Sandusky woman wins SUV and more on The Price is Right

Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The price was right for Sandra Dalton.

Dalton, who was a contestant on The Price Is Right in July, watched her episode air Friday on CBS.

She was surrounded by family and friends in the comfort of her home.

Though excited for the show, she was dressed in her Citizens Bank sweatshirt, prepared to switch gears from “fun” to “work” mode as soon as the show ended.

“I told them I wasn’t coming in until after I watched the show,” Dalton said laughing. “They’re all taking their breaks a little late today.”

Less than 10 minutes into the show, cameras focused on a visibly shocked Dalton who jumped up and down, uttered several “Oh my Gods,” gave fellow audience members high-fives and ran down to the stage, her Cleveland Browns jersey a blur.

“We couldn’t hear anything from where we were sitting and I wasn’t paying attention,” Dalton said. “If it wasn’t for J (her son) shaking Jeff (her husband) and saying, ‘I don’t believe it, they called mom’s name,’ I might not have known. I don’t remember giving high-fives to anyone either.”

Family members chatted excitedly and joked at Dalton’s “nervous” and “jittery” appearance while gearing up for bidding.

“She asked what Thomas (one of the competitors) bid,” Jeff said. “We joked because we’ve never heard someone refer to the other bidder by name when asking what they bid.”

After one-upping “Thomas’” bid, a chorus of boos from his posse, and winning a home gym by mere dollars, an excited Dalton met host Drew Carey.

“Hi, hello, I’m from Sandusky,” Dalton blurted as she took Carey’s hand. “I love the Browns.”

Dalton doubled over with laughter.

“Oh my God, Kelly’s (her daughter) probably watching this and embarrassed for me,” Dalton said.

Carey informed her she’d be playing the Lucky Seven game — her favorite — and guessing the seven-digit retail value of a silver, 2008 Ford Explorer.

After guessing wrong a few times — and cursing herself for not knowing better — she guessed right and bought the vehicle with her last dollar.

Still gripping the last bill in her hand, Carey encouraged her to get in and told her she could “drive it to Cedar Point” or have it “airlifted to Kelleys Island.”

Dalton gave shout-outs to her family and for her daughter and son’s birthdays — the reason the family ventured to California — just prior to spinning the wheel for a chance to win cash. Carey told the contestants they were the last to spin the original purple wheel, which would be retired after the July 22 show.

Though she overbid on the showcase, Dalton was all smiles. “I love Drew, the whole staff was wonderful,” she said. “It was such an amazing experience.” What’s even more wonderful? Dalton received the final paperwork for the Explorer Tuesday from a Santa Monica Ford dealership.

“Our lease on the Impala is up in March and the Explorer’s due to come any day now,” she said, all grins. “They said they’ll deliver it to wherever I am, even if I’m at work.”

The Daltons said they’d been fans of the show, which is in its 37th season, since the beginning when Bob Barker was the host.

“It was surreal, just being there,” Jeff said. “And then to see her up there, it was like a dream.”

Dalton said she was relieved she could finally speak of her winnings, after months of silence and “secrets” from family and friends.

“Oh my God, it’s so wonderful I don’t have to keep secrets anymore,” she said.

“A lot of the girls at work started saying, you didn’t win anything did you? They figured I would have already blurted it out.”

Dalton’sgreataunt,MariaMazza knew better.

“I knew you had won something,” she said patting her niece’s hand. “If you hadn’t you wouldn’t have made us wait or had us watch it with you.”