Governors' exemption cited in Ohio records fight

A rarely used exemption known as "executive privilege" is among Gov. John Kasich's arguments in a lawsuit filed by the Ohio Democratic Party over access to schedules of the Republican's appearances.
Associated Press
Sep 22, 2012


A rarely used exemption known as "executive privilege" is among Gov. John Kasich's arguments in a lawsuit filed by the Ohio Democratic Party over access to schedules of the Republican's appearances.

Democrats wanted access to schedules that they alleged could show Kasich misused state time to campaign for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

State attorneys say the administration provided some requested information but wouldn't provide schedules for future appearances because that could create a security risk for Kasich. The state also said some documents could be exempt from disclosure under "executive privilege" for Ohio governors.

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland ( ) reports that exemption hadn't been used since a 2006 Ohio Supreme Court ruling created it. A particular need for disclosure must be demonstrated to overcome the exemption.



What IS the problem?  Is he afraid to let them know for fear of being discovered using funds to which he's not entitled to use? 

That is what I think this hoha is about. He is afraid that they will discover he is using State funds to campaign for a Federal Election. 

Someone should just ask for the State funds and check them instead.  He cannot hide those.  There is no executive priviledge protecting those. 

The Big Dog's back

 So much for the Repubs being open. Remember this right wingers.

Erie County Resident

@ Little puppy, we remember the left wingers using it all to well.

Kind of reminds you of Ovomit using "executive privilege"  on numerous occassions to hide things.

Like the time he covered Eric Holders backside in the Fast & Furious scandel as an example.

Not much transparency there either.


@ Erie County

"exemption hadn't been used since a 2006 Ohio Supreme Court ruling created it"

I believe that this was a ruling for Gov. Taft. If I remember correctly he was trying to hide a great deal.



I never liked Kasich after he publicly called a police officer an "idiot' for giving him a traffic ticket. This guy thinks he is above the law.


Yea, Democrat governors would never use it.

Besides, all that jettin' around that Pres. Obama does on the taxpayer dime is all office related right? LMAO!!!


@ Obama sheeple:

Keep your shorts on. Election day is not far away and then a re-elected Pres. Obama can get back to destroying the U.S. and you can breathe easier.


Huh. Pres. Obama's store doesn't have the Obama States of America flag on it's website anymore. I wonder why?


The Answer Person

Nice photo.  Did not know that wieners came in a three pack?

The Big Dog's back

 Isn't it amazing that anything a Repud does somehow comes back to be Obama's fault? 


Rob Portman     lawyer to "Baby Doc."           D.Republic.   Not good.


Personally, I'm glad to see that Kasich used executive privilige. Then the ultraconservatives like Contango Randy Marsh can't complain when Obama does same. Of course, Obama has more of a reason to invoke the policy, since he is forced to work with a do-nothing deadlocked Congress...

Polls show that if voting were today, Obama would win Ohio by 5 points. People clearly aren't buying what he is selling. Why should we trust a man whose economic/tax plan is SO vague that many of his own party leaders are complaining about how vague it is, and who won't even release his own taxes beyond the previous 2 years? Obviously he has something to hide. He finally released his 2011 taxes a day ago, which pointed out a clear lie his office had previously told about the amount of money he had given to charities.

What little we DO know about his tax plan is bad bad bad for the middle class. On your federal taxes, you'll no longer be able to claim your mortgage interest as a deduction. Tuition credit on your taxes? That one is gone, too, and he also plans to cut WAY back on college Pell Grants. So going to college instantly gets more expensive for the middle class.

He also plans to cut back on funding for Planned Parenthood. For those who haven't been paying attention, that's where poor women go to get free birth control, so that they don't end up having babies that they can't financially support. Guess who gets to support those kids later on? We taxpayers, that's who. The party who cares so much about protecting the unborn, could care less about helping people after they're born. Just one of many unspoken negativeresults of typical Republican policies which Romney, of course, supports.  I plan to support Obama to save America from Mitt and Lyin' Ryan.



