Triple murder suspect has violent past

Curtis Clinton had no trouble with Sandusky police in the seven months since his release from prison - until Monday.
Emil Whitis
Sep 12, 2012


Curtis Clinton had no trouble with Sandusky police in the seven months since his release from prison — until Monday.

Sandusky police records show officers may have been unaware the 41-year-old convicted killer was living in this area.

Apart from his regular check-ins with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, as he’s required to do as a registered sex offender, Clinton seemed to fly under the radar.

One week ago, a 17-year-old girl told Sandusky police Clinton had forcibly raped her at his Campbell Street apartment — the same apartment he used as his address in the sex offender registry.

On Monday, Sandusky police arrested him as the sole suspect in Saturday’s triple homicide on John Street.

It appears as if Clinton didn’t change much in the 13 years he spent in prison, locked behind bars on the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter and two assault charges, for which he was convicted in 1999.

He was originally charged with murder for the 1997 killing in Wood County of 18-year-old Misty Keckler, according to Toledo Blade stories during court proceedings at the time.

Keckler’s naked body was found in a bathtub, her feet and hands tied behind her back, according to court records.

Investigators later determined Keckler was killed before Clinton submerged her body in the bathtub.

His attorneys said she had died while the two were having consensual sex — Clinton had accidentally choked Keckler to death.

Sandusky police suspect Clinton strangled Heather Jackson, 23, and her two children, Celina, 3, and Wayne, 18 months.

Jackson’s body was found naked under a mattress. Autopsy results due this week may confirm investigators’ suspicions.

Police said there are no signs Jackson was sexually assaulted.

The autopsy report may provide further details on that, too.

In the Wood County killing, defense attorneys said there was no way to prove Clinton had deliberately killed Keckler, according to the Toledo Blade story. 

At the time, prosecutors said if the case had gone to trial, two of Clinton’s former girlfriends were prepared to testify that he choked them or was otherwise physically violent during sex, or when they refused to have sex with him.

In 1999, Clinton pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter.

He was also convicted of two counts of assault on a police officer after allegedly attacking jail guards when he was behind bars, awaiting trial for killing Keckler.

In a separate case — before he was ever indicted in Keckler’s death — Clinton pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor  for an incident involving a 14-year-old girl.

He was 27 at the time.

For that crime, he was labeled a registered sex offender and sentenced to 16 months in prison, which he served while awaiting trial in Keckler’s death.

He was finally released from prison in February.

He immediately returned to Sandusky, the town where he grew up and  has family, assistant police Chief John Orzech said.

He registered his address within three days of his release, as required by Ohio law.

Until last week, he had had no run-ins with police.

Neighbors at his Campbell Street apartment, where Clinton rented a second-story unit, described him as a seemingly nice guy, although he had a penchant for using his white Cadillac to lure young girls.

One neighbor, asking to remain anonymous, called Clinton a “loner.”

He said Clinton would offer a smile and wave, but he never conversed much with other residents.

Downstairs neighbor Gene Eck, 51, agreed — he said Clinton always seemed too busy for more than an exchange of pleasantries.

Clinton’s mother, who identified herself as Mrs. Cole, said Clinton was a busy man. She said he held down three jobs, working at American Quality Stripping, the Thirsty Pony and Krunchie Pickle.

An unidentified bartender at the Thirsty Pony remembers Clinton as a “really nice guy.”

She said she was shocked when she heard he’d been charged with murder.

The bartender said a co-worker ran into Clinton a few days ago at the mall. Clinton made friendly small talk about getting fired and then walked off, the bartender said.

“It’s just crazy,” she said. 

Thirsty Pony owner Mike Sortino, on the other hand, couldn’t remember much about Clinton, who worked at the business for less than a month before he was fired.

Sortino wouldn’t say what Clinton did to get fired, and he refused to comment further.

“Nobody wants to be associated with something like this,” Sortino reasoned.

Meanwhile, Cole said her son is a “loving and caring son” incapable of killing someone.

She said she’s outraged by the allegations.

“I’m pissed off,” Cole said. “This whole situation is unexpected.”



So sad, all the way around.


In Ohio. a 17 year old is considered an age of majority, outsider DD    And please do not come in here to start knocking our police like you did our city. 

Did we not ask you to quietly leave?????  Why don't you just go back to whatever place it is you came from?  Or is it that they don't want you back?


I cannot believe that now you are over here dissing out our city must really LOVE this place.  Cannot get enough, umm????

To let you know, 17 is of legal age in Ohio.  And no, we don't have Prostitution in Sandusky.   We don't appreciate YOUR type of comment either.  Why can't you just go back to where you come from and bother your own kind? 

Let our people handle this.  They are MORE than competent to do the jobs they are doing without your nit picking eyes and questions and unfounded comments. 

I think your vacation here in terminated.  Please leave.  We think we have had enough of your visit to our fine City and thank you for coming.  We hope you have enjoyed yourself.  Now please go home.  We have work to do. 

Thank you. 



 "we don't have prostitution in Sandusky"

 How naive are you? It's time to come out from under your little protective shell and open your eyes. You live in a not so nice place. Drugs, prostitution, gambling, theft, assult, and now murder are the norm in this town.

Over 75% of the homes are rentals. Over 85% of the kids in school are on free and reduced breakfasts and lunches. This town is in decline and has been for at least a decade.

Just the facts.


stop the madness.....let me straighten you out on something, lady.  I read those reports "carefully'.  No, I was not there.  You stated you are a family "friend'.  Were YOU there, or are you getting your information second hand, like the rest of us.  We got ours from reports from the very paper you are telling us NOT to follow.  You got yours from the mother of this girl, I would think.  I am not going to argue with you on semantics of a word or two on the word brutal vs whatever word you would like.  But maybe you can tell us why she hestitated to file charges THEN AND THERE if it was so terrible??????   Why didn't her mother INSIST if it was so bad??????? 

All along I have been encouraging everyone not to blame her or hold her accountable about any of this.  (had she had him arrested, the other girl would still be alive was the accusations.  I kept saying don't blame her).   So don't yell at me after I have been defending her.  Now I am sorry I did.  So answer me....why didn't she file charges since you know so much????  And please, not this "she feared retalitation"....he would have been in jail!!!!

Hardly ignorant statement....more like to the point, I fear.  Seems you have a bug about the truth.

The rest you can talk up with all the others you are slamming for statements.  



@ ok, yes, I changed my mind....I was being unfair to her.  I changed what I said after so many where blaming this girl for not having him put in jail for her rape. 

She did not file charges.  She simply reported it.  My "alleged" rape as you put it happened when I was a student in college.  I was not brutalized as she was, and it was hard for me to tell anyone. I was away from my family with no support from them. In fact, I did not want them to know.  I had a roomate who helped me. That was all.  But I stood up for myself and did what was needed so no other woman there would suffer. 

It doesn't take compassion not  to takes police protection. You all seem to forget that.  You think the cops would not be there for her?  How little you know about the cops.  Especially with a sex offender. 

No, I don't feel that all rape victims should feel as I do. That would be stupid.  But sooner or later, young girls have to learn that their bodies are their OWN and not something that has to be shared or used by every man that is out there.  No means no.  Getting themselves into a situation with a much older man can lead to a serious situation such as this young girl found out.  A 41 year old may not take no for an answer especially from one so young as 17.  But rape is not about sex and mothers need to teach their daughters the difference. 

That is all I am saying.  When you have a daughter you need to teach her two things:  sex, restraint.  And how to know the difference. 

So if I sound fired up, it is because I feel like I am being attacked all over again for changing my mind on a situation and being made to relive a problem that I though I had deeply buried and I don't like either one very much.  Both hurt.  Neither is pleasant.  Especially from someone like seen it all who loves to attack me with regularity.  Satisfied? 


@ Wiredmama

Just admit you do not understand the law behind taking rape cases to court. 

THE VICTIM IS A HERO FOR SPEAKING cant take that away from her by saying she did not press charges. 




At that point nothing more was required of her for LE to pursue prosecution


Please re-read my previous posts in this thread and others related to this matter if you still dont understand. 

Regarding protection from the police, >> you say:  "How little you know about the cops"  

I say : LOL

 A TPO does not and never has been any guarantee that you will be protected.  You know this as well as I do.  And thats all she would have gotten for protection.  The police do not provide 24/hr personal duty for crying out loud.  What did YOU think they would have been able to do further?

Lastly, you have no idea regarding the circumstances that led to her rape.  You know NONE of the details that preceded this act.  This girl was ASSAULTED, not simply coerced.  Mother, teach your son about restraint. 

If a girl says NO, she already knows it didnt mean YES.   


Ok, I don't understand the happy now?  Because obviously YOU won't be happy until I do.  Satisfied?


