Lots of potential in tax-delinquent land, Sandusky says

SANDUSKY The city got 16 gifts for Christmas. The gifts cost the city $260,000.
May 24, 2010



The city got 16 gifts for Christmas.

The gifts cost the city $260,000.

Earlier this month, the city commission approved the acceptance of 16 parcels of tax-delinquent, nonproductive land from owners throughout Sandusky.

However, those owners owed the city more than $260,000 in taxes, which they now don't have to pay.

But city officials said the owners would most likely never pay, and based on that, acquiring the deeds was a good compromise.

"We were never going to see one cent of that money," commissioner Bob Warner said.

City officials said they hope to redevelop the land into long-term, tax-producing properties.

In fact, in the recommendation for the city commission, the city's chief planner Carrie Handy suggested possible uses for the land.

According to the recommendation, two acquired lots on Anderson Street could be combined for "boathouse purposes."

Other parts of the recommendation implied the city had larger ambitions.

"The vacant lot (at 314 Reese St.) is located in the Hancock Street Acquisition Zone where more property will be acquired and combined to form a larger lot for economic development purposes," the recommendation said.

It mentioned a similarly ambitious project near Mills Creek Golf Course, where the city acquired a property near the corner of Mills and Buchanan streets.

"This vacant lot is close to the Municipal Golf Course and is surrounded by tax-delinquent parcels, which may be acquired in the future and combined to form a buildable lot for new residential," the recommendation said.

Others acquired land was located on Adams, Harrison, Hancock, Dewey, Second, St. Clair, Camp, Putnam, Madison, Broadway and Sagamore streets.