Timeline: Recent area layoffs

(All numbers reflect hourly employees unless otherwise noted)
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


(All numbers reflect hourly employees unless otherwise noted)

• Sandusky International, Sandusky — Laid off five salaried workers and 11 hourly union workers Jan. 15.

• Ottawa County nursing home, Oak Harbor — Announced plans to lay off 29 full-time and 10 part-time positions in mid-February.

• Brush Wellman, Elmore — Laid off 56 hourly and nine salaried positions Jan. 7; a second round of layoffs after 30 lost their jobs in November.

• A. Schulman, Bellevue — 34 employees permanently laid off(9 salaried and 25 hourly), announced Jan. 7.

• Janesville Acoustics, Norwalk — Laid off 91 employees — about half its workforce — the first week of January.

• KBI, Perkins Twp. —758 on temporary layoff during first week of January (expected to be phased back in gradually through January and February).

• IAC, Huron — About 225 on temporary layoff and an additional120 on indefinite layoff through January.

• Tower Automotive, Bellevue — About 10 to 12 expected layoffs

• ACH, Margaretta Twp. — Between 260 and 270 temporary layoffs were expected to last through Jan. 5.

• Whirlpool Corp. Clyde Division — 250 to 300 midnight shift employees temporary laid off, announced in early November.

• Tenneco Automotive, Milan — About 80 employees laid off after the plant shifted operations to Reynosa, Mexico

• Norwalk Furniture —About 220 of the company’s original staff of more than 350 remain out of work even after the factory reopened in November. The company is required to hire 260 within the next three years under the terms of a low-interest state loan.

• Freudenberg-NOK, Milan — Laid off 43 workers at the automotive parts plant in May due to a portion of the plant’s division relocating to Oviedo, Fla.