REGISTER VIEWPOINT: What Sandusky really lost with YMCA project's failure

It could have been worse. At least we get to keep the YMCA. It'll just stay where it's been for three dec
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


It could have been worse. At least we get to keep the YMCA.

It’ll just stay where it’s been for three decades on Perkins Avenue near Sanford Curve, maybe get a little fixed up, but we’ll get to keep it.

It won’t move to a new facility next to Firelands Regional Medical Center South Campus, and the health department won’t move into the Y, and a misdemeanor jail won’t move into the health department’s headquarters on Superior Street.

We won’t get a chance to use the Y to attract people to the area by putting the Y where more people might be able to get to it.

Things will stay as they were, which is apparently how we like it.

No, we didn’t lose the Y.

What we lost was one more chance to reinvent ourselves, even a little, to see what a Sandusky of the 21st century might look like, to take a chance on our future.

We say we want jobs, the kind that last and provide for a comfortable living for families.

But we’re told, by expert after expert, those kinds of jobs in this day and age require the kind of educated person who wants a little more from his or her off-work hours than just sitting around the kitchen or getting plastered at the local bar. In other words, things to do that engage the mind. And every attempt to provide those opportunities around here is met with suspicion and hostility.

This was one more chance to change that.

And that was what we lost, and keep losing.