And yes, I pressed charges.  Now...YOU get off my back and stay off. You are as bad as seen it all.  Whatever your problem is....take it elsewhere and you know what you can do as well.  I am done answering your stupid questions and your ignorant suppositions.  Take your childish behavior and your know it all attitudes elsewhere.

I am not in the mood to play rough and you are way outside the guidelines on this one, both of you.  Way outside.  I am not the 17 year old messing with a 41 year old, now am I. 

Enough said. 


My problem is that you kept suggesting that girl is responsible for LE not being able to arrest Clinton.  It was false and needed to be set straight.  The girl in no way prevented his arrest.  Even police were willing to acknowledge this, but not you.  They had enough evidence and they knew his prior convictions, period.  What they did was try to secure a conviction with her testimony.  Her testimony could not be guaranteed if she did not choose to file charges.  So they gave her time. 

Even with the evidence and priors, a conviction is still not in the bag.  You would know how hard this is if you pressed charges and gave testimony and cross examination in court.  The defense will still try to suggest consent was given.  It is up to the prosecution to prove their case.  Rape is VERY difficult to prove. 

Furthermore you ask the question "WHY was she afraid" numerous times as if the idea seemed ludacris to you.  Because you did not suffer a brutal attack, you may not be able to sympathise here.  But at least find a way to empathise with the situation.  You must realize that the victim had learned second hand of his past and she was terrified.  Perhaps she had never felt personally threatened by him previous to the rape, but certainly afterwards she had a very rational fear.  It is not so irrational that she realized he might get out of jail and come after her again as she suggested and You agreed he would get out of jail in short time of being arrested.      

What are you suggesting when you say you are  "not the 17 year old messing with the 41 year old man, now am I?"  Are you saying she deserved this?  Are you suggesting she placed herself in a situation to be raped and choked?  Are you suggesting this all the fault of her own?  It sounds like that is what you are saying....I really want to hear your explanation for the comment.  But you will not have one. 


Yes, I have an explanation.  The family friend said yesterday that he was a "friend of the family that came back into their lives".  Is that true?  If it is, did they know about his prison time and what he was in for?  If so, why was she even around him?  

She made the comment about him " old friend being on the doorstep" I believe.  You say that she found out second hand.  Which one of you is telling the truth.  The friend who posted the other day or you?

Why would anybody let their kids be around someone that committed murder and rape?  That is my question.  I am NOT blaming the girl.  I am questiong the thought process of the mother?  Why would she knowingly let her 17 year old daughter go anywhere near this guy if they knew that? 

NO WAY am I saying she deserved it.....lets get it straight right now. 

But why would you even take the chance? 

That is what I mean, completely and totally what I mean.  I would NEVER let my daughter be around someone like that, knowing what he did.  If he truly was a neighbor, family friend or acquantance of old and he went away to kid wouldn't be within 10000 yards of him without the national guard between them. 

Clear enough???? 

And lets get this straight as well.  As hard as it is to accept. The three women who have been raped are second seat to the victims of murder.  The murdered victims, especilly after today, are far more important to the case and to the public at this point in time that the rape victims. 

I am sorry to say that so bluntly.  But they are.  Reason being.....they lost their lives.  And the three year old child was sexually assualted.  Right now,everyone is consentrating on that.  Perhaps by the time of the trial, more people will think about the living, but right now, they are focused on the dead.....and on a three year old little girl. 



@ OK.  If I remember rightly the reason they found him was a combination of several things.  Two other rape victims coming forward and him trying to commit suicide in Clyde?  

If she had not reported the rape, it may have taken longer, that may very well be true, but did you forget they had DNA from the little girl as well?  And finger print evidence from the house?

I wonder how long before they would have gotten him either way. 

I wish the 17 year old and the other two women had never had to suffer what they did.  Really, I do.  But this entire thing had been a tragedy from the word go.

What we have know is people trying to second guess the police, people involved and the murderer wnen in fact the only one with answers is this monster who did all this. 

How sad that is. 

ok whatever

The two other rape victims just came forward two days ago. That is not a correct statement that you are saying. Had Clinton not been caught, they more than likely would not have came forward anyway. And should you really be putting on the internet that fingerprints were found? Please remember this is a high profile case and you should not be putting information like that on here.


Why did the "friend"/ childhood neighbor go visit the 17 yr.old, after all those years, anyway ?.Stupid bich didn't tell the 17 year old about Clinton's past until AFTER the rape ?! Was she hoping that THAT would scare her into silence?? I seriously hope that the 17 year old wasn't set up by her "friend" to be raped. If she cared about her  at all....she would have let her monster/boyfriend  die in his own vomit...



@ OK.......No, I am not 17.   In fact I am much older.  I am not subject to temper fits or throwing my hands up or pouting.  Never did, never will.  I do, and will readily admit it, have a temper.  But you have to really act stupid around me to get my anger up.  I don't tolerate stupid well. 

I am not found of repeating myself over and over again and I cannot tolerate those who are cruel just to be cruel.  Who keep at someone just to keep doing it. 

That has always frustrated me.   I am suffering from Lupus, so I don't work anymore and am home all the time which I hate. 

Being on here is sort of a release for me, so when I run into these idiots who like to "dig" into me like this it sort of ruins my day.  Especially when they just can't leave me alone for anything.  They have NO idea what my life is like at all.

I have three degrees which are now useless to me and that I miss using.  I am not a stupid person at all.  I do not throw my hands up or pout.  I never have.

I like the contact from being on here that is all and hate being "criticised" for "putting in my 2 cents" which is no ones business but mine. 

I guess someone made this one person " the blog monitor" and critic.  She can tell anyone who can and cannot comment on things around here.  What they can and cannot say and how often they can say it. 

I had no idea until today.  Who knew?


 This guy is nothing but a useless ________


 Really................. Big surpise


I wonder what the procedure is when a registered sex offender is accused of rape?  It cetainly should not be up to the victim to decide whether or not he is investigated.  Surely the Police had a duty to investigate this registered sex offender at his registered address when he was rported.  If that is not the procedure then we should just scrap the register all  together because it seems useless.


Of course the register would have to add that at the end with the comments from his mother how else would they get people to argue in the comments all day long...lame, SR does it all the time it would be nice if people would ignore the register and not respond to this....


@ooreally......You're ok with them interviewing his ex-employers and ex-coworkers, but not his mom???? I'm glad they printed it, now when he goes to trial and gets convicted, his mom will be the idiot. Maybe we can run her murderer raising a$$ outta here


Nation-wide liquidate people like this.                                               ALL upper third tier criminals need gone.                                                           

Julie R.

When a 26-year-old Huron woman accused that guy from Job & Family Services of raping her, the Huron police were right on it and had the guy arrested. Yet in Sandusky, a registered sex offender --- one that just got of prison yet after serving 13 years for the strangulation death of an 18-year-old --- gets accused of brutally raping a 17-year-old and they wait for the VICTIM to decide if she wants to press charges?

Something is very wrong with this picture.  


"Julie R." ...I couldn't have said it any better!


This is a perfect example of how our justice system failed because Clinton should have been put away alot longer (or put to death) the first time.  There's no way that other woman died while having consensual sex.  Every mother of a murderer is blind to their child's real nature.  Didn't she notice the animals he choked when he was a kid?  Or did he do it behind her back while she was working?  Did she piss him off or leave him alone too much?  Well, who really cares now?  He'd better be toast one way or another.


   We know of the rape on September 3 but how many were not reported?  We all know this guys history but the fact that most rapes go unreported is more reason to believe it should be a short "TRIAL".  One Man responsible for 4 deaths now and he should be given the chance to commit suicide and save us all a lot of time and money.  He has to answer to God for at least 4 deaths just might as well make it 5.


Julie R has a very good point.  The print edition described the rape as a "violent attack".  It is hard to believe that the cops had no options.  What did they do?  The state picks up charges all the time if the victim will not press charges.  Sounds as if someone was more concerned about conviction rate instead of public safety.  It's time to get new leaders.  I still commend the SPD for the work they did on the murders but someone dropped the ball big time on the rape complaint.

Swamp Fox

For all the legal experts including Julie R you MUST have a victim for a rape charge, basic law 101...

If the victim does not corporate and is willing to testify the rape charge is impossible to proceed with, unfortunately.


I apologize for being completely off subject, my question is regarding Clintons attire in the photo above: Is Clinton on suicide watch and is that why he is wearing whatever that is he is wearing?

@ SwampFox, I think the point of the comment by Julie R and another is that as a registered offender involved in a sex crime, there should not need to be any permission to pursue charges.  Regardless whether the "Victim" should choose to pursue charges on her own behalf, there is still evidence in the filing of the police report and the hospital record that he had unlawful sex with the minor, which should be a violation of his release. 

