state to feature two unbeaten teams.

The Redmen enter the game ranked No. 3 in the Division III Associated Press poll, while Columbian is No. 6 in the Division II poll. Bellevue sits atop the Region 10 computer rankings, and the Tornadoes are third in Region 6.

Furthermore, either the Redmen or Tornadoes have combined to win at least a share of 25 of the previous 31 NOL titles dating back to the 1981 season. Only once in that span have teams besides Bellevue or Columbian won the league title in back-to-back seasons (Shelby 1984, Galion 1985).

Add in 25 playoff appearances between the two in that span, and you get no bigger of a matchup in Week 6 of the regular season.

“Any team we’ve ever had at Bellevue that was great, or wanted to be great, played in games like this one,” Bellevue coach Ed Nasonti said. “It’s exciting. You are always happy to be in position where big games like this mean something. “

A preview of the game was also featured on SportsTime Ohio Wednesday afternoon. Kickoff is slated for 7:30 p.m. at Tiffin’s National Field at Frost-Kalnow Stadium.

Read more about today's big football matchups in Friday's Register.



There are big games all over the area in 5 different leagues. Too bad I can't clone myself.


What ever happened to the WLEC football wrap up after the Friday game? It was a must listen to find out scores and highlights from around the area.


Does the Huron game start at 7:30 too?


I believe the Huron game starts at 7.


Thank you!! :)


Anyone know the radio broadcast schedule tonight? have to catch the Bellevue game on radio due to work. thanks for any help.


I'm thinking Huron will win. Perkins lost to the only good team it played (Bellevue)and has beaten three cupcakes (SMCC, Sandusky, Medina) and one so-so team (Edison). But I guess we'll see tonight.

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The tt

It's easy to say this from the other side of the game, I'll admit, but Bellevue isn't good, it's great, and we knew it would be before the season began. Elyria Catholic can't say the same thing, but can say they beat Huron. Huron went on to play Holy Name and St. Paul before the regular season. Holy Name's a Div. 3 team, like Perkins, with one win by the end of Week 5. St. Paul's a D6 team floundering in its own weak conference. Meanwhile, Sandusky is a bad D2, and Medina's a bad D3 team. So what's the difference? Huron beat their last 4 opponents, but didn't blow them away like Perkins did. Remeber, Huron played the same cupcake SMCC, as well.


Huron/Perkins on 100.9 tonight


chongo i think its on 92.1 but check they have a list of all ohio broadcasts


Thanks for the heads up BTLS..


Huron will roast Perkins ...Thompson is the real deal.