New Business: Sing Out! Music Studio

A longtime local singer is hoping the popularity of shows like "American Idol' and "Glee' will inspire area residents to drop by her studio.
Melissa Topey
Aug 24, 2012


A longtime local singer is hoping the popularity of shows like “American Idol” and “Glee” will inspire area residents to drop by her studio.

Marilyn Forster is opening Sing Out! Music Studio, where she’ll teach aspiring vocalists the art of singing in a choir setting.

“Anyone who loves to sing can come and enjoy the experience with others who feel the same way,” Forster said.

She is accepting students for classes running Sept. 11 to Dec.11. Classes are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

People of any age or skill level can sign up to learn vocal, performance and movement skills. The cost is $40 a month or $120 per session.

A full 14-week session includes 14 regular rehearsals, two public performances, one dress rehearsal and a final concert.

Students will participate in at least three performances in each 14-week session.

The performances can take place anywhere — Ohio Veterans Home, Sandusky Mall, area water parks and other locations. Students are not required to commit to the 14 weeks in advance, as they can elect to participate month to month.

Forster has been in music for 30 years, including working as Perkins High School’s spring musical director for six years.

“Music is part of my soul,” she said. “I love the energy from students that they get through music. It’s such a positive energy.”

Forster said she would have loved to have had such a space available to her years ago when she offered private instruction, so she’s now reaching out to others with a dream for a business.

For a reasonable rate, she hopes to rent out the multi-functional space on unused days. It’s a suitable environment for musicians to practice in, or a great place for art classes, yoga or fitness classes.

“I would like to see this as an art center,” Forster said.


The Answer Person

So where is it???


That would have been useful information, wouldn't it? It's located in the Huron Plaza near the Rye Beach/Cleveland Rd. intersection.


I don't understand how this is going to work. If a person can't sing, is tone deaf just all around unable to sing, how do you give them the voice that God didn't give them. Me for instance. I love to sing. I sing all day long and I know how bad I sound. I am confused.