Brick Hamland

If the alleged victim was 17, that would have been statutory rape so even if it was consensual statutory rape is a strict liabilty crime and it doesn't matter whether or not she wanted to "press charges." It will be interesting to see what comes of that. Julie R- I am suprised you have not jumped on that and how the Murrays and/or some crooked attorney will be hired to get a rent a judge to order millions of dollars for the victims families from the SPD


Say what you want Swamp but a "violent attack" warrants some type of charge especially with all of these circumstances!

Brick Hamland

Swamp Fox- all the have to prove is her age and that sex occurred, which she must have told the police to be "allegedly raped." If she doesn't testify she could be charged with obstruction of justice or filing a false police report (of course police hate to do that to alleged raped vicims)

Mother hen

Really Mrs. Cole incapable??? He has already killed one girl. Loving and caring I think not, more like sick and twisted. The first girl was unable to defend herself, so it was he who said it was during a sex act. If you read the articles it states Miss Keckler was hiding his 14yr old girlfriend, then states it was a sex act gone wrong. I call Bull sh** on this claim. It seems to me the justice system was confused as to the truth themselves. This man should of never gone free, and as for SPD and him flying under the radar, I hope the family files a civil suit. RIP sweet angels, my you all watch over this trial and make sure this monster gets whats coming to him.


When SPD gets it absolutely right, we never know the outcome, because nothing happens following a quick arrest, or a guick best guess.  You can't know something that never happens.  One missed opportunity that may have prevented three deaths, is hindsight, which is always 20/20.  Police are not God, can't read minds and must go on facts that come up, sometimes at a snails pace.


@ commonsense the facts regarding a rape of a 17 yr old girl were handed to police by the victim.  These facts were known before the murder of 3 people took place.  Clinton is a registered offender and his address at the Cambell Street Apts was his listed address.  This is information that lay people can get by performing a simple google.  The police have already indicated that Clinton was already being looked at in regards to the rape before the murders took place.  They should have arrested him immediately for sex with a minor.  "Hindsight" is 20/20 but does not offer much consolation. 


Mother hen

Really Mrs. Cole incapable??? He has already killed one girl. Loving and caring I think not, more like sick and twisted. The first girl was unable to defend herself, so it was he who said it was during a sex act. If you read the articles it states Miss Keckler was hiding his 14yr old girlfriend, then states it was a sex act gone wrong. I call Bull sh** on this claim. It seems to me the justice system was confused as to the truth themselves. This man should of never gone free, and as for SPD and him flying under the radar, I hope the family files a civil suit. RIP sweet angels, my you all watch over this trial and make sure this monster gets whats coming to him.


 I'd still like to stress the point:  Regardless as to whether the 17 yr old pressed charges for rape, the fact still remained that she filed a police report and had a medical examination which would prove sex.  As a registered sex offender, Clinton at the very least should have been IMMEDIATELY charged for having sex with a minor child.  Or rather even being in the presence of a minor, which is probably a violation in itself.  Is this not common practice?  Did someone drop the ball or do we need to reform? I hate to think that if this would have happened right away three lives would have been spared.




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Julie R.

This was a 17-year-old MINOR that wasn't just accusing somebody off the streets of a brutal rape --- she was accusing somebody that just got of prison for the murder of an 18-year-old PLUS he was a registered sex offender. I also find it hard to believe that the ones that took the rape report did not know this fact. When the SR first published his name I googled it and the first thing that came up was --- he is a registered sex offender, picture and all. So was the prosecutor's office informed of this --- that he was being accused of brutally raping a minor and she was afraid to press charges against him? If so, why is it that they didn't order his immediate arrest? You can also bet that choking was involved in his brutal attack on the 17-year-old.

I'm not putting the blame on the SPD but as somebody already said --- SOMEBODY sure did drop the ball on this one.  

Good 2 B Me

Seems to have a fetish for young girls/women. I am guessing that where he is going, there will be many who have a fetish for sexual deviants and child killers. I bet sitting down is going to become difficult very soon.


The loss of these three people is a real tragedy. The evil in our society makes me sick. If only this mother had been trained and proficient with the use of a firearm, maybe this rabid animal would have been put down.   There is a special place in _ _ _ _ for murdering scum rapist like Curtis Clinton and hopefully he will be there soon. May you burn for eternity for the pain and suffering you have caused so many.  





The loss of these three people is a real tragedy. The evil in our society makes me sick. If only this mother had been trained and proficient with the use of a firearm, maybe this rabid animal would have been put down.   There is a special place in _ _ _ _ for murdering scum rapist like Curtis Clinton and hopefully he will be there soon. May you burn for eternity for the pain and suffering you have caused so many.  




Clinton has been in prison for 13 years.  You can't get that many tattoos in a few months.  Did he get tattoos in prison?  How is that possible?  Are tax payers paying for tattos too?


@commonsense......A old freind of mine just got out of prison after 5 years and 90% of his body is covered in Tattoos. I dont think we pay for it, I think he traded candy bars and cigarettes. They arent paying tattoo artists to come in and ink up prisoners. Which is laughable. Also I got from my shoulder to my elbow tatted up in about 5 hrs. jussayin

tax payer

I agree with Julie R. The police get info, a 17 year old is raped, she is so frightened of the rapist that she does not want to charge him, he is a registered sex offender and a killer, they do not look into it immediately to see what is going on with this criminal?? Perhaps 3 people would still be alive today. it frightens me that our law enforcement can be so lackadaisical in looking at a rape, and not seeing a problem. In this day we seem not to be outraged over a rape, Why? There can be no greater horror for a female, or male than the intrusion into your body. This has a bad taste in how this was handled.


 Wow.. So HIS mother is angry And shocked by the allegations? Why.. This isn't the first time he's done something like this imagine how angry and shocked Heather family is and the hurt there going through..they mean more to me than Ms Cole because she can still write and visit her son and heathers family has to live without her and those babies forever... And considering he was only out 7 months before doing this... be angry at him.. The system did not rehabilitate him obviously and in my opinion Sandusky police dropped the ball...whether that victim was going to testify or not it's still illegal for a registered offender to be around people under 18 so he was in violation.. He should have been picked up and held untill his parole officer decided what was next..or the judge if he didn't have one..usually when you violate the registrys guidelines your in trouble maybe he wouldnt have had the chance to commit the horrendous crime he the way to everyone wanting to say how nice he was... Guess what.. Last time I checked... nice guys don't murder a woman and two innocent children 

Julie R.

My opinion is --- this was the "older man" she told somebody she felt was stalking her. Somebody made the comment that she might have been introduced to him at a wedding. The neighbors of this dirt-bag said there were young girls between the ages of 15-17 going to his apartment during all hours of the day and night. Stands to reason that Heather Jackson -- with two babies and out working two jobs trying to get her life straightened out --- was NOT one of those young girls. I think this pure evil thing waited his chance until she moved into her own place. If the autopsy shows she wasn't raped then it's only because she refused to have sex with him --- which would fit his demented pure evil profile. Is she was raped that, too, would fit it. 

Here's to hoping THIS case doesn't get plea bargained down or I'll be tempted to picket outside of that Erie County courthouse by myself. Who really cares if he sits on death row for the next 20 years while  appeals are filed. At least he'll be sitting in solitary confinement until he gets what he deserves. Just like Randleman should have.  


Could someone please tell me it this "Mrs. Cole" is Diedre Cole.



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 Julie R...The news said her name was Estelle cole

Pastor Ron

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Julie R.

"Sandusky police records show officers may have been unaware that the 41-year-old convicted killer was living in this area."

I don't believe that for one second. Before he was released the prison authorties HAD to know where he was going ---- right back to his hometown of Sandusky. No way did they and the Wood County prosecutor not notify the Erie County prosecutor and the Sandusky police of this, especially since he required a parole officer when he was first released. But even if that were true --- that the SPD were NOT aware of it --- they certainly should have been aware of it the first time the neighbors called the cops about the loud parties with underage girls going on in his apartment. He also had to do regular check-ins as a registered sex offender with the Erie County Sheriff's Department. You mean to say the Sheriff's Department never informed the SPD, either, that a dangerous ex-con was back on the streets of Sandusky? Bull.


Julie R.


 Even if no one notified the SPD about Clinton being back in the area...They should have figured it out in the last seven months...calls being made about the apartments loud parties would have given them his name..shame on them for forgetting the part about investigation included in a police officers job discription, besides anyone can pull up the sex offenders list from the computer...Maybe they should have looked into new additions to the list when they started to recieve multiple rape allegations?

Shoulda-coulda-woulda's are a Bi**H   

Julie R.

"Apart from his regular check-ins with the Erie County Sheriff's Department, as he's required to do as a registered sex offender, Clinton seemed to fly under the radar."

How many cases does this make now where a dangerous threat to society has "flown under the radar?" Kevin Randleman, Shawn Caston, and now THIS one? How many more are out there? Bad enough that cops are being murdered but now it's innocent little babies.  


