Officer punches suspect after tussle, high-speed chase

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Sandusky police’s very own “Pitbull” punched a suspect in the face Friday in the 1300 block of Franklin St. to end a foot chase, according to a report.
Emil Whitis
Sep 26, 2012

“They call me the pitbull around here,” Sandusky police Officer Sean Orman can be heard saying to suspect Juan Recio Jr. on cruiser video.

“Well you sure bit the (expletive) out of me,” Recio replies.

“No hard feelings. I just couldn’t see what you had in your hands,” Orman then says. “I got to do, what I got to do.”

*See other video of the arrest here
*Get Sunday's Register for the editorial Viewpoint on the arrest. For an excerpt click here.  

After reading the report and watching the video on Tuesday, Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said he’s setting up a meeting with Sandusky police Officer Sean Orman and Sandusky police assistant Chief John Orzech today to discuss the action.

“This is not our normal procedure to strike someone with your hand or fist,” Lang said. “That’s not a good practice.”

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.


Sit n Spin

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As an officer, I wouldn't call it good practice, and I wouldn't make it a habit for your own best interest. But then in best of interest of the suspect, when the officer says stop, stop. When he says get down, get down and stay down. This guy got lucky, really. I'd rather take a punch to the face than to be hit with a baton, taser or bullet any day.
Pitbull though? lol.


Hey SR! Must have forgot the part where Juan leads Orman on a highspeed chase across the entire city, then jumps out of his car runs, attempts to fight Orman, refuses to show his hands. Now lets think here for one second he's run twice what are the odds he could have a weapon, pretty good. Due to all the circumstances he was 100% justified in striking Juan so how bout you add the rest of the story instead of this biased crap. If Orman didn't go home to his family because he stood around and let Juan do whatever the hell he wanted then what!? I'll be waiting for your intelligent response from behind your desk which by the way is the only place you'll ever be because you couldn't cut it on the streets for a day doing the job the men you constantly bash on here do

entitled to my ...

I have been trying to point out that the SR NEVER prints BOTH sides to any story concerning the SPD! And the sad part is-most of the people who read the paper BELIEVE everything that is written!!!!


The SR printed all the details regarding this arrest in the printed version the other day.


Amen Brother!!!!!!!!


**Looks up** Must be pitbull himself defending his actions? lol


Nah no clue who Orman is, I'm not even from Sandusky. I just defend whats right if the dude got punched in the face for no reason I'd agree with the newspaper


The SR printed the full details of the arrest in the printed version the other day.

entitled to my ...

That was the OTHER day-NOT TODAY!

entitled to my ...

That was the OTHER DAY-NOT TODAY! I, for one, never read the details of the arrest the OTHER DAY!


You can get TODAYs paper and read the details on this arrest and other incidents involving Orman.


No reason?????????

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Go ahead PUNK make my day........We need more Dirty Harrys, less crime.


I know, that how's I heard about this I was in Sandusky visiting my parents. They should have put that online with this that way everyone knows the full story. Was hitting him the brightest idea eh...but when you've already missed with your taser and you have no other options and he might have a weapon what do you do? you can't just shoot him.


This is what I like to call the Cliffs Notes version. :)

Cracked Cherry

Don't run and don't get beat down.


It's what they do people. It's called police work.


Awww, a poor pillar of society got punched by dat mean ole cop. Nice job Officer Orman. I would expect the same from you if I acted like him. This town needs more like you. Stay strong and safe.




Tussle??? I am sure the paper will describe this as a police beating some time soon. Only a "tussle" for the perps part though? SOS Register


Why is it that the SR is so quick to put the names of LE before they are found guilty, but the creeps that beat up the innocent 4 month old get their names kept out of the paper? Ok, maybe not a smart move, but this thug had to be chased down!! He kind of got what he had coming to him! There is always consequences for our actions...LOL...this one got punched! All I can say to the officer is...YOU GO BOY!!!


Id of hit him twice for good measure!


Would everyone rather the cop SHOOT him? Maybe he should have just listened and STOPPED. When you run from the cops, you get what you get. He made that choice to run. Be glad he wasnt shot


Agreed!! Most of these Posts and the Register want to continually rehash and keep finding every "small" mistake these men and woman make while risking their lives to keep us safe. For the first time in history one of them gave his life serving the city he loved and all this city can do is constantly bring the SPD down thanks to the good ol Sandusky Register.A local LEO just gave his life in a car crash.Think that article was buried in the back of the paper? If that LEO would have done something wrong instead of perishing bet that article would of been Front Page in the register!


Some of you people on here are incredulous-in my opinion on this its more the matter that officer Orman made it sound like he was bragging and was proud of his actions-hence him having to tell Jaun "They call me pitbull". Punching him- well I cant necessarily wholeheartedly defend officer Ormans actions but not being in the situation myself I'm not going to berate his actions either. Rather like I said in my opinion officer Ormans meeting with the higher ups will more than likely be a kind reminder more than likely of "Do what you have to do but for gods sake DONT be so stupid to broadcast it on camera and place us under liability by doing so!" Its all about politics people-SPD is already under pressure for the mishandling of the Clinton case and the Logan Wilson case-they SURELY dont need the possible negative publicity of officer Orman calling himself "the appointed department pitbull"! I will say this tho also-makes me wonder how many other officers use possible excessive force and get away with it-because Ill GAURANTEE you it DOES go on in that department more than any of you "good citizens" want to believe and its mostly always found to be "for just cause" and swept under the rug. With all the crap that has gone on down at that department over the last couple of yrs it would definately seem some of those officers truly believe they have the attitude that they are above the law themselves and feel they can get away with more than you or I and that in itself is the UNEXCUSABLE PART


Why would the Register even post this? They are trying to make a hero look bad. Would Westerhold rather see the criminal go free? Westerhold really knows how to make this paper look bad in the eyes of the normal law-abiding public.




Dear SR and Matt Westerhold,
Thank you for educating the public on the heroic actions of Officer Orman. If I was Ms. Ard I would have a parade in his honor. More of our officers should do their job this well. Citizens of Sandusky, be sure to congratulate Officer Orman when you see him, we need more guys like this on the streets so the evil doers think twice before they tear this city apart any more than they already have.


I see Lang is shooting his regular and bad outhing his men. I at one time thought he would be a good choice for chief. I guess there is a reason why he never rose that high here in Perkins and the jobs he had command responsibility at he was not in charge of more than a handful of men. Since he has taken over crime has went through the roof, and I am sure morale is down with the troops.