The Republican party's worst nightmare is a voter with a good memory...


I can complain when any politician uses it. Obama done it to hide the fact one of his policys got someone killed, But you could care less that someone lost thier life as long as your golden boy can hide or blame someone else. You leftist are totally anti-american, Your party means more to you than anything and its sickning. The demcrats and the terrorist have alot in common, One has a religion that they will defend to the death and the other has a living god they will protect at the cost of lives not thier own.


coasterfan writes:

"Polls show that if voting were today, Obama would win Ohio by 5 points."

Keep those "cash and prizes" comin', financed with borrowed and printed fiat currency and he may win by an even bigger margin!

Heck, Hitler was voted in and Saddam Hussein used to get 99% of the vote - ain't nothing special in a corrupt political system.


Obama "done" it, huh? Perhaps you should consider not voting at all.


Done, Did, If thes best argument you have is picking out grammer mistakes you might as well not debate. Deflection is not debating.


@ Randy_Marsh:

Larry the Cableguy cracks me up. "Git 'er done."

IMO, you're in fine company.

Keep on, keepin' on.


The best evidence is typically your faulty logic and "take my ball and go home" attitude. The spelling and grammar mistakes are just icing. Deflect? Deflect what? Honestly, consider not voting.


@ wetsu:

No. The fact that most disturbed me over the wkend was that CNN picked up the Libyian ambassador's journal in an "unsecured consulate."

Why wasn't security tightened around the globe for the anniversary of Sept. 11th?

How was the consulate "unsecured"?????

Pres. Obama is more interested in campaigning for re-election that doin' the job! He's plainly incompetent!

Four more yrs. of this grinning baffoon should be a "joy."

Oh, and should I remind you again and ad nauseum that he "got" bin Laden and "saved" the auto industry?

Randy_Marsh This is whats wrong with the US right now, They found the guys diary and it warns of attacks and the rise of radicals yet that is not the problem. The problem as the left wing media sees it is they used his diary. The admin would rather us believe it was a sponteneous crowd armed with grenade launchers that gave a movie no one had saw a bad revue.In other words they think the US citizens are mentally challenged.


@ Randy_Marsh:

If re-elected, I think we're gonna see an Israel/Iran confrontation and a fiscal/financial meltdown on this guy's second watch.

The man's had it relatively easy. I hate to see how this baffoon responds in a serious crisis or two. Platitudes and a toothy grin ain't gonna cut it.

Some economists are 'finally' blaming Mr. Bernanke for the "Great Recession":

'Unfortunately' Mr. Bernanke's pump priming is about the only thing keeping this economy from imploding. Ya can't keep blowin' into a balloon with a hole in it forever.


I think it does not matter who gets elected, We are in too deep. The only think we can wish for is someone to try to steer us through it when it hits for real. We are following Europe into this abyss. The real question is how we will come out of it.


@ Randy_Marsh: I agree. I think we've reached a socio-economic tipping point.

Personally, we weathered the '07-'08 financial meltdown 'fairly' well. Since then, we've re-inforced a few sectors. But it's difficult to plan if all the financial sectors correlate again like they did the last time.

Guns, grub and gold?

We may be witnessing the end of the 100 yr. experiment (Fed Reserve Act - 1913) of fiat currency. It's next to impossible to keep the monster in it's cage.


Some of the reports i have read say that the US is more polarized now than any point in history except the civil war. The European meltdown will be mild compared to ours. Politically we are divided. With party politics becoming more important than the actual rights of the citizens history is definately repeating itself. Those in Europe are recognizing it because they have went through it before, We here do not know or care about the historys and think it cannot happen here so it will be a suprise to most how it ends. The best we can hope for is someone who can weather the storm keeping the rights of the citizens first and formost.On the economic side it is just a matter of time before they (The banks) start getting rid of the currency leaving the citizens holding the bag. They are printing right up till the fire starts burning thier toes. When one banks ditches the rest will follow making the 2008 crash look mild.