Trial in 30 days.1 appeal within a year.Slow death down town.I know too simple.

Every one of these creeps should have an additional sentence.If they return to the city or county where convicted 6 more months in county jail.

my oh my

How can they say this guy was flying under the radar when he had to register often with ECSO?????May god bless the victims and the family...EPIC FAIL on behalf of the justice system and Mr.Clinton for trying to beat the system..Ohio and the entire nation needs tougher and stricter laws when it comes to any Domestic Violence,Rape,or child molestation or corruption......


Anyone in Sandusky or Norwalk could give me a free house, pay all my utilities and give me enough money to live on and I'd turn it down. Don't ask where I live because I won't say. I don't want your kind here.

Just Saying

Aww, his Mama say he ain't capable of killing any body ! I now see where the Root began !


Since 17 is the legal age of majority in this State, the rape of this girl is not considered "statatory".  Secondly, it was not a "brutal" rape as any of you are saying.  I don't know where you got that informtion, but it isn't in any of the paperwork I saw so far.  It was listed of other, but not about her.  She simply said it was "rape".  She refused to cooperate with the police and that ended any further things they could do with it because she would not press charges.  The cops did nothing more about it. 

Just because he had been in prison before didn't mean they could do anything on their own.  Sorry, but the law is the law.  He had served his time and that is it.  Being a registerd sex offender doesn't mean they can come in and get you for anything if the girl won't press charges....end of story with the cops.  That is the law. 

Would it have prevented Heather's death?  Who knows.  We would be guessing.  He didn't kill the girl with him in Clyde did he?  No. 

No one will know, ever.  That is what makes this so sickening.  We probably will never know why he killed the three of them.  She may have said no to him and he killed her for it.  then the kids.  Who knows. I am guessing just like everyone else. 

But the truth is the cops hands were tied.  They couldn't arrest him on the rape and that was it. 

So don't blame the cops.  They did nothing wrong and that girl isn't to blame either.  No matter what.

Dumpster _Dive_...

 The 17 year old  informed the SPD she was raped by this Monster- boy. 

The 17 years old girl is still a minor. What about her parents? Most responsible parents would want this Monster-boy  to be brought to justice at any cost.? Right?  

Question--->  Could it be prostitution exist in Sandusky? just wondering.. 


With information at hand. Your Police dept did not follow up on it?  They had no clue who Monster-boy was or what he was capable of doing ?  Monster-boy had a vicious past. The police data base would have shown that once they pulled up his name. 

I dont think there's a prison out there that can rehabilitate these Monsterlikes. Instead of 3 meals a day in prison - they should be taken down like the Rabid Animals they are. 




@ wiredmama, that is correct, "the law is the law". 

Now let me explain why what you said after that is incorrect. 

In cases of rape the victim does not have to press charges, the state can without any cooperation from the victim.   It is up to the state to ever take a rape case to court, not the victim.   Even if a victim files charges and then chooses to drop them the state can choose to continue to prosecute. 

Information regarding the report of this rape by a registered sex offender should have gone directly to DA.  Given the fact that as a sex offender he has restrictions that most likely would have included having no contact with minors, and that he had just been released from prison for murdering a young teen, the circumstances were there for his arrrest.  

So, in fact, the hands of the LE were not tied. They could have arrested him.  

Someone has said "Rape is rape".  Whether it was preceded with brutal, violent, merciless, inhumane, cruel, heartless... its all rape.   


@czechurself....that would be fine,except at the time she reported it, the SPD did not have the info that he was a registered sex offender.   Had they had that information, then your information WOULD be correct.  But since he reported to the SHERIFF and not the SPD, the information was not given to them in time. 


Wow. His mother is pissed off? What about heathers mother? What about heathers father? What about her entire family? This whole situation is "unexpected"? Really? How is it so unexpected? Didnt he just get out of prison for this same thing in February? Obviously not a loving and caring man if he can put his hands around a humans neck and hold until there is no breath left. Especially 2 innocent children. How would "Mrs. Cole" feel if someone had taken her sons life away at such a young age? Would she have been a little more "pissed off" then? For her to have any empathy for this psycho path makes her just as sick and twisted. Heathers family has the right to be "pissed off", the community has the right to be "pissed off", his mother? Not so much. I, along with the entire community Im sure, hope he gets exactly what he deserves, which is not compensation enough for what was lost here, but maybe then his mother will understand just a small amount of pain that Heathers family is feeling. RIP Heather and your beautiful babies. Now you can keep them from all evil.


The print edition described it as a "violent attack".  What's the difference between violent and brutal? She refused to "press charges" not cooperate.  There is a difference.  LE blew it on this one.

Dumpster _Dive_...

Hmmm .... Looks like the monster is wearing a bullet proof vest in the photo. (above)

In a court room,  surrounded by police officers,  the monster wears a bullet proof vest to keep this monster safe? 

--->The court should allow the Brother of Mrs Jackson ( 5 ) - minutes alone with this Monster. The Brother could replay the "Hand and Neck Manuver "  with this Monster.  

---> It would  prevent the Jackson family from having to re-live this whole nightmare (for years to come) when they sit through this trial.

---> Justice would be SERVED!

Open memo to Mama of the Monster ----

Upholding your son for these brutal murders is right down sickening. Shame on you! 

( wondering where is the Monsters Daddy?)


Seen it All

@ wired.. I'm sorry but your comment that he reported to the Sheriff and NOT SPD, therefore, they had no idea just don't hold water due to the simple fact any joe blow with a computer can find out this man's criminal history.  And if the SPD brought his name up on their computer, I'm sure they would have MORE detailed info on him than any of us could ever get!


With this all connected and wired up world, your logic sucks, wiredmoma222. I call BS on your part and the SPD, as well..


@ Kaeme.....those rapes you are talking about came up AFTER he was arrested, not before. Don't you find it odd that they were not mentioned prior to his arrest?  I do.  And I am NOT defending him,  Just find it odd that these girls didn't mention them prior to his arrest.   There was ONE call to his apartment, not several and the police don't do a FULL BACKGROUND CHECK when they come to a call, just a LEADS check which is basic.  

Justme and luvblues.  Yes, any fool with a computer can get anything on an arrest or a sex offender.....when that is what you are looking for.  But that isn't what they were looking for.   THINK.  That does not pop up if you are not looking for it.  

The SHERIFF is responsible for taking in all the sex offender registrations.  His office is then to notify all other offices where that person lives.  NOW.  Either his office didn't do it, or the Sandusky PD didn't do anything about notification to it's officers.  Either way...someone missed the ball.  

But until they find out WHO, you cannot single out JUST the SPD.  Did tthe sheriff not notify the SPD?  Or did someone down at the SPD not notify the officers?  

Either way you cannot just pull that up on your computer at the office folks.  That isn't how the SPD computer works.  So don't tell me that is how the SPD computers get their info....not by a long shot.  

As for the SPD being able to prevent this murder...that is just STUPID.  This is a tragic situation and it couldn't have been prevented by the police any more than YOU could have sprouted wings and flown round your house tops. 

Shame on the SR for printing such a story.  And shame on people for believing it.   


@ Wiredmama, it shows character to admit you have been wrong.  But of course, you wont.  But naturally you will contradict. 

One of your posts says SPD could not do anything to get Clinton off the street and in another you agree that LE missed the ball.  

LE databases carry an unbelievable amount of information about you, especially in the event that you have ever been arrested and or convicted of a crime.  And even more reliable, these data servers are all linked together.  Yep, these are not regular "computers at the office, folks".  These are your standard law enforcement information sharing databases. 

If you have a warrant in another state, it comes up. 

If you are known to carry a weapon, it comes up. 

If you have ever been in possession of drugs, it comes up. 

If you are registered as a sex offender, BOINGO!! comes up! 

Just by running the name. 

Thats it!  

Easy, Peasy, 1-2-3's-ee!!

             "As for the SPD being able to prevent this murder...that is just STUPID. This is a tragic situation and it couldn't have been prevented by the police ...."

Is the point NOT to arrest violent criminals and get them off the street in order to prevent them from committing MORE violent crimes?? Or did we have a meeting to stop doing this? 

If he had been arrested and the judge had been made aware of his criminal past and the fact that victim of the choking rape was in fear of retaliation from Clinton, he would have most likely been held in jail with NO BOND (or 3 mil, what have you) and three lives would have spared.  No matter how you slice it.  It doesnt take a crystal ball, tarot cards, psychic readings, tea leaves to know that if he had been off the street he couldnt hurt anyone else.  This IS how we do it!!  THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!! 

Did they HAVE to know he might MURDER 3 people?

NO!! But he could have RAPED AND CHOKED 3! 

And finally, re: SR printing a story that suggest that LE dropped the ball.  I didnt see it and I couldnt find the one you might be referring to.  Some of us do not to be led to the water, wiredmama.  Some of us simply needed to be aware that Clinton was implicated 5 days prior for a rape of a 17 year old girl.  And 5 days later he remained out walking the streets free to commit murder.   

