Man accused of public indecency outside Vermilion school

Vermilion police arrested a Wakeman man allegedly caught with his pants down Sept. 18 at Sailorway Middle School.
Emil Whitis
Sep 27, 2012


Based on a student’s statement, Billy McCauley, 65, was charged with public indecency.

At about 9:30 a.m. police got a call from the school principal who said there was a suspicious subject in the parking lot.

The principal told police 12-year-old student was walking though the parking lot when he looked over and saw a man, identified as McCauley, “playing with himself.”

The boy ran to his mother’s vehicle and told her he saw “the male’s shorts pulled down, his shirt was pulled up to his belly button and the male had his penis in his hands,” a Vermilion police report said.

The mother went to see for herself, but when she got to the car she saw something different. She told police the man was reclined with his shirt pulled up, but his shorts weren’t down and he privates weren’t exposed. His shorts were pulled up higher on one side, she said.  

She told a nearby crossing guard to watch the man as she got ahold of the principal.

When detectives tracked McCauley down he admitted to being in the parking lot but said he was waiting for his grandchild and the student’s allegation was bogus.

McCauley also offered an explanation.

“He stated it was warm but he didn’t want to use the air conditioning so he rolled the windows down, opened the car door slightly and rolled his shirt up on his stomach,” a report said. “He denied having his pants down ...”

McCauley was charged Wednesday. He posted bond soon after and was released.



I don't know if this man is guilty or not, but why do they post a person's name until they are sure. It seems like all someone has to do is "accuse" someone else and they are automatically guilty. While reading this, I thought of all the times I waited in a hot car for someone and hiked my skirt up above my knees. Thank goodness that was years ago. I doubt I could get away with it today. It might sound suspicious, but are the accusations true? Save the printing of names until proven guilty.


agreed!! this is crazy to put a name in here without having charges filed.


I know this is going to sound like I'm a male pig but I guess it would depend on how nice your legs are. On a serious side there is a double standard when it comes to this type of thing. I can't think of how many times I have had to tuck a dress shirt back in before going into a meeting and sometimes loosened my belt to do it. But the kid did say he was 'playing with himself'.


12 year olds say alot of things it doesn't mean they're always telling the truth. Just how close was he walking by the man , anyway.