@ Randy_Marsh:

The country was almost equally divided about Vietnam. Remember the riots and protests?

Without the Euro, we could see cross border European military conflicts as in the past. Therefore, they have a vested interest in keeping the Euro intact as long as possible.

However, monetary union without fiscal and budgetary union (one central govt.) is a prescription for eventual failure.

Anyone who thinks that events in Europe will not deeply affect the U.S. is misinformed.

Americans are never taught, but the Great Depression began in Europe.

If you don't already, watch Max Keiser a couple times and see what you think. He has some interesting guests.


I watch Max on RT alot, Weird i have to watch Russian TV to get the lowdown on what the US is doing. Its a sign of how bad the US media is. It has started in Europe already so it will definately hit here, Whoever is elected for president is going to have one heck of a mess on his hands. The blaming will only divide us further, I wonder though if the party hacks will blame themselves when it all goes south. The difference with Nam and now is then the citizen werent considered terrorist for speaking out against the admin, We are much closer to a police state now.


@ Randy_Marsh: Disagree about 'Nam. We had the draft (slavery) and the House Un-American Activities Commitee.

My "major" concern is the increasing number of Americans receiving govt. checks and the potential for social breakdown if we don't keep raising the Fed debt ceiling to help fund 'em with more Monopoly money.

Pres. Eisenhower used the threat of bankrupting the UK by dumping their debt unless they pulled out of Egypt during the Suez Crisis. (They were out in 30 days.)

Likewise, the Chinese could potentially hold the U.S. hostage in the future. For one, how long will they keep holding an increasingly depreciating asset (on an inflation adjusted basis) in U.S. Treasuries?

Foreigners hold 50% of our debt - NOT a good position for a "super power."


During 'Nam the Gov itself didnt have the power it has today. Well back then they actually had a regard for the laws, Today half the population would give up the constitution tomarrow for a party platform. The debt will make any policy fiscally impossible, The interest on out debt is climbing to equal the defense budget yet to most it is not a problem. We have went too far to turn back and when the entire system fails the normal citizen will be hurt the most if they are depending on Gov aid. "Interest on the debt was $454 billion in Fiscal Year 2011, the highest ever. That's despite the lowest interest rates in 200 years. The interest on the debt in the FY 2103 budget is $248 billion, the sixth largest budget item. (Source: U.S. Treasury, Interest)" We spend more on just the interest than most domestic policys, Yet they continue to print.


@ Randy_Marsh:

The point I was addressing was to name a time when this country was as divided politically. I say that 'Nam should be included. Hopefully we can 'agree' to disagree.

About the only thing I know how to do is to work to protect me and "my own" financially as best as possible.

'Unfortunately,' there ain't no investment magic out there right now and the direction unsure, but I keep readin' and thinkin'.


I agree with you on that point, The citizens are completly divided. Fiscally protecting ourselves is getting harder and harder to do, Especially since the currency we are useing is being debased by QE3 now. Hopefully people will recognize what is happening so they too can prepare, But for those who dont i see a long hard road comming.


@ Randy_Marsh: The fact that anyone with a savings account is gettin' close to 0% interest should be a flashing warning sign.

Mr. Bernanke said last week that savers need to be sacrified for the good of the country.

"My colleagues and I are very much aware that holders of interest-bearing assets, such as certificates of deposit, are receiving very low returns.

But low interest rates also support the value of many other assets that Americans own, such as homes and businesses large and small.

Indeed, in general, healthy investment returns cannot be sustained in a weak economy, and, of course, it is difficult to save for retirement or other goals without the income from a job.

Thus, while low interest rates do impose some costs, Americans will ultimately benefit most from the healthy and growing economy that low interest rates help promote."

We are eating our "seed corn" of savings and investment in order to perpetuate consumption.

No society has EVER spent it's way to prosperity. It only ends in disaster.

Gotta have those consumer rats get back on the "Debt Wheel of Death and Slavery" and spend, spend, spend.