It was a mistake.  An unfortunate mistake that cost 3 people their lives. 



I have heard countless times on my scanner local LE agencies running a persons name for a traffic stop and they advise the officer that the person is a registered sex offender right away. If SPD did their due diligence when they went to his apt. to check on the noise complaints they would've known who he was and what he was about.



Really, wiredmama222? I can set my computer up to alert me for an email or a PM or even this website. Are you trying to tell me the SPD can't do the same?


Edited for content.


his mother is a joke! how can you not believe your son is capable of killing after he already killed someone else in the exact same way? and then put her in a bathtub with her hands and feet tied behind her back! are you kidding me? she should have known, since hes been doing this his entire life! even back in the day before he raped and killed that other girl! please! too bad nick didnt get ahold of him first! and all of you people defending him and talking crap about heather should also have a run in with nick! get your stuff together! too many losers commenting on all of this! get a life!

Seen it All

@ wired... re: 

@ Kaeme.....those rapes you are talking about came up AFTER he was arrested, not before. Don't you find it odd that they were not mentioned prior to his arrest? I do. And I am NOT defending him, Just find it odd that these girls didn't mention them prior to his arrest.  

PLEASE stop blaming the victims here!  Those rapes were reported PRIOR to his arrest, and it is NOT the victims fault that they are now just being investigated!!!!!  Think about it.


The other rapes were mentioned PRIOR to his arrest.  The girls could not identify Clinton until the mugshot was shown AFTER his arrest for the murders.  The description of the incidents were similar to each other.  In this case, the local LE could not do much to investigate these rapes because the attacker was not able to be identified, which says that he does not only rape acquantances.

In this situation it is too bad that the girls were not able to look through a databook of mugshots of all sex offenders from the area.  Of course, if the information regarding Clintons registered sex offender address was not forwarded through the proper channels, he would not have appeared.

stop the madness

Out of respect for this case I have kept quiet until today however since the Register ONLY likes to point out facts that they have no concrete information on, I feel compelled as a family friend to the minor victim and her family, to point some of these out and than maybe some of you can quit judging the SPD as well as the victims. After I point these out I will decide who's ignorant comments I would like to touch on.....

SR- Showed up at Bellevue hospital and medical staff collected a rape kit as well as DET picking it up from the Bellevue hospital- FALSE Small town hospitals do not have the means to complete full rape kits. Victim's are sent to bigger city hospitals.

SR Said that the victim was talked to on 9/5 by child protective services - False, meeting was not held until 9/6/12. However the victim and her family cooperated from the start. The visit to the hopsital was willingly, the reporting of the rape was willingly, ALL THE MEETINGS that is required to be completed was done willingly. Who would have known within a day the monster would murder a family and cause even more damage to lives? The last I checked a victim taking a day to think about it does not typically reflect as such a tragic outcome. The law nor the 17 yo is to blame. HE IS!!

SR ( in todays)- Clintons neighbor told the register he regulary had young women and girls in and out of the apt and the register has a side note underneath with "One of those girls are likely the 17 yo girl"- FALSE for your information that girl had just met that MONSTER that day through a childhood friend who until that week had no contact for years due to the "friend" moving...a friend that proves  to not really be any type of friend.

SR ( in todays)- Through Clinton's gf the victim had learned of his past and the SR gave details of the tragic death in 1997 of Misty Keckler- FALSE The victim had no informatiom of the brutal murder that had taken place. After the rape was reported and a name given a family member searched him in the offenders list which he did NOT come up with in the  name search, it was only through address search. The family inquired on the inv. manslaughter charge and asked if it had anything to do with the assult and corruption of a minor and was told it would be checked.After the tragic murders of the Jackson family the victim and her family were informed of the brutal murder that took place in 1997. Which in that case also  a friend was who introduced the poor victim to this MONSTER

Now onto the ignorant comments made by a couple of spectator's

Wired Mommma 222: Secondly, it was not a "brutal" rape as any of you are saying.  I don't know where you got that informtion, but it isn't in any of the paperwork I saw so far.  It was listed of other, but not about her.  She simply said it was "rape".  REALLY you were there??? When a victim still has strangulation marks on their neck 4 days after the rape and the police were still able to very much so see these. I am thinking strangulation of any type to anyone is BRUTAL!!

Dumpster Dive: The 17 years old girl is still a minor. What about her parents? Most responsible parents would want this Monster-boy  to be brought to justice at any cost.? Right? You are right most responsible parents would and that is exactly WHAT her mother did immediately (and without giving away private details that is really none of your businesess) upon finding her battered traumatized child.

And for the general statements suggesting this girl was a prostitute, a druggie and he had what she needed, ummm let me think of what else OH yeah at the least she consented to sex.... Please do not speak to things that you are judging someone who came across the path of a monster. She is completly opposite to all of these statements. One more thing for all of you saying even if it was consensual he could have gotten statutory rape...check your law book ( or degree) the law was changed in 2010 and the age of 16 is consent. Howvever that is NOT the case here and the fact of the matter is for those of you that want to judge the girl.....all I can say is watch your kid when a childhood NEIGHBOR appears on your door step after 3 years of being away. That same girl may bring a monster in your child's path!

Now I know some of you will still want to see it your way and feed into the "headlines" but hopefully you never have to stand in anyone of these victim's shoes.




Bellevue Hospital is  one of the biggest in a  4 county area.  It serves Bellevue , Clyde and Fremont  etc.  Why no full rape kit? 

Makes no sense

stop the madness

I am not sure why Bellevue would be incapable of doing a rape kit however they are, that my friend is a fact. Call Bellevue and ask them why they do not have a rape crisis center. I am sure if Clinton would have been out longer than 7 mos there may have been enough victims to start a dept and not send victims 45 miles away. The bigger city hospitals (not county) have a special department with nurses and doctors that specialize in rape.


  useless bigger


 Sentence that worthless piece of crap to the death penalty!

Seen it All

@wired.. sorry, I have call *BS* on your recent statement:

All along I have been encouraging everyone not to blame her or hold her accountable about any of this. (had she had him arrested, the other girl would still be alive was the accusations. I kept saying don't blame her).

The story about the teen broke at 9:00 am on Tues, and before 9:30 you had this to say about it:


The girl was raped but didn't want to press charges????? She let this go????? OMG, had she pressed charges on this guy, the three would be alive. WHY did she hesitate?

And they can't do anything because the is of consenting age.....sh39

Your words wired, NOT mine!   And perhaps if the detective who was handed the first rape case done his job, the second rape, and even this young 17 yr old would not of been violently attacked! 

You appear to feel very indifferent to rape victims. Perhaps you should volunteer at a rape crisis center, and see how truly horrible these crimes are, and how devastating they are to girls who have endured such an awful thing and educate yourself.  I hope it never happens to someone you love!


@ seen it all......I will answer both your questions.....first of all, I am NOT indifferent to rape cases nor victim...I was one.  I learned the hard it.  You NEVER let the person who raped you get away with it Missy....never. No matter how hard it is to tell what happened you NEVER let that person get away with it.  I am not indifferent to it, I have been there, done that.  So do not speak to me about what you don't understand....EVER. I have no patience with woman who have been raped and then stand there and use ever excuse under the sun to NOT report the rape that has happened.  I was 17 when it happened to me.  The hardest thing I ever had to do was tell.  But I did and it wasn't fun.  But it kept someone else from going through what I went through. 

When I first heard it about this girl,  I thought like everyone else.  Then I had time to think about it and realized no one should blame her. And started defending her.  SOOOOOO, I did.  Is that a problem for you?  It should not be. You and I seldom see eye to eye.  I expect we never will. 

Oh, yes, he would have been in jail for awhile, and then out.  He would NOT have relaliated against her. That is what I meant.  For a short time he would have been away from her. Then, when he got out, the police would have made SURE he was away from her.  That is what I meant....and YOU KNOW IT.  So don't be so smug and picky with my words.  You know exactly what I meant.  Why ask. when you knew the answer.. 

If I sound like I am impatient with women who are raped, I am with those who hesitate to report and press charges.  They only allow men to do it to someone else.  Yes, you are scared.  Yes, you think no one will believe you. 

Rape is not about sex, it is about POWER.  And YOU have the power. YOU have the right to stand up for yourself.  It made me stronger and made me understand that no man has the right to EVER, EVER take away your dignity, your honor or yourself from you.  Ever woman on Earth should learn that, but not at the hands of a rapist. 

So you can call your BS all you want. That is your right.  It just isn't correct. 

ok whatever

Wow wired you sure are fired up...however I do agree you go back and forth. And if you would read and let it sink in the girl DID report the rapes the same day it happened. I am not taking away from your own "alleged" rape, because really how do any of us really know it happened since it is only coming from you?? What I am saying is maybe you were not as afraid because on the other end was not a man obviously NOT afraid to murder. You say he would not have retaliated against her? Awww yes I must have missed where this man has any compassion and would have just left her alone. Maybe your rape wasn't as traumatic which to me any would be but since you seem to feel that all victims should feel as you did, than maybe there was a big difference in the two.

Seen it All

@ wired.. Here's another one that has me calling *BS*.  Tonight you say:

So answer me....why didn't she file charges since you know so much???? And please, not this "she feared retalitation"....he would have been in jail!!!!

And yesterday you said this:

Please do not tell me that by arresting him for raping that girl, he would have been in jail. Because he would have been right out on bail again within days. So that does not cut it.

I'm confused, would he have been in jail, or would he have been out on bond?  You can't have it both ways!

Enlighten us with your wisdom please...


How about putting some of  the blame on the  mother for letting  this  guy into her home that late at night.  There was no forced entry,  was there?    When her kids should have been sleeping.    Was she high or impaired?    She  was  drug addict , wasn't   she?   Why did she have custody  in the first place?      Valid questions.    Like it or not she bears  responsiblity,   too.     

It   doesn't mean I want him to fry any less.  but really,  she did nothing to protect  her kids or herself.     Sad fact.



@starryeyes....those are valid questions but wasn't she trying to stop the drug thing?

Seen it All

@wired.. I'm sorry if you feel under "attack" as I have never attacked you or anyone on this site. (Unless it was a family member/friend who just opened an account to defend the indefensible)  I was merely pointing out you have differing opinions about the same subject depending on if you are defending the SPD or attacking the victim.  And yes, you WERE attacking her, as she is already in a vulnerable state both emotionally and mentally.  You, being a survivor of rape should understand that more than anyone.  All 3 of these rapes WERE reported, so I don't understand why you keep going on about ALL rapes should be reported.  But after reading some of your comments about the "alleged" victims, it's easy to see why most rapes go unreported.

 I see you constantly questioning others opinions on here.  Do you feel as though you are attacking them when you do?  I hope not, as that would just be mean.  And for the life of me, I don't understand how you can say I attack you with regularity, as I do not comment on too many stories.  I've never felt the need to share my opinion on every article or topic.  But when it comes to a child being abused, or worse, I'm going to be here with my very opinionated self.

We ALL have opinions, that is what this comment section is for.  I guess I was just trying to figure out what yours was, as you did not make them clear with all the contradicting.  And one last thing, I don't know how on earth I, or anyone else is suppose to KNOW what you meant (as you stated I should) when you keep doing this.

I'm not here to fight or argue with anyone, just share my opinions like everyone else.  If you take those as a personal attack, I am sorry,  as they were not. I am just trying to figure out what your opinions REALLY are.


@seen it all.  Oh, yes.  Two sites, you posted he same thing!  You definitely attacked me.  You have done this before.  I told you.  I changed my position on her situation.  But that wasn't good enough for you.  You just kept right on going with it.  You couldn't accept that.  No, that wasn't good enough for you. One site wasn't good enough to make your point, you had to do it on two with your snide comments and your nasty remarks.

And you don't take that as a personal attack?  I do.  I don't do that to you and i dont attack others like that. 

I may state an opinion that goes contrary to others but I don't make snide comments like that one and I sure as heck don't go to two sites and make them like you did. 

When someone does that, it becomes personal.  So as far as I am concerned, it is personal.  I will remember that you DON"T understand rape victims one little bit.  You don't get where they come from or how hard it is for them to forget it.  Each person reacts differently. 

Yes, I do think all rape victims should report and file against their attackers.  It is the first step to healing.  Any good counselor will tell you it is the first step to getting your dignity back.  Maybe you don't know that. 

I am sorry that I changed my mind.  That I was wrong and said so.  Geeze.  I guess I should never had admitted that made a mistake.  How terrible of me. 


Mrs. Jackson very well may have been trying to stop the drug thing.    But,  you don't keep associating with  drug users  when you have children.    Why would you?  

Frankly, I  too,   wondered why she had custody of the kids  because of the drug usage.


Many lessons to be learned from this.   And from   Baby  Owen.

czechurself occurrs to me that no where in this text do I read where you PRESSED CHARGES.  Could you clear these things up for me? 

>>@ seen it all......I will answer both your questions.....first of all, I am NOT indifferent to rape cases nor victim...I was one. I learned the hard it. You NEVER let the person who raped you get away with it Missy....never. No matter how hard it is to tell what happened you NEVER let that person get away with it. I am not indifferent to it, I have been there, done that. So do not speak to me about what you don't understand....EVER. I have no patience with woman who have been raped and then stand there and use ever excuse under the sun to NOT report the rape that has happened. I was 17 when it happened to me. The hardest thing I ever had to do was tell. But I did and it wasn't fun. But it kept someone else from going through what I went through.

Are you suggesting in this next paragraph that you are just as close to the situation as a close family friend because you read it in the paper? LMAO

>>You stated you are a family "friend'. Were YOU there, or are you getting your information second hand, like the rest of us. We got ours from reports from the very paper you are telling us NOT to follow. You got yours from the mother of this girl, I would think

And could you clear this up also: Is fear of retaliation not an acceptable answer for you because you believe Clinton would have been in jail and the murders would not have been preventable because he would have gotten out of jail the next day?

Seen it All
Ok wired, you just feel the need to argue don't you?   First, I take offense to this statement you made '' I will remember that you DON"T understand rape victims one little bit. You don't get where they come from or how hard it is for them to forget it. Each person reacts differently."   Just because I don't come in here and spout off to the world that I was a rape victim doesn't mean I am NOT, and NOT understanding of them! I call that an "attack" on my character, because if you look through the stories on this subject, you will see that I have been NOTHING but compassionate towards all the rape victims. You, however, cannot say that you have. I remember you questioning if the other two were EVEN raped, let alone by THIS man, and some how wanting to make some sort of claim to fame with it now.  Even though their rapes were reported long before Clinton's arrest.  Next to the horrendous crimes themselves, this is by far the SICKEST thing I've read on these articles. And you wonder why women/girls don't report and press charges. REALLY?  After those comments, can you blame them?.   As you just stated, everyone handles it differently, yet you won't let a 17 yr old sleep on it without attacking her for not immediately pressing charges. GET REAL WOMAN!!


Seen it All

@ czechurself.. I found your posts to be VERY enlightening, unfortunately you are wasting your typing skills on wired. Although she does not want us to think of the SPD as GOD or in possession of a crystal ball. She, however, does not view them as HUMAN and capable of making mistakes, as all humans do make them.

  To hear her tell it the SPD didn't know he was a sex offender. I guess after they got Clinton's name, and ran it on their 1995 compaq computer with dial up access they are still waiting on his criminal history and sex offender status to come up. ????
Seen it All

And just when I thought I SEEN IT ALL!!  You stoop to a NEW low wiredmama.

 I am not the 17 year old messing with a 41 year old, now am I.

WOW is ALL I can say!  You feel threatened and attacked (which I still don't understand why, when it was YOUR statements we were posting), and you lash out on the 17 yr old once again!!!  SICKENING!  You need help woman!



@ seen it all.....You pass yourself off as so perfect and you have gotten on my last nerve.  It takes all I can do to not answer.

This is my last one.  You have gone way past the point on this blog.  It isn't about ME. Its about the victims of this murder.  It isn't even about the rape victim any more. 

The victim of the rapes are secondary to the tragedy that is the murder.  You and your friend can't even see that far. You are two busy trying to ride me and what i say.

Enough. You have gone beyond the scope of what this is about.  Simply hit my name and email me if you have more to say.  I will gladly answer.

But from this point on, stay on track of what this is about....three innocent people who were killed. 

Stay off the rape victim.  She got to live.  There are three who didn't.  The jury is out on why. 

Yes, I will defend the SPD. I have friends there.  They do the best they can.  People like you expect them to be everything to everybody.  They can't.  Did someone down there goof.  Who knows. 

Did the Sheriff goof.  Who knows.  Does it matter now?  Three people died and we can't bring them back.  Had that girl filed to arrest the monster instead of waiting a day?  who knows.  Only God does. 

Too late now. 

Seen it All

According to the family friend you were arguing with yesterday wired...

She met the Monster the day of the rape, introduced by a long lost childhood friend.  So she was NOT messing around with him!

Her family didn't know who he was and allow this happen, as she met him the day of the rape!  God, for someone who claims to be a VICTIM of rape, you sure are judgmental to those claiming the same.  And again, you WONDER WHY THEY GO UNREPORTED!  People like you are sitting on the juries, sitting all high and mighty, judging everything that happened before, during, and after the rape.  During a rape trial the victim is usually made to feel it could have been prevented and are treated worse than the scum who committed the offense by his defense attorney.  You being  ALL KNOWING, having had the experience yourself, should know such things, correct?

Just keep that judgmental halo above your head, it looks very pretty on you.

And, I'm going to throw this out there.. PERHAPS if the cops had picked up the SOB after her giving her statement, the others could of lived.. who knows.. only God.


@ seen it all....I give up on you.  We keep covering the same ground over and over.  Ok, have it your way.  It is the only way you want it anyway.  

YOU WIN, ok,  YOU WIN.  YOU WIN.  Are you happy now.  You can have it all your way. 

She was a saint.  The cops did everything wrong.  They caused the death of the three people.  She should be held up as a shining example of what rape victims everywhere should be like. 

Happy now, God!!!!   

ok whatever

You really are something. You temper tantrum for your you win ok comment is really something. I have a question for you (though I know the answer since you have been to college) are you 17? You sure do act it. I am picturing you throwing your hands up with a pout on your face when being told no.


It is about all the victims.  The rape victim is still alive and she still deserves justice just as much as the families of the Heather, and her babies.  If you would quit defending yourself in your idiotic attack on the victim of the rape you would see that the murders would never had happened if the arrest was made at the time the report was filed.  Afterall, it is not required that the victim file charges in rape in order to make an arrest...but you dont GET THAT!!!

The police acknlowledge WHY they waited to make an arrest.  It was out of regard for and concern for the victim.  Which I can commend them for and is WAY more than you are showing, even as an alleged rape victim yourself.   

I do not blame the SPD for waiting to make an immediate arrest out of interest to the emotional trauma that the girl was experiencing.  However, I do feel, as I have already explained, that in this situation in the future, out of concern for the entire community, an arrest be made without the victim agreeing to file charges.  If there is a positive I.D., DNA, and evidence of physical abuse (most important), an immediate arrest should be made.  Period. 

I have friends in all kinds of places as well as SPD, NPD, PPD, ECSD, HCSD, OSHP, even had some in ECJ, wiredmama.  NONE of them would expect me to defend them at the expense of someone elses safety.   


I can't answer those questions Wired but I will add one.  What was a 41 year old man doing around a 17 year old girl?  I had children that were older than that when I was 41.


@ are so right.....that door swings both ways.  And I will add one more.  Where is the parent when all this is going on?? 

Seen it All

The family friend said yesterday that he was a "friend of the family that came back into their lives". Is that true? If it is, did they know about his prison time and what he was in for? If so, why was she even around him? 

That is NOT what was said.  She said a childhood friend of the girls took her there.  Perhaps in your rush to comment on every article and comment made, you can slow down and actually read what you are commenting on, and perhaps brush up on your reading comprehension skills.



@seenitall......God, you have a message below. (you name should read knowitall.  that is more fitting as well

Seen it All

hahaha, I couldn't take your "know it all" status away from you!!  After all, I am NOT the one posting on every article the SR puts out there with my 2 cents worth.  ALL I did was call you out on your contradicting statements, and you took it from there!  lol  I personally find your comments since very laughable, just as this one.  It's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, is it not?  :)

ok whatever

@ seen it all....... I really really like you and applaude you for these comments. I would like wiredmomma to think about something. What if the 17yo victim had NOT reported the rape as she did without hesitation? The tragedy very well occured and he would not have been a suspect as quick as he was.....which may have led to more tragedy's.


That is also a good question Wired but czech has raised some really good points as far as the police are concerned.  I am no lawyer or LE officer in any way but it really does seem as if they could have done something to protect this 17 yo as well as the public.   Since when do 17 year olds get to decide how law enforcement proceeding transpire?   Sometimes we are quick to praise the cops before all is known forgetting they are also human and make mistakes but they have to be accountable for their mistakes also.  Yes rape is incredibly difficult to prove but we are talking about a convicted murderer and sex offender.  This does not appear to be a date rape situation.  If I slap my wife and leave a mark but she refuses to press charges, I still go to jail.  I just don't get why more was not done.  I suspect the 17 yo was truly traumatized but felt she had no one in her corner.


@ I already said to you and your friend several time.....have it your way. This isn't about me, but you keep attacking me and I have't said anything more. What more do you want me to say to you, Czech?  Have it your way....I said what you wanted me to.  What more do you want.  I spoke the truth about the death of the three and the autopsy. 




My intention is not to attack you.  I was replying to your posts as they came.  I was doing no more than try to correct your assessment of the laws re: prosecuting rapists.  You just dont seem to want to see past the fact you were being taught something.  Saying  "I'm right"  isnt what I was looking for.  I already knew I was right because what I offered were facts   I wanted you to be right.   Then, and only then, would you be able to present a valid arguement.     

I wanted to you to know that the police could have arrested Clinton immediately without the victim pressing charges 

I wanted you to know that they did run his name into the database and found he had served a sentence for involuntary manslaughter and was a sex offender, which you seemed to not be aware, also. 

I did this so that you would know the victim is not to be blamed for the SPD deciding not to have him arrested immediately.  It was the choice of SPD to wait.  

If I have led you to believe otherwise, I do not blame SPD for their choice.  I think they made their decision with concern for the victims emotional state.  I believe however, that in the best interest of ALL the citizens in the community,  it should have been done differently.   For everyones safety.     

I continue to believe that if Clinton had been arrested immediately, these 3 lives would have been spared.  There would have been plenty of time to get testimony and strong case to present in court. 

Little did anyone know that Heather and her children would run out of time while we waited.

@ deertracker, lol.  I normally do not get involved in bickering of this sort.  Winston Churchill said "If at first you dont succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no sense being a damn fool about it".  :)  This subject just touches a nerve with me, I guess.  

To all:  RE: the other two victims.  Remember, they had reported a rape but did know the identity of their attacker.  One of the girls reported that they were also choked but both were able to come forward after the murders when they recognized his pictures in the paper and on the news as the person who raped them. 


Remember   Sarah  Mc Kinley from  Oklahoma who shot and killed    one of two intruders  on  New Years  Eve,, it was all over the news.     Her baby was  three months old.     Some of these  mothers need to learn that lesson.      Google  it.


Does  Ohio have a Castle law in place




Okay, okay, I think Wiredmama said "uncle" guys.  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, I feel for you Wired after that verbal beat down.  OUCH!

Seen it All

@ OK. If I remember rightly the reason they found him was a combination of several things. Two other rape victims coming forward and him trying to commit suicide in Clyde? 

Oh geez woman, get those cataracts corrected!  As stated in the article of the other rapes, they were reported PRIOR to his arrest, one at the beginning of summer!!  (This too was pointed out to you after your nasty remarks to the victims).  PLENTY of time for the SPD to get this SOB on their radar!!!  Definitely should of been there after rape #2 was reported!   Perhaps if the first rape had been investigated properly this WHOLE mess could of been avoided.  We will have to wait and see when this all plays out, now won't we....


I remember reading something about police receiving a tip also.  Do any of you really think this clown was trying to commit suicide?  Think about it.  There was supposedly another person in the room with him and he took tylenol and unisom!  He knew he would be saved and I have NEVER heard of anyone trying to OD on tylenol.  Nice try but that just does not fly!


@ starryeyes

yes Ohio has a castle law

Seen it All

@ czechurself..

To all: RE: the other two victims. Remember, they had reported a rape but did know the identity of their attacker. One of the girls reported that they were also choked but both were able to come forward after the murders when they recognized his pictures in the paper and on the news as the person who raped them.

Most of us did comprehend this when it was first published.  I really appreciate your comments, and your questions, as I have the same, and many more!!

Was rape victim #1 shown mugshots of sexual offenders in the area that matched the description she gave? And if she was shown a picture of the Monster, was it a recent one, or one from 13+ yrs ago.

Was DNA taken with the rape kit and processed in a timely manner?

Can you or can you not question a suspect without an arrest?  And if so, how many were questioned in the first rape?

I would love to see the detective on Matt's BLT to answer these questions, but I know it's not possible with it being an open investigation.

These questions are just eating at me given all the facts that have come light.  I do believe these murders didn't have to take place, and perhaps the 17 yr old could of been spared as well!

I'm beginning to wonder if rape cases are taking the priority that they deserve, or just being pushed aside. ESPECIALLY after the second rape was reported!

Seen it All

@ czechurself.. 

@ deertracker, lol. I normally do not get involved in bickering of this sort. Winston Churchill said "If at first you dont succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no sense being a damn fool about it". :) This subject just touches a nerve with me, I guess. 


Again, me too!  Although some ignorant, arrogant people just make it too easy, as they never shut up when they've been proven wrong and just come back with MORE nonsense!  Talk about repeating yourself.. geeeez.. and each repeat is a short story!!  I NEVER made it personal, she opened that can of worms attacking me for pointing out her contradictions.  And if I don't speak up for the RAPE VICTIMS when they are being attacked by a supposed rape victim, who will????


  @   richrs

   Thank you for the info.


the bottom line is this man didnt learn anything in prison,so there is no use in sending him back!!! what he did was brutal and un called for, he needs to be walked out the back door of the jail and be executed !!    one suggestion would be creamate him alive!!! to kill the mom then kill the children and rape one of them, i dont care who you are this goes beyond justice !!   kill this fool and do society a favor !!!


Castrate him and let him bleed to death, the sadist should enjoy that, he might even understand pain ,terror , fear ,and grasp that no one is going to save his evil worthless hide.  hang him high


I wish to apologize to the parents and the friend of the girl who was raped by this animal. 

I do feel sorry for your daughter for her rape and for the problems she is now going through.  I did not mean to convey that she is, in any way, less a victim than she is.  Nor that she was the cause of this in any way.

I am sure that her problems are far from over.  Especially when it comes to this animal and what is to come.

He definitely belongs in hell, and I hope that is where they send him.

I also hope that your daughter.  After much loving care, will get past what she is going through, and know that she didn't deserve what happened to her by any stretch of the imagination, nor was this her fault, but his because he is the evil soul that he is. 

May she get better and he die a long an painful death in any way that the state can see fit to inflict on him.

I also apologize to the friend with whom I took acception.  I owe you an apology as well.  I am truly sorry that my word were harsh.  Please accept my apology, one and all.   


It took me about two hours of reading everyones' comments and rereading this article to come to some conclusions ( mine only).

First, as I understand, loud patries themselves do not require police to do a background check on the homeowner or renter. If there are illegal activities going on, then this is different.

Second, if a rape is reported does it not require an investigation, evidence and an arrest warrent to be issued by the DA BEFORE an arrest can be made? I am asking only because I am not sure if this sequence is correct.

Third, Wired.s comment the SPD could not have prevented this horrible crime is correct.

Fourth, Stop the Madness at sixteen years old, consentual sex is no longer statutory rape. But rape is a crime at any age. Men of all ages, stop thinking raping someone is your "right". If you have such thoughts, please seek counseling immediately. Talk to someone, seek help somewhere, please. It just occurred to me often you read about athletes charged with rape. Has anyone ever read about a "geek" or "nerd" raping someone? In Stubenville, Ohio several members of their football team are accussed of drugging and raping a young girl. Then, someone captured it on their camera and posted it. What is wrong with people?

Fifth, See it All, your comment that Wired appears indifferent to the rape victims is totally wrong. Throughout her comments, she has never implied this. She has voiced her opinion like everyone else. She has the integrity to admit when she is wrong. That reflects on her character. A crime as horrible as this has people angry beyond normal. Some of you may strike out at someone else due to rationalization being pushed aside by these strong emotions. Believe me, I understand this. There have been past articles posted when I was ready to jump down someone's throat. But, I waited a day or two, read updates on the article or comments on this blog and saw where I was wrong.

Everyone needs to think about what they want to post before doing so. And please, try to remember, you can express an opposing viewpoint without being derogatory about someone else or their comments.

Finally, If you change your mind on a subject or fellow blogger, be willing to post it and/or apologize like Wiredmama. We can all take a lesson from her.

Seen it All


My comment to her being indifferent to rape victims stemmed from more than what was said about the 17yr old.

@ sick as it makes me to defend this lying, cheating murderer, how do we know that any of these women are telling the truth? If they are JUST NOW coming forward, how do we even know they were raped? Let alone by him? If they were raped, or brutalized, don't you think they would have come forward before this? I really question the motive of someone who waits this long until they come forward....until they can gain attention, to claim fame, to say they were raped by this guy. Maybe it is just suspicious mindedness but I really wonder. Didn't this happen before only to find out the guy didn't do it????? Seems to me it did.

That was said after the police announced they think he raped at least 2 other women.  One being reported early summer, but she accuses them of wanting fame because she lacks reading comprehension skills.

So, I still stand by statement.


@ seen it all....I understand what you mean, but she apologized to the people involved didn't she?  You seem to be holding on to anger that doesn't really involve you.  You are personalizing this with anger and trying to punish her for something that she has already apologized for. 

Did you read what I said?  Perhaps she isn't the only one here who lacks comprehension skills.  Why make this an ongoing problem when it does not need to be?  It seems to me that once someone has apologize to those who are INVOLVED, others should just simply stay out of it.  It does not involve them whether they like it or not.

I would say the rest of us have little to nothing to say about it, like it or not we are not directly involved in their lives, are we? 

Seen it All

@Jack518.. Yes, she did apologize to the parents and family friend of the 17 yr old.  She did NOT apologize to the two other women that she raped after they had already suffered,  probably at the hands of this monster.  i do take GREAT offense to that.  (whether you think it's my business or not)

And perhaps you should take your own advice, and simply stay out of it. 

Have a nice day!  :)


@seen it all.....and how is this any of YOU business?  Are you related to ANY of these people?  What right do you have to stick your nose in any of this anyway, except to stir up trouble?  None.

I did a little checking since this all began.  You said it wasn't personal.  I found no less than three other people on here that have made references to the other women. They made comments similar to mine.  You said absolutely NOTHING to them about their comments at all. 

So this IS personal on your part.  They two questioned pretty much what I did and in very similar style to mine. So why is it that you picked on me? 

And why are you jumping on someone defending me?  Because you are firing only at me, that is why? You chose to make it personal.  You cannot let go of your anger and you cannot admit it.  You made it personal.

I will not do any more answering to you nor will I comment to any more of your baiting.  What I am going to do is simply watch and take note of your harassment from here on out.   Because I have had my fill of it. 

Seen it All
Woman, you need adjust your sensitivity levels. In NO way was I attacking your friend. Just merely pointing out he had only seen half of what upset me.   You ask why is it MY business? Why is EVERYTHING on here YOUR business? haha It's a comment section woman, people comment!   You love to shove your opinions down others throats, especially if you disagree with them, but it seems you don't think anyone should question yours? And they surely should not point out your constant flip flopping! I only used YOUR words to make my point. You attacked me by stating UNTRUTHS about me. Now, who made it personal?  

As much as I would love to sit and argue my points with you (NOT), I do have a wonderful life to get to, which does not include sitting here all day making myself look the fool like some.





Really.  Well here is something that YOU missed.  You seem so he$$ bent to think you are right ALL the time.  You missed one. 

This man is totally to blame for all of it. The question at hand is whether this MURDER of Heather Jackson and her children is bringing this community together. That is the question at hand.

I feel sorry for those who were raped as well. Yes, I really do. I have made my apologies on another site.

I will feel even more sorry for them if they get dragged into this mess in a court of law and have to face this monster at trial. That is going to be just awful for these girls to spend time in a court room having to relieve what happened to them all over again. He will have a chance to a defense and that can be a really brutal thing. Just saying "what if". Not that it will happen, but "what if".

But right now the question is, is the community coming together. It did for a short while, long enough to bury the three dead. ......

Now.  I have given you what you want.  I too have a wonderful like. You want EXACTLY what you want. I said NO untruths about you.  Show me ONE where I said anything untrue about you?  Where and I will apologize to you.  Show it to me? 

I do NOT shove things down people's throats, but you sure do. 

You are like a freight train that has no STOP button.  You cannot give a lick.  I bet you are one of those people who cannot admit they are ever wrong.  At least I have the dignity to admit why I am.  You don't .  So as far as I am concerned you have no dignity at all.

I hope you learn some.  Compassion starts with dignity.  It begins with the realization that you are not perfect that you have to bend like a willow, not stand like an oak, which you think you are. 

When you learn that, young lady, THEN you can say you have compassion. Until then, you have learned nothing in life. You cannot tell anyone how to live. You can do or say nothing to anyone else on what to do or think. 

You say this is a comment section but you accused me of commenting. You cannot have it both ways.

You cannot say you have compassion and attack someone else for their comments when they go contrary to your. 

Have your last say.  By all means.  Go right ahead . You must because you haven't the courage to end it here and now.  You cannot  leave it alone for anything.  I have. 


OK I have seen a lot of what people have been writing. I get so up set when I read some of these. As far as Heather and her children, I feel so sad for them and their family. I can't talk to much on that story because I dont know the facts. I can speak on Misty because she was a family member of mine. People only know what they read. Misty did not know this dude. Her 14 year old friend did. She was hiding this girl out because he had chocked her. This made him mad so he tied her hands behind her back, tied he feet together the he strangled her. Then he put her in a bath tub of ALL hot water. She never had a relationship with him. My god she didnt even know him. Everything he said in court about Misty was a LIE. If it was about sex going bad then why did he kill her the way he did? DON'T BELIEVE ALL YOU READ IN THE PAPER!! There are 4 family members dead because of him so yes he is going to say what he wants to get out of a